Conspiracy Theories


So Friends, you happened upon the Glyn Richards All Freight Logistics page for conspiracy theories. This page was the suggestion of a kind reader, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I did not feature it, so that means if you are here that you found the page on your own. And if you are here, either you have some conspiracy theories, or you‘d like to hear some.   So have at it!  I think the whole thing is pretty cut and dry.  We all got ponzied, basically.  I have thought that for months.  But there were some interesting theories on the original Courier Post Message Board, before they took the board down. So far, THAT is my biggest raise of an eyebrow, that the last board was taken down, and no one would tell us why. So, use the comments below to espouse theories you may have, or to ask questions. In keeping with the conspiracy theory spirit, I have encoded a special message to GR using RED text…see if you can decode it!!

In all seriousness, this is your place to to interact about those theories some have expressed to me. Use the comments below. (All theories posted in the comments are the opinions of the poster, and non necessarily shared by anyone but the person posting. )


27 Responses to Conspiracy Theories

  1. NoName says:

    Do you think the people that made money in this scam are going to have to pay it back? DID anyone make $$? I got in because I heard many, many did. Was that part of the myth?

  2. in a financial bind says:

    Can anyone identify any of Glyn’s “runners”? Was anyone brought in by “the chiropractor”?

  3. NoName says:

    What’s a runner? I have heard that said before, but I don’t know what that means. Are these people that knew the scam too? Or where these just freinds that got other people in, and got taken care of by the top of the scam?

  4. Nextweekbud says:

    I believe Glyn had a couple of runners. They were people Glyn paid extra money too to get more investors involved. From what I know, Glyn scammed the runners just as well. I think in the beginning Glyn kept them happy so they would get more investors. The runners got their family and closes friends involved. I am not sure if anyone else knew about the scam…..I think Glyn had everyone fooled.

  5. Nextweekbud says:

    Did anyone remember Glyn saying he was good friends with Matthew Mcconaughey. He had story after story. Did he really hang out with him? Matthew are you reading this, can you help all us poor victims out with some of the extra millions you have or did Glyn take all your money?

  6. lou&lip says:

    MATTY!!! YEA… they are GREAT FRIENDS!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

  7. CuzBomb says:

    I think that this thing got bigger than he was planning on. He probably figured if he could get 20-30 people involved and keep a couple million dollars then disappear he would be good. Once it started getting bigger and bigger he didn’t know what to do. And yes, I heard the Matthew Mc comments and they were some good stories but I doubt they were true because he claimed to have met him thru the Barnes & Nobles guys.

    Regarding “the chiro”, If you wanted a family member or a friend to benefit like you did, and you introduced them to Glyn, are you then a runner?? I don’t think so. If so I bet half of the victims are runners. I know for a fact that Jim is jammed up just like everyone else so let’s not drop names on this forum.

    There a lot of people who thought that they were doing something good by getting friends and family involved to help make some extra money and make life a little easier but we all got scammed. Let’s not start pointing fingers at others claiming that there were others involved.


  8. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    I am down with no names, other then GR’s, I will try and moderate the ones that I see. He, Glyn, is the one that warrents this blog. I think there is a difference between a runner and a friend that tried to help a friend by offereing them a deal. My friend that got me in, to this day, I put zero blame on him. My friend thought he was doing me a really cool favor. He is blameless in this. But I do wonder if there are people higher then me and my friends that were runners. I have heard from scammees in PA, VA, NJ, NY, AZ, is that all GR?? And I wonder if those runners made big money, and ran! I also wonder if they’re the reason this site gets 2500 page views a day?!?!

  9. Alonelyplaceprisonis says:

    It might have got bigger then he first thought but a ponzi scheme only works if you keep getting more money and investors. Glyn wasn’t stupid, he did a great job fooling a lot of us. He knew exactly what he was doing. I don’t know how he thought that he wasn’t eventually going to be caught, maybe he thought all the real estate he owned was going to suddenly appreciate like a few years back and he was going to be able to pay people back or maybe he was just going to run at some point.

    I had a question if anyone has some answers –
    Does anyone think he laundered a lot of money some where and if so any real evidence to support that claim?

  10. CuzzBomb says:

    I think most of the out of state victims were brought in thru friends or relatives. I know of about 10 people from other states that got involved thru recommendation of friends. I’ve heard of people making money so they call their friend, brother, son, etc. and get them involved and of course GR was going to turn down money. Hopefully all of the out of state people make this a federal offense and he really gets nailed.

  11. this sucks says:

    Talked to Rich Worst today. He said the number of victims is now up to 118!!! Holy Shit!!

  12. F him says:

    GR and “the Chiro” spent an a lot of time together. At his house, in the basement, on vacations, down in FL and looking at potential propery purchases. I think GR is part owner of a building in s.philly with him.

    If it smells like shit, well it probably is…..

  13. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    What about his life long buddy the PIZZAMAN… anyone have any thoughts on that?

  14. CuzzBomb says:

    I think you guys are starting to grab at straws. “the Chiro” and the “Pizzaman” are owed more money than most of the people on this site and I know that for a fact. (The chiro’s wife and JR were friends way before this whole scam even started.) I was in FLA with GR and 4 others last year, the chiro wasn’t there with us. I was also in the basement and on vacation with him and his family, I guess I’m a suspect now.

  15. wtfinhh says:

    Can anyone shed light on how he finally got caught THIS TIME? I blogged as “BadBizinHH” on Courier Post…I am curious because now I find that the GR swirl of malefeasance is a tidal wave…one can’t go to OC and not have it the topic of conversation…UNSOLICITED…he scammed, no SABOTAGED, so many people…I, too, heard the BoA story, except it was a line of credit issued…and I didn’t believe the gossipy version of her being his “side piece”, though now….ugh, sorry but I never found him remotely attractive…I can’t believe he was such a loathorio! SOB!!!

    He IS a Turd Blossom!

  16. NoName says:

    (I got in on the scam based on what GR BRAGGED to me he made for people like the PizzaMan). I always felt something fishy was going on with the mansion in HH. Pizzaman built the house from the ground up, then supposedly, his wife then said it was TOO BIG, so they sold it to GR in the same years GR was taking in millions in ill-gotten funds?!? SHADY!!!! His wife can’t read a blueprint? Or did the house get that big AFTER they built it??? SHADY. I hope the pizzaman had nothin to do, cuz I like him, but at the VERY least, he’s got some explaining to do to the government I hope…

    He’s got legit biz, and is a legit guy, but I’d like that HH house situation/transaction explained to me, what went down there. Why was the house in Mrs. P-Man’s name? FISHY!!!!! Is it more likely that the ONLY legal thing GR did with money these years was the HH mansion, or is it more likely the HH house deal is more of his shady brand of business.

  17. CuzzBomb says:

    The size of the house had nothing to do with why the pizzaman didn’t move into the house. (Mrs. Pizzaman is a smart woman and I’m sure she can read a blueprint.) The reason they didn’t move into that house is he found a way better location to build a better house (and bigger) not too far from Loucroft. If you knew that GR stiffed him for a lot of money on the house, would that make it less fishy? He was going to the house on the market to sell and GR approached him to buy it. And he’s met with the investigators and they didn’t have any issues with him.

    Why is everyone starting to point finger when WE ARE ALL GUILTY of the same thing, trying to make a lot of money quick? We all got into this thru friends who were trying to help us out. No one twisted my arm or forced me to get involved, it sounded like a good deal when I heard about it. I haven’t heard anyone mention anyone who made money off of this scam. Everyone that has been mentioned is down a lot of money just like the rest of us, including the chiro and pizzaman.

  18. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    I think people are starting to wonder because we all heard people were investing over the years, making out well, and then all of a sudden, the checks stopped coming in, and now, NO ONE claims they made $$…and there is not a nickel to show for any of it? I think that is why you are hearing speculation. 10 mil does not vanish on escalades and trips and whores. That’s spending over $10,000 A DAY for OVER THREE YEARS to make that all disappear. So, I think that’s why people are asking questions. If the $$ isn’t with GR, where is it?! Doesn’t vanish… does it?

  19. CuzzBomb says:

    Eagle-I understand, I think about that too. $10M was when they only knew about 13 investors, now it’s about 120, what do you think it’s up to now. It has to be a huge number at this point and I wonder where it all is. I think those who made money on this are laying low, maybe they’re afraid they’ll have to give the money back. I only know of a couple guys who made money and left and they aren’t saying much.

    I know some of the checks that he recieved were cashed at a check cashing place and I think that’s how this all got started. He was getting large checks cashed and when the guy at the check place asked him to fill out some paper work stating where the money came from Glyn kept putting him off until the guy finally stopped cashing his checks. After waiting about a week for the paparwork the guy called the FBI to let them know that he cashed some big checks and the guy wasn’t giving him what was needed. I think that was the start of the investigation. So who knows how much cash he got and where it’s at.

    Like you said, it’s hard to spend that kind of money that fast. There has to be some hidden somewhere unless he really is stupid.

  20. F him says:

    FYI, I was told that if a runner made money for the referral (a kickback), they are guilty too. Let me tell you this, know one is pushing people into anything without having something in it for them. Even if a runner LOST money from the scam but made money off a referral, the way it was told to me….Oh Well, GUILTY!!!!

  21. lou&lip says:

    Was talking to some people reguarding money laundering. Was told that any business (above the table that is) that moves monies in the amount of 10,000 MUST SUBMITT A FORM TO THE IRS!!!! Thats why the check cashing guy stopped !! Banks, car dealer ships, jewelery,etc.etc. anyone that takes large cash sums for deposits are watched very close!! NOT THAT IT MAKES ANY DIFFERENCE TO THE G WHO IS ALREADY UP TO HIS EYE=BALLS IN SHIT!!! As I said ( BUSINESS THATS UP &UP) NOT ALL FAKE!!!!!

  22. lieslieslies says:

    There were runners, and I’m sure they will be feeling cold medal around their wrists soon enough. “WE ARE ALL GUILTY” – yes, of trusting, and of course it sounded too good to be true, but, there were contracts. As far as the chiro is concerned, I believe he swore up and down that he had Glyn investigated, and he claimed that he came back clean, any info past the DOD was classified…obviously, he was in on it – and anyone seeking the services of a lawyer a week after the s**t hit the fan is guilty in my book. Cuzzbomb, I’m not drinkin your kool aid!

  23. CuzzBomb says:

    lies, I don’t care what you drink! I guess maybe I know a little bit more about what is actually going on with this case than you do and don’t feel the need to point fingers at anyone but Mr. Richards. Maybe you could get a job with the CCPO since you have it all figured out.

  24. F him says:

    Ok, i’ve been tight lip’d for a while and when i read F-them all’s quote, it was as if he was reading my mind. Why the fuck should i feel sorry for his kids?? He didn’t feel sorry for my family when he fuck’n stole my money…..through one of his cronies non-the-less. Fuck him, fuck his wife and fuck his entire family. I could give two shits about his precious little future rats. Hey Glyn, I hope you rot in hell, you, your family and your runners. And what about them??? How much do you think Glyn paid then to rip us off ??? Don’t be nieve again… But anyway, i hope Glyn suffers. It would be awesome to see him come down with a case of Leprosy….

    FYI – I was almost happy to see the Phils get swepted just cause i know it would upset him…. boohoo

    F-You GLYN

  25. bbb says:

    YEAH BABY, Thats what I am talking about. Why should we all let his kids play and have fun while we all sit back and watch. Are your kids out having fun !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well then why should his !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. hot shet says:

    I know for a fact that some of the people who are making the biggest deal out of this whole thing and playing the role of the victim were in fact winners in the scam. As to where the money went to, a lot probably most of it went to pay off prior dopes, the same ones whose greed has them trying to recover more money despite having already received great returns on their investments

  27. Bernie Madoff says:

    I told this guy not to bother stealing anything less than a billion, but he insisted on ripping-off a measly $10 million. Now he’s facing 30 years for chump change. What an idiot!

    The moral of this story is that if you are going t rob people, go for the big bucks. Look at me. I robbed everyone for decades, spent money like a madman, and had a blast. Now at age 71 they’re going to lock me up. Boo hoo! I can’t get it up anymore and I’m too tired to go out and party, so what’s the big deal? I can hang out with the guys, watch TV and shoot hoops for the rest of my days and have the government pick-up the tab. Regrets? You’ve got to be kidding.

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