We too were scammed by our family “friend” Glyn Richards. We met the richards back in 2004. Spent many weekends them, went to their parties, and our children played together. In the fall of 2005 GR approached my husband (very discreetly) about investing with his company to help him afford contracts with the DOD. Thinking this is a friend, who we trust, my husband had no reason not to invest. sounded like a good deal. Good deal lasted until august 2006 when we rolled over $$ and never got a cent back. I took all my $$ out of my 401k for this, thinking we’d have more $$ to invest elsewhere when GR didn’t need help anymore.

Well, now we have no 401k $ and only bill among bill to deal with. Our lifestyle(not that we were anywhere close to rich before this) has had to change. The lifestyle we were providing for our children had to change. One of the worst parts of this whole shitty situation is we brought a very good friend into it with us. He is also suffering from the position GR knowingly put us all in.

How GR had no conscious is beyond me. Ok we were just his friends, BUT he has ruined the lives of his family. What kind of man does that – EXACTLY – a real man wouldn’t.

My heart goes out to all others who have been involved in this horrible situation.



One Response to Saddened

  1. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    This is the first post I received. Sorry for your loss Saddened. I hope karma takes care of you and your friends.

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