Just Another Victim

Our family was scammed by Glyn Richards.  I was introduced to him back in November of 06, he seemed trustworthy and I felt he wanted to help us out.  I asked different people who were involved and they all had positive experiences and were making good money on their investments. I had taught Glyn’s older son and I believed he was sincere when he said he wanted to help me out in part for being good to his son.  I took a risk by taking equity out of our home, at the time I felt confident I was making the right decisions.  Along with myself, my brother-in-law invested with Glyn at the same time, he had to take the equity in his house and borrowed a lot of money.  Around January of 07 we were supposed to get out first check, but Glyn explained to me on many occasions that the government was holding funds, and this is exactly what we were reading in the papers and hearing on the news.  We both received a check around March and Glyn told us to hold it for 10 days since he was receiving a large check in the next few days.  (Now I know that he said that a lot).  I never felt that it was a red flag because Glyn explained it and I felt comfortable.  In my mind I totally disregarded that check that I never benefited from as part of the delay.  I was blinded by his lies and now have questioned many things that occurred over the last 8 months.  As the next few months went on, we still received no checks, it was hard to deal with since we were paying so much extra in interest each month, but I figured we would struggle for a few months and then it would all pay off.  The fact that our family (2 small kids as well), lost this money is a hard pill to swallow, and knowing my brother in law is in the same situation makes it that much harder.  When it is all said and done it is just money and although it sets us back for many years we will get through it.  It has also made it even more clear how important my wife and kids are to me.  The part that makes me even more sick is the fact that I introduced Glyn to a very good friend of mine.  I was excited about the chance to put our family ahead and I wanted his family to benefit as well.  My friend, his wife, and 2 kids are obviously struggling with this and it tears me up everyday.  I know there will probably be a strain in our relationship, due to the magnitude of the situation and since there were things that occurred that we should have discussed, but at the time I just believed in what we were doing.  That just makes the whole situation even worse.  In May of 07 I talked about this with my father, since the prospect of helping my parents future retirement was intriguing.  The only reason I didn’t get him involved (thank God!) was that towards the end of May and the beginning of June things started getting really weird.  I think about this very day and it is hard to focus on everyday life.  Glyn Richards has hurt a lot of families, hopefully everyone involved will be able to dig themselves out of this mess.

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– Just Another Victim


5 Responses to Just Another Victim

  1. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    I was introduced to Glyn Richards via a friend as well. A friend that thought very higly of Glyn and his family and thought they were Glyn’s friend. And Glyn snowed him because Glyn is a criminal. That is what criminals do. Like you, my friend was trying to help me, the way he thought GR was helping him. I have never once blamed my friend, and I never will. Glyn did this. Not our friends. Good Luck to all of you! You will get through it…

  2. The Dealer. says:

    I belive his wife had no involvement, i dont know his wife personally, i dont know him personally either but we did do buisness with his company and he did provide the service for a long time. In fact we would actually pay him late on his bills for months. His wife had no involvement in the buisness at all in fact he would hide his wife from us because he was dating a young girl from this buisness untill one day his receptionist messed up and said he is out with the wife and kids at the zoo.

  3. Curious about what the Dealer said says:

    Dealer – So was there actually a business at some point that Glyn did run? I am confused as I thought the prosecutor determined that his whole business was fake. How much business did you do with him? Can you provide some details?

  4. northjerseyscammedtoo says:

    He had a business called Garden State Brokerage, Inc. This is how I actually met Glyn back in 2000. I was a traffic mgr at a steel fab company and got his flyer faxed to me. I began using him exclusivley for all of my truckload shipments of materials because his prices were the best. Suddenly, in 2004, he told me that Garden State was going to be used for only his Barnes and Noble account(which never exsisted!) and the rest of the accounts were going to go thru his new entity, All Freight Logistics. I would get calls here and there from truckers that he was not paying but did not get too involved. Got to go for now but I will be leaving a large blog over the next day or so about my story. I was completely steamrolled in this scam!

  5. Dealer says:

    Yes, he would broker shipping deals for us. We would pay him and get our trucks here but a year later we were being sued for not paying trucking companies but we showed proof we paid the broke so they left us alone. something like 100,000 dollars.

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