The Newest Victim

August 21, 2007


I have read all the articles about how Glyn Richards has taken money, hope and faith in mankind from many families in NJ and now across the country. Thankfully he has been arrested. His arrest should curtail his capacity to fraud people out of money. If not, it is my hope that this blog serves as a major roadblock in his efforts to deceive innocent people.

But there is one more “victim” in harms way. My fantasy football league. Glyn was the 10th player in my Fantasy League last year. He did JUST enough to pretend he had the same interests as us, so he could keep stealing our money. And I think we thought, Glyn couldn’t possibly be full of shit, he’s in our league!?!??!

But he was full of shit. (I should have known it when he drafted Culpepper as his starter!?) And now my league is without a 10th. So, if you are a Fantasy Footballer, (many of those), that hates Glyn, (many of those too), and still has enough money left to play (fewer of those!) let us know. League has been around a long time. He took thousands from me and my friends… he’s not taking out league.

If you are in Southern NJ and would like to play Email for Details….


Googling Glyn Richards

August 14, 2007

In this day and age the world is at our fingertips. At work, at home, even on our cellphones we are never far from the World Wide Web. When I was first asked to be a part of what I later found out was the All Freight Logistics scam, I got involved based on trust of my friends. MOSTLY on trust. That’s not to say I didn’t google my ass off as well. I googled Glyn Richards, Glen Richards, Glenn Richards, Glynn Richards, Glennifer Richards, in a addition to a host of “All Freight Logistics” combinations.  I was skeptical … ONE bad result on Google would have saved me thousands.

What I found was nothing.

Just like his King’s Highway Audubon office had no signage of any sort, Glyn Richards, (our Glyn Richards) had no “webprint” so to speak of either. (I did find Glyn Richards the author.) I later found out that HAD I googled Garden State Brokerage and Glyn Richards together, I’d have gotten a very helpful freight forwarder board called “ALLEGED CROOKED BROKERS.” (And Mr. Richards is mentioned on that board. Shocked?!?) But with just googling his name, that result was buried 100’s of pages in.

The goal of this blog is threefold. It is part therapy for those that have been victimized, part a place to share information, and lastly, and maybe most important, it’s a warning.   A warning that frauds exists in general, and a warning that ours, in particular exists. Glyn Richards will go to jail someday, but for now he is free and may seek new “investors”. If other “investors” are approached, I hope they take 2 seconds to Google “glyn richards.”

This blog will be there waiting for them on the first page of results. (Currently number 2 over all.) Give it a try!

The Scammer

August 10, 2007

My husband and I (I should say my children, too) are all victims of Glyn Richards. My husband was introduced to him by a mutual friend. When my husband explained the “investment” to me I was instantly skeptical. But he assured me that this guy was legit. At first the money came in but then it stopped and all we heard was one excuse after another…my friend died…my uncle died…I’m waiting on the DOD to send the check…the terror plot at Fort Dix delayed the check…blah, blah, blah. My husband would go to Glyn’s office in the morning and wait for him to show up for “work.” He fed my husband a bunch of bullshit every time. This man has destroyed us financially. I am a stay-at-home Mom who is now faced with having to go back to work and find someone to care for our four year old son and fourteen month old daughter. I have creditors Read the rest of this entry »

Completely Lambasted

August 10, 2007

I am writing this blog not to make you feel bad for me but for the purpose of sharing my story with all of you as I really need a shoulder to cry on right now.

I met Glyn back in 2000. I was a manager at my current employer and one of my tasks was managing all of our freight. One afternoon, I got a fax flyer from his company at the time, Garden State Brokerage, Inc. I needed a quote for a shipment and Glyn gave me the best price. He did the delivery for me and from there, he became my exclusive carrier. Going forward, we became good friends, close enough that I met all of his family, attended Christmas parties at his house in Barrington, birthday parties, he came to my wedding in ’02, heck, he even took me to the Super Bowl in ’03! My wife and his got along real well and we had good times together, real good.  He would even Read the rest of this entry »

Scammer Camera… Pictures of Glyn Richards

August 10, 2007

Since so many of you have asked to see what Glyn looks like, here are some recent, and not so recent pictures of Glyn. I feel a little like P.T. Barnum at a side show of yesteryear though.

“STEP RIGHT UP,  And SEE with your own eyes.. THE GREAT AND HORRIBLE MAN BEAST, Glyn Richards.

You are gonna click this link, and expect to see some horrible side show freak that looks like he is capable of stealing millions from his friends and family, and that’s the trick. What you are gonna see is just a normal everyday guy. The last guy you’d think was a fraud by looking at him… I guess that’s how he did it… Read the rest of this entry »

Tisk tisk tisk…

August 10, 2007

I successfully completed Glyn’s Term of $25,000 in, $36,000 out, once…

Checks deposited, everything was good. So I took my initial $25k and reinvested. At this point I told my ister and father about the deal. My father didn’t have a good feeling bout it, so he stayed out, however my sister had just received some money from some land that she sold. This was the first time my sister had come across a significant amount of money. About $33,000 total. She was more than excited to do this.

My sister has recently been diagnosed with Multiple Read the rest of this entry »

Photoshop Fun

August 9, 2007


Finally, a little truth in advertising from the good people at All Freight Logistics!

avatar11.jpg   Let’s Hope so Homer!!!