Glyn Made STEALERS of our Kids

By now many of you have heard tale of Glyn Richard’s magnanimous generosity, (with other peoples money that is) and how he loved to sponsor baseball teams. That was another factor that made him seem more trustworthy to me. He loved baseball, and was a big sponsor of teams I had heard. Well here’s one team he sponsored, and folks, I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. THE CHERRY HILL STEALERS!!! Kudos to the Stealers that have ALREADY removed the “ALL FREIGHT LOGISTICS Logo” from their web site, but from the magic of Google I was able to acquire a screen shot. You can do the same by searching Google for “GLYN RICHARDS CHERRY HILL STEALERS.” The first result will be for the Cherry Hill baseball club. If you click it, it will take you to the REVISED team site that is without his logo and name. (Again, nice work taking his logo down so quick!). But if you click “Cached” (as shown in the diagram below) you can see the old page.

Or if you are lazy, you can just click this link! But it DOES work via the way described above, although Google does not CACHE their pages forever…so this will not work forever. I’d love to know what goes through a person head, a person that stole millions from his friends, when he sponsors a team called “the stealers?!?!”

Again, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to!


3 Responses to Glyn Made STEALERS of our Kids

  1. Not Lazy says:

    It actually does work, and I am not lazy!!

  2. northjerseyscammedtoo says:

    Hey everybody! Guess what??? It’s Glyn’s Birthday today!!!!! I’ll bring the cake!!!! LOL

  3. HAZ says:

    all- make sure to call Glyn or txt him and wish him “hell” for his next 15 birthdays.

    Hopefully they will all be behind bars.

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