Glyn’s Whereabouts

As an outside party not invested…I aim to assist in bringing this idiot to “get his just due” period. I have…let us say “a room with a view”. This is not a story per se however, I wanted to inform you (so I didn’t have to blog on the Courier site), that the bird has not flown. He is around. You can pass this along as you wish. I would like to remain anonymous and I will gladly pass along tidbits as they come by.  I have many friends who have fallen prey to this guy and I was approached myself. At the time, my neighbor was with me and he proceeded to ask Glyn “who he spoke with at the Pentagon” as my neighbor’s family member does in fact deal with the Pentagon on other things. Glyn, quickly eluded the question and had a very uneasy look to him. THAT was all the proof I needed to make my decision. I also had what you would call a “gut feeling” about him.

I must say I was taken by his story and was very close to investing. I spoke to a few people involved who all were “making money” so they said. In conclusion, the reason I am writing to you is so you know he around and you can pass this information along as you see fit. And make no mistake…I saw him with my own eyes! He’s around!!!!

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“a friend”


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  1. 1nthehead says:

    a friend, can you say you have seen him at his Haddon Heights Mansion? Or just around town spending? Trying to locate him, I have something for him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    he is staying in north jersey, i was warned by common “associates” as i live up that way so i could know what was going on if he should approach me and ask me for a favor or place to crash. we haven’t seen this on the north jersey / new york news so i am glad i was warned. supposedly he is somewhere near the oranges.

    please dont post my name or email and please do find him

  3. HAZ says:

    does Glyn have family up north?

    who the hell would take this guy into thier home?

    is he trying to sell this scam up north?

    please warn the people there!!!

  4. northjerseyscammedtoo says:

    Oh well my friend, I was scammed and I live up north! I know one other too who met him thru me. I don’t know of uther up here. Don’t know where he is but I would bet it’s not the Oranges! Parts of the Oranges make Camden look like Disney World! I’m only 30 mins west from there.

  5. a friend says:

    As of Sunday night, he was spotted there were windows open that are not usually open. AC unit has been running constantly. Hopes this helps as I will gladly pass along stuff as it comes down

  6. a freind says:


    Although this may not be so, there is word that GR will be at his rental property in Gloucester City today to p/u a rent check. (see Courier Blog 8/10) under the “fraud article”.

  7. LOU&LIP says:

    Lights come on and go off in the wee hours of the mourning . Hes like COUNT DRACULA in his castle! He still spends alot of time at the HH mansion, moves in & out late night!!!

  8. lou&lip says:

    Its a shame that large place and your reduced to COWARING in the basement and or the (the in-law suite) LIGHTS ON!!!! 955 pm 8/ 14/07 !!! HE’s THERE NOW!!!! HEY friend he thinks no one sees anything!!!

  9. in a finanical bind says:

    Lou, thank you for the info. Do you see any “law enforcement” activity around the house? Can you comment on the vehicle he is driving? Is the vehicle in the garage?
    Thanks for great info.

  10. LOU&LIP says:

    Hey Bind, G drives a gold (beige) escalade. Its NEVER left out!!! Do not see any law enforcement, Id say thier tring to figure out the MONEY trail right now!!! They should keep an eye on the Caymans!!!! (just a guess!) Lights on latenite and early morn are the give away, have seen G with my own eyes!!

  11. in a finanical bind says:

    Thank you again you think it is the same Escalade he always drove?

  12. lou&lip says:

    Bind, same caddy he had since G moved to HH..

  13. a friend says:

    Lots of :goings on: today. Few people pulling up and spending some quality time with the “boy”. Now the place is all “lit up”. Maybe they were investors and my man got some more dough. Maybe’s he’s having a few “friends” over to watch a Matthew McConigle (sp) movie or something. I don’t know…
    Every other time I go by the place is dark and now every light in the house is on (including the basement). Can’t figure it out. Maybe he’s packing, wink wink!

  14. lou&lip says:

    Well yesterday was interesting! (sat.) THE G is no longer at the HH house!He split wed night (pre dawn hours of thurs)!!! Talked to a guy sat. says hes got the place up for sale!!! Wanted to now if anything funny going on here??? He met with THE G and his wife. neither one would say where they were living! Seems there may be a big contents sale in the future!!! To everyone who said (in the CP blog) the big screen TVs and all the rest of the crap are gone WRONG!!! the realestate man says every thing is still there!! I dont think he has the full picture as to what was going on with THE G !!!!!!! Incase anyone was wondering, the place will go on the market for 1.9 mill. !!!! (less the contents) Could make a deal for everything including the GOLF CART!!!!! Sounds like THE Gs lawyer has to approve all this! Hes on vacation,I wonder where??? (THE CAYMANS??)

  15. I swear on my family says:

    Strange: 3 weeks before Glyn was arrested he provided me with closing papers that indicated, and appeared authentic, his refiance of the home at 1.9 million dollars. He promised us ( another lie of course) 200k from the proceeds of the loan. It seems he had closed on the property and extracted the equity..therefore….there will be no proceeds from the sale…if what I feel is correct.

  16. lou&lip says:

    Swear, I dont know if what this sales person says is correct (he had alot to say, tooting his own horn) but the 24th of this month should say ALOT!!!!! To everyone else I belive THE G reads every word of this BLOG!!!!! A source said G was back at the HH house sunday nite 7ish????

  17. lou&lip says:

    PS THE G was in&out did not stay, source says.

  18. Logic Cal says:

    I think that GR reads it too. That is why we should be careful not to say anything that might help GR out, or his scum-lawyer. The karma for anyone that helps this guy is gonna be very poor.

    I hope he meets some fathers in jail that have kids serving in Iraq and they make a new hole to f— into when they find out he frauded people in their kids names. I am not sure where he will end up, but I send this blog to every correctional facility I know in the hopes that someone inside gets as pissed as we are outside. If our tax pay to have the internet in jails, this might be a blog they enjoy…

    My understanding is Foreclosure, and eviction for that matter, turn the tables in favor of the one not paying. I think evictions you have 6 months, and foreclose 90 days to make good, and until then, you can live there and not pay?

  19. I swear on my family says:

    Dear Glyn…you lying F ___ WILL be found shortly and all questions will be answered…you know who this is from based on my last posting…we are going to make your lives a living hell..stay tuned…call me if you like…we would like to meet with you….I guarantee your safety, so no need to know the number and I will be waiting…do yourself a favor and give me a call….

  20. south jersey eagle eye says:

    Oh, he’s around allright!

  21. I swear on my family says:

    I am not sure I believe that..however…if you know his local, please take a minute to let us know…when we find him we will treat him fairly..remember his a “family guy” and always said ‘I swear on my kids”…If you all would like answers to why he robbed us and where the money is..just let us talk to him …we will provide answers…

  22. AverageJoe says:

    Anyone check over at his inlaws place yet, hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

  23. LOU&LIP says:

    Swear, The G has been moving around quite a bit during the day, in &out of the house at HH!! Must have got a blood trasnfusion, or maybe the rain ! A source says hes got to have what he wants out of the HH house by the 24th!!

  24. I swear on my family says:

    Lou..thank you for the info…

  25. Daniel Miller says:

    I am also a victim not from NJ but the midwest.
    Do a few people here think this is a funny joke or what.
    Reading some of the postings. Light on or out or ? Who cares ?
    I would love to find the bastard and shoot his kneecaps out.
    And i mean it !

  26. he's a walking deadman says:

    Average Joe…would you give me that address if I posted an email address?..

    We would really appreciate it….let me know and I will send you an email to forward the address…THANKS

  27. HAZ says:

    i would like that address also, we all should visit the house together!!!

  28. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Hello D-Miller… sorry for your loss via glyn, scumbag, richards. And to answer your question…NO, no one thinks this is a joke. It’s as serious as cancer, and we here in South Jersey, have lost our shirts. But we have also been aware he was a crook, for many, many months and have had time to adjust. (the majority I mean, somepeople just became aware when he was arrested, but I submitted my evidence to police in march, complete with previous arrests, and was confident I was right) SO, many of us here in South Jersey have a few laughs at our tragedy, because we have been crying for many, many months. NOT TO MAKE LIGHT. But just to give ourselves a break from the tears. Many of us are immeasurably ruined, but still decide to focus instead on this scum bag to go to jail. SO, sorry if it come across as flippant, or jovial, it’s not. Not at all.

    Please check the blog, there are many, many serious stories that will make you cry, but yes, some of the posts are funny or lighthearted. THis blog is for all of those. Many of us in South Jersey are even planning on meeting, exchanging notes, and giving solace and closure. So read the articles you like and comment, the ones that seem too light hearted for you, just pass. But don’t assume for a second they are people making fun, or being assholes. There is one asshole in the story…His name is Glyn Richards.

    The blog is just healing. And people heal in different ways.

    Thanks for reading!!

  29. whadda ya know... says:

    With just a smigeon of effort, just about anybody could fing this cat. He’s right under your nose’s. D Miller, take a flight out and just go by the biggest house in town, you’ll run right into em. Now…how hard you run into him will be up to you!

  30. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    I really don’t want to find him. At this point, such a finding would favor him, not any of us. This guy is 100% in the wrong, any aggressive contact from me, while gratifying for the moment, would benefit him. I think he was SUCH a dildo on the phone with us, because he wanted one of us to do something that would give him some sort of counter-claim. It will be cool to stare him dead in the eyes and tell him he’s a c0ck-sucking liar, but you can do that in court. He’ll be the one leaving in an orange denim jumpsuit crying like a bitch. We’ll be the ones tailgating in the parking lot.

  31. in a financial bind says:

    I disagree Eagle…people must be responsible for their actions. Do his inlaws live in Voorhees? This is an address we come up with…the guys coming to visit him from NYC only care about collections and collections only…from him or whoever they feel has the money. Aggressive contact is an understatement…he was given fair warning BEFORE taking the money. He will pay the piper once he or his family are found.

  32. LOU&LIP says:

    Hey Miller, Dont think for one second this thing is a joke!!!! There are many victims of this asshole! The people he scamed money from first and foremost, but there also people that live near him that have been putting up with his shit for over a year now! We DO NOT NEED the news vans parked outside our homes & reporters bugging us till all hours of the night or the CCPO, FBI or who ever else watching this Dick=head!!It gives you a very creepy feeling when you walk or drive by his place at know hes peeking out the window at you,your wife or kids! Just for your info he had been cowaring in the house since he was bailed out, many who read this blog did not know this!! As for shooting him in the kneecaps you will be in the pen before he will! By the way I hope you have called the FBI to let them know of your contract with the G! Give it time the system will work, well all get together and send him 55 gals. of axle grease , he will need it at his new home! All Freigth can handle the shipping!

  33. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Great Point L&L, I forget about those poor people that live in the neighborhood that surrounds BuckingSCAM Palace in Haddon Heights. I feel for you.

    And Finacial-B…you also make a point I never thought of. Those are the kinds of people I hope Glyn gets “collected” from real soon.

  34. in a financial bind says:

    No action at the house of 12 noon..ant hints on where he is or when he will return?

  35. lou&lip says:


  36. in a financial bind says:

    Someone out there knows the location of this walking talking douche bag…we want the location of him or his family…all questions will be answered…I will post the results of our “interview” with him directly on this site…you will all know if he has the money and where it is…I promise he will tell us….

  37. Just a THough says:

    finacial-bind, if you have an email you could post, maybe people would email you direct his locations. Some people might be leery about posting his location via a board. I don’t know where he is, but if I did, I would not want to post, but i would want you to find him, as it seems you seem on a mission that would help shed light. Does he return your calls at all? I assume he’s walking around terrified not knowing whether to shit or wind his watch. That makes me happy. As the poster F-him says…. F-HIM!!!!!!

  38. in a financial bind says:

    True…any leads on his location…PLEASE email us:
    we will be waiting for his location from one of you out there that was ROBBED from this guy…He took your money..he knew what he was doing…this was not a mistake…he jerked us all off…REMEMBER.this was done deliberately..for his own personal gain…he robbed us….give him up… we will post he results of our interview with him..we will not harm him..we just want answers…thank you

  39. CuzzBomb says:

    I heard the moving trucks were at Loucroft today. Did anyone witness the event?

  40. cyn/not involved says:

    I live in the neighborhood and was an aquaintence of gr and fam, and am happy this thing is almost over, Too much of my time has been wasted thinking and talking about this whole thing as well as the uneasy feeling that who knows what other kind of criminals this attention will attract to our quiet, safe neighborhood. I feel it is just ashame that this man has done this to so many people and they will suffer for their loss of money for many years, but they can recover from that, even though it is not fair. GR has deceived his family and they will suffer for many years to come financially and emotionally, and the two small children, it is just so sad the emotional scars this will leave on them. Their suffering will be much greater and they don’t deserve that either, gr does. He is a criminal, he is the one that did the wrong and knew what he was doing! If in fact the family knew what was going on the authorities will find that out and deal with it accordingly. What good does all this speculation do? It just gives people something else to talk about . I think it is time to move on and forget about this and chalk it up to experience for those who were invested. Unfortuneately investors will probably never see their money owed them and all the blogs and chatter on the street won’t change a thing. It is what it is….man cheats investors, cheats wife, cheats kids, cheats friends and cheats family all for money! Most of all in his greed he has cheated himself because he will never be able to enjoy the simplest pleasures in life again that don’t cost a dime, but the rest of us can. For those who have lost money they will forever be grateful for the “simple” pleasures in their life and learn from this experience, and know that are in fact the “rich” ones here. All the money in the world cannot buy anyone of us what really matters in life just remember that and be happy with what you have.

  41. LOU&LIP says:

    They were there and the police also!!

  42. he's a walking deadman says:

    Jen, the “victim” called the police and we were unable to approach her. She was moving items out of the house,,WHY>>as i feel they belong to all ofus. I will call the FBI and find out what the situation is. She had the police by herside yesterday..she will not have them by her side forever..this will NEVER END….I will keep all informed

  43. he's a walking deadman says:

    Cyn..thank you for your thoughts and for a load of BS.. Do you blame the USA for the destruction of the World Trade Centers and the attack on 9/11? I hope the answer is no…Glyn DELIBERATELY stole money from investors..this was not an was calculated..he used the terms “I swear on my children” and “I am a family guy”..these statements will come to fruition..

    What is good for you is that this war will now be fought on foreign soil ie. outside of HH…just as the US moved to foreign soil to route out terrorism…

    As far as Jen goes…you may view her as a victim but until the FBI clears her, we assume she had knowledge of his dealings as she WAS married to him and knew he was in prision for the same fraud. She spent our money…NEVER gave anyone a “heads-up” if she thought for a second that people, her friends, were being taken…

    So, please put away your rose-colored glasses and spoon feed your BS to someone who will listen…. not many people on this site…

  44. not involved says:

    I am not a load of BS this is just my personal feelings and I do think this sucks for everyone who suffered a loss., and I feel bad for his children and how they will suffer, as I said he is criminal and deserves whatever he gets. What goes around always comes around and whoever is guilty besides GR will be found out by authorities, that’s it. BTW I like rose colored glasses!

  45. TiredToo says:

    We were duped. Just like buying Versace’ sunglasses for $15 on the streets of NYC, too good to be true. He fooled alot of people, even his own family. Nothing we can say or do can change that fact. But truly, the only thing we can do is let the authorities handle the matter, restitution, jail time, it’s all up to them. We can vent, scream, follow moving vans, whatever, but it doesn’t change the facts. And in regards to the comments about “rose colored glasses”, weren’t we all wearing them when we gave him money? Someone I know, has been in the company of the wife many times, and he feels that she honestly didn’t know. Glyn is a con artist, we fell for it, his wife probably did too. Instead of blogging, I’m spending my time trying to get things back on track for my own family. Bottom line, it s@cks, no other words for it. But we have to move on, put the pieces back together and trust the government will do what is right.

  46. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    People move on in different ways. Some like to blog, some like to stalk him, some like to think about it all day. It’s really up to them. I made the blog because individually the victims can’t do much, but as a group, we do have a voice. Our original posts on the courier got FOX interested and put it on the news, this blog was contacted by the Courier for another story recently as well… GR is news. Part of moving on for some, is for HIS life to be ruined like ours was. I love that you can’t google his name without finding this blog. I hope that makes it a lot harder for him to steal in the future. I also love that he probably feels like he is being watched ALL THE TIME. I imagine that sick feeling he gets in his stomach 24/7 is real similar to the one we had when we were lied to all that time about phantom checks. He picked the wrong community to steal from.

    Bottom line is these people paid a hefty ticket price for this GLYN RICHARDS freakshow, and it’s up to them how they want to process it, get closure, and move on. I think the blog has really helped alot of people though. I don’t like all the comments all the time, but I want people to speak their minds, and I like that people have a place to blog and I hope it makes some people feel better. I know I feel better just reading, knowing I was not the only one lied to. For a while I really thought I was.

  47. I swear on my family says:

    Eagle..I agree and thank you for this site. This does bring the “community” together and maybe it provides healing to some. But, as I read these statements, many of the victims seem embarrased and just want the “government” to fix this. I would not hold my breathe. Many people were dooped by Glyn..his lies were intentional..they were meant to steal money…for that ..he and his family, that he threw under the bus, will have to pay. This was not an investment that went was a calculated lie…

    It is also likely that he has a majority of the money hidden, I speculate in cash…will do his time and retire with our money…FALSE…stay tuned..

  48. F Him says:

    Labor Day Weekend, Just not the same as years past. Yeah, making the best of the situation, but i would feel much better if i knew something about anything pertaining to this crap. As far as i know, G could be in Ocean City, tanning his fat discusting body, or slobbing it up at the Borgata…..WITH OUR MONEY!!!

    This board has been way to quit. Go take a look at your bank accounts and get MAD all over again!!! You have to stay mad till justice is served to him and his runners. It’s easy to fade away and just deal the your issues at hand, but if you lose the fight in you, then he’s won again… F Him !!!

  49. in a financial bind says:

    Many of you have contacted me via the… I have also spoken to many of you on the phone…I want all of you that lost to ponder this point. This includes the “pizzaman” and “chiro”….ANYONE who brought you in claiming they knew Glyn for any time period longer than 10 yrs WILL be looked at as a “runner” acording to the FBI agent that I spoke to….WHY? Because if you vow to have known a person for a period of time and did not know he was convicted of the crime he is accused of today, and spent time in prision…YOU THEN ARE A LIAR…people know when their “friends” are in question about that.
    Please ponder the point. Ask yourself who brought you in and did they know Glyn for greater than 10 years…if the answer is YES….they are in all likelyhood involved….I would NEVERlet any of my friends get involved with a convicted felon….

  50. in a financial bind says:

    F Him…do not worry from our standpoint…this will NEVER END…email me at the above address and I will provide you with more info. Not only is GR in the are his “boys”…as I wrote before, all involved with him will pay…his wife, etc…

    Most of the others have lost faith and feel the government will fix the problem with GR…we want justice for all invloved…and the line “oh..I didn’t know he was in jail but we were friends for 20 yrs” is complete BS….NO ONE believes it….

    If you were involved with bringing friends in, and you knew GR for more than 10 are in trouble. This is not a veil is reality…we will see you in prision…

  51. CuzzBomb says:

    As I’ve stated on here before, I know for a fact that pizzaman and chiro aren’t involved as runners. One guy knew him when they were kids and didn’t see him for years until about 3 years ago and the other guy’s wife worked with JR and met him after his previous time in jail. Stop trying to incriminate people that you have no factual information about. Just stick to the fact that GR screwed us all and the people who thought they were friends got screwed the most. There are a couple people that I’ve heard about thru GR over the past 2yrs. that are more suspect than the guys you mention, I could mention them on here but that’s not my call. (what’s up doc?)

  52. Logic CAL says:

    I am not interested in seeing anyone but GR go to jail. But I think those that made $$, need to pay it back. No questions, no legal hassle, but there are people that made money, and are now aware that $$ is stolen. Last I heard, the prosecutor/police have heard from ZERO of them. I think those that do not come forward should be dealt more harshly.

  53. in a financial bind says:

    J…, you spend more time trying to convince everyone you are innocent…take some responsiblity for your actions. YOU introduced many of us to Glyn…we would have never joined up with him without your assurance…you stood next to him and he was your “BOY” bragging about vacations, parties, testimonials..smoking cigars as you all had no worries in the world… quickly threw distance between you and him when you thought things were going bad. ..Don’t forget, YOU placed the call to us for us to buy the infamous “artilliary contract” got many of us involved…you will be held accountable….

  54. F him says:

    Hey Cuzz, even so, you think they were doing it for nothing??? As I said in an earlier comment, nobody does anything for nothing, especially when their’s high stakes involved. As I was told by the authorities, if they excepted a fee for a referral, they may as well commited the crime. Yeah, G and the boys club were living it up, but soon as things turned, so did their backs.

  55. HAZ says:

    Hey F-Him!!
    I will not forget what he has done to my family and friends. We will continue to make his life a living hell until and after he is out of prison. What ever state or town he lives in people will know how is has destroyed the hopes and dreams of allot of people.

    We should all make sure that where ever he goes’s we inform everyone of what a scum bag he is (and anyone that stays with him).

  56. CuzzBomb says:

    F Him & Haz, I agree with you guys totally but I know that the guys that got me involved recieved no extra $$, we usually all got our checks together and they were for the expected amounts. I didn’t see anyone getting anything extra. I did get info from GR on how to make money by involving people and keeping a piece, although I didn’t do it he told me of a few who did and it wasn’t anyone mentioned here. I’m not looking to bury anyone on this site, the way I see it GR is the scumbag who got all of us no matter how we came to meet him.

    Financial Bind, I guess you have me confused with someone else because I didn’t introduce anyone to GR (thank god), I don’t know about any artillery contract and I don’t even smoke cigars.

  57. CuzzBomb says:

    Has anyone heard anything about the Cherry Hill house? I heard that he was staying there with the family. Someone also told that he put Loucroft on the market and then took it off a couple of days later. What’s up with that?

  58. HAZ says:

    I do not blame anyone who made money from this. We were all fooled. I just want to make sure Glyn and the people that stand by him are called out where every they may live.

    He is a piece of S&*^!!!

  59. F him says:

    tonight (monday)on NBC after the game is a feature story on a scam that has an Iraq twist….. might be a follow up on Glyn

  60. F him says:

    never mind, just some other jackass trying to use the war to rip people off…..

  61. cocoapuff says:

    I used to work for him i know alot of stuff about him. He’s been cheating on his wife for years. He has so many girlfriends i can’t beleive none of them are involved. He has at least two that hes been with for years.

  62. Mary says:

    Please let us know. Cause he has rip everyone including me. Who I do not even know this jerk from Adam. I did work as a broker and I can not even get paid. I think I remember who you are. I must have your name in my name box.

  63. in a financial bind says:

    Coco, could you comment via the email the names of his girlfriends. I am sure they have used/are using our money and we would like to speak to them. I figure the only way Glyn could get a woman is by paying them as he is a goofy-looking bastard…he probably did it with our money. Please forward some info if you would..we will take it from there. Thank you.

  64. selling the house says:

    Glyn’s house on 12 Loucroft Ave in Haddon Heights has been list with Long and Foster for $1,950,000. I have contacted the company to let them now that they are dealing with a criminal and that the house belongs to the victims.
    I sugeest we all call the company.
    Although the bank more then likely owns the house. Not sure what we can do about this.

  65. don't let up!!! says:

    I know from a good source that they are spending the money. Take a look at Jen’s Jewelry stash…paid in cash. Glyn has also hired a very expensive attorney. A lot of cash is spread out between the families from what I’ve been told. I was also the one who found out about the Heights House going up for sale. My sources have proven to be solid. He has also mouthed off that “I won’t do more than 5 years and when I get out, I will be set for life.”

    By the time the Feds get to him……we need to visit him. Keep the pressure on. Any ideas.

    I will post their addresses ASAP. Send them some mail. We should also contact their neighbors.

  66. matthew M says:

    don’t let up – i left a comment under a different story – was starting to think people were drifting away. her sister lives at the cherry hill address – so it is very possible she’s there. they both are fucking pieces of shit and they best rot in jail. why are the “good” guys letting the fuckers get away with the continuous spending and living in society??? i don’t get it.

  67. selling the house says:

    We all need to start doing something about this.
    Everyone should start calling the Camden County prosecutors office and demand some answers. Why are his assets not frozen- why is his house up for sale!!
    Keep calling until something happens. Also start sending letters or some type of information on what this family has done to so many people to the neighborhoods listed above. DO NOT STOP THE PRESSURE!!

  68. F him says:

    Ok, i’ve been tight lip’d for a while and when i read F-Them all’s quote, it was as if he was reading my mind. Why the fuck should i feels sorry for his kids?? He didn’t feel sorry for my family when he fuck’n stole my money…..through one of his cronies. Fuck him, fuck his wife and fuck his entire family. I could give to shits about his precious little future rats. Hey Glyn, I hope you rot in hell, you and your runners. What about them??? How much do you think Glyn paid then to rip us off ??? Don’t be neive again. But anyway, i hope Glyn suffers. It would be awesome to see hip come down with a case of Leprosy….

    F-You GLYN

  69. in a financial bind says:

    For the location of Glyn, family, wife and kids..see my section under the title “too many sleepless nights”

  70. fkd by glyn says:

    Glyn moved out of 304 west first avenue in Barrington in 2003. The house was a disgrace and we needed legal direction to get some money out of that piece of shit. We knew he would get his and we are enjoying every second of this!

  71. Jamie says:

    Does anyone know what happened with the estate sale that was supposed to take place last week at the 12 Loucroft residence?

  72. haz says:

    Everything was sold.

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