Made My Friends Thieves

I was already invested with Glyn Richards before I even met him. He was a real good friend of my real good friend. They knew him a little from Barrington, but more from Voorhees. His reputation was crystal clear to people in Voorhees. I had met his wife and kids a few times, and they were lovely people. Everything checked out. I made an investment with him. It started OK, but fell apart. Some of my other friends were involved too. It seemed for a change. at first, I was going to make some money off my money! My first contract with him, I assembled some of my friends too. So, when he paid me in paper “contract money” and rolled me into a new contract…I paid them, my friends, in real money. I turned his phony money into real money, and GAVE it to my friends, (thinking it was the profit that they “made”).

You know how he PRETENDED to be a hot shot and give money that was his (really ours)?

Well in my case I really did it. I gave some of my friends that were in contracts with me money, only at the time I did not realize that is what I was doing. I thought I’d eventually get it from Glyn…eventually never happened. So when I went to the cops they saod I am owed one figure which they got by totaling what I gave GR minus what he gave me. But really, I am down much, much more because my friends got money that I gave them based on his phony baloney profit. Even if Glyn WAS to pay restitution, (he won’t) I would not see the money I shelled out for him. I’d get my checks “in”, minus his checks “out.” I hope I am explaining it well, but that is what makes this a giant shitburger in addition to all the other reasons. Lots of us have given money to our friends that were in contracts thinking in time we were getting it from Glyn. In time never happened.

The friends got in, got out, one contract, made a small profit. I paid them a check of mine for real money (unlike GR, my checks don’t bounce), and Glyn reinvested me in what I later found out was total nonsense. That is what sux. I am getting twice ripped off. Once by Glyn, once, unwittingly, by friends that invested through me. I am not suggesting I want the money back from my friends, I don’t. It just is what it is. I don’t even think about it anymore. But the last year I spent at home, doing nothing broke as shit, I thought about it all the time and it really wore me down. Then I drew a line in the sand and said, f-it. It’s only money. You learned a lesson. Glyn will hopefully be learning a bigger one when he goes to jail. And then when he gets out and tries to run this scam again. He will have to ship himself to Iraq, because maybe people there will have not heard of him and his scams. But if you are in America, and you have Google…you’ll know what this guy is up to if he asks you for money! And that makes the horrible financial lesson I learned worth it…


2 Responses to Made My Friends Thieves

  1. in a financial bind says:

    Do you know where his wife’s family lives? Do you know her maiden name?

  2. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    No I don’t. It’s been my opinion since the beginning that she is a victim just like the rest of us, and needs to be left alone unless something other then conjecture finds she was a real part of this.

    And her family, i have on good authority they were not Glyn Richards fans from day one.

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