We know Glyn & his wife from Voorhees, our kids went to school together, our kids were/are friends, we have been to their home in Voorhees, we have been to their house in Haddon Heights.  We have friends that have invested and lost their money with him and are overwhelmed.    Thankfully we were never asked to be involved, nor would we have accepted the offer. That is just a personal resolution we have about investing with friends and family.  I do not know why he, they choose some and not others to ask to invest. It can not be on income level, so I am curious if you have a clue. It may be because we knew his wife more so with the kids and not he, or it may be because he never had the opportunity to corner us at a party and bbq… who knows…

But to say the least I am sickened at what he, they have done to so many of you.
And to know that it is not his first time.

Does anyone know how involved or not his wife was in this ?
The more I read, the more I feel like there is no way she could not have been involved.

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10 Responses to Spared

  1. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    It is also my opinion that his wife is not involved, other then that her being in this sh1tbag fraud’s life, made him seem like a real person to the people he defrauded. The more I hear, and learn from people first hand, and my impressions of the person I met, I am sure she was a victim like the rest of us. Time will prove me right. I’d bet my All Fake Contracts on it! Seriously, he’s the criminal, not her. Thanks too for your sympathy…

  2. GR_SUX says:

    I think if he was “good” at one thing, he knew who to ask for money, and who to not. The people that eventually found out what he was, could have found out all along, but didn’t look. Didn’t think they had to. I think those victims are a mix of optomistic, gullable, trusting and nieve. And thought a “friend” could not steal from a friend. That’s the easiest person to steal from!

  3. tcobb33 says:

    GR_SUX you might be right about friends stealing from friends but don’t kick people when they are down by calling us gullable and nieve. All my husband was trying to do was make a better life for his family. Both my husband and I googled Glyn and NOTHING came up. So, maybe we’re not so good at doing background checks on people but neither are 100+ other people who got scammed by this sicko. My advice…if you’re not going to provide “us” victims with optimism then don’t bother to comment. We need to be supported not belittled.

  4. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Hi tcobb! I admired your career as a detroit tigers singles hitter…(the guys will get it..) Anyway… I too googled him out the wazoo, before and after I invested and found nothing. That is why I made this blog. I want to make sure google has something to find on him. He will be free a LONG time before trial and jail, I don’t want him stealing anymore. One of the saddest things I heard was the people that lost money to him in this calander year, when the people from 2005/2006 were WELL AWARE he was a scammer and waiting for his arrests. He will have a harder time stealing the rest of 2007 and beyond… that’s my goal.

  5. Spared says:

    I can tell you that it was only a few months ago Friends ‘A’ asked if we invested with Glyn and I said nope. Why would we…. then they told us of our other friends that did and had not gotten their money in return as promised. Then I was updated about the lawyers being involved… and I was really hoping things would turn out…. and finally over the weekend they told me about the scam. (I missed everything in the news).
    So I have been thinking about what has happened and why. Bottomline a greedy S.O.B. that has no remorse has destroyed your lives finanically, more lives emtionally and those of his three children.
    I know I can’t help those that lost financially, but I am spreading the word to all my friends and co-workers of what has occurred. It is the only piece of mind I have. I don’t want him to destroy the lives of anyone else. And if this type of support is accepted, then that is what I am going to do.

  6. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Thanks Spared! No one is going to get scammed out of another penny if I have a “BLOG” in the matter! ha ha.

    PS. If you look in the “Glyn Richards Links” section…there are links to the fox story, it should have video from the broadcast as well. I am very sorry for his wife, her family, and all his kids too. He’s a shitbag, they are not. If you have trouble finding the new video and want to see it, email me at

  7. Also Spared says:

    They say money is the root of all evil, but the greed for money is the root of all evil. Glyn was drawn into a story that he told so often that he began to think was reality, his own reality.Thank God we were not approached, but sadly we did have friends who did lose money but, their bigger loss was their trust in a friend who they thought was genuinely trying to help them out. That is the greater loss as we all know, because we are resilient when it comes to finances. The pain of being deceived by someone you trusted is a much harder blow. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  8. BBB says:

    Well I dont know for sure but she knew him before he went to jail the first time. Then she married him when he got out. seems kinda fishy to me. Especially when I was given a check from a joint account with her name on it as payment. How does that get by without question? I have known her for 14 years its hard to believe she could not know . she is a very intelligent person.


  9. Did you know says:

    I heard once the lowest of the low in HELL was the greedy man. So I guess that’s where Mr. G for Greedy Richards will end up…

  10. Puzzled says:

    I’m not a victim and feel bad for all who are. Live in HH and know of the Richards from the school on Atlantic Ave. Anyone who lives in HH knows Rob Andrews and his daughters who went to school there. I saw him there and talked to him there many times over the years.He was easily accessible to talk to one on one. His home is only blocks away from the SCAMMERS!!!!! He has many connections in WASHINGTON DC!!!! Why didn’t anyone have the sense to ask him to check out this SCAMMM!!!!

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