Pictures of Glyn Richards


I am being asked by alot of people that read the blog but are not victims, “what does Glyn look like?” Where’s all the pictures?? To that end, I am trying to find some pictures. I do have three, but they are older, and I would like to post something more current as well.

If you have photos and can send them, that would be much appreciated. If there are others in the photos, i will NOT publish anyone but him. I will crop the others out, blur them, etc. Use the email in the Submit section of this blog and send them to that email. If I do not get anything in a day or two, I will use the older ones that I have. Some of you must have some photos!? It seems though, that he is one that quietly avoided the camera because I know people that have socialized with him lots, and none have a picture. In this day and age, that’s weird…


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