Happy Birthday Glyn!

Happy Birthday Glyn Richards!! Today Glyn turns 44. He shares the same birth date as Whitney Houston, and will likely spend his b-day in a similar fashion as Whitney — laying low and hoping that the activities of the last few years don’t land them in jail. (I think Whitney will be OK…GR, not so much.)

Speaking of which, we at the scam blog wanted to do something special for the birthday. So, I tried to get some of GR’s neighbors together for a barbecue… but oddly enough, no one wanted to come in his honor. I even tried to call some of his old neighbors… and they didn’t want to party with him anymore either!?!

Just when I thought no one wanted to party with Glyn this year… I found some “neighbors to be” that can’t wait to party with GR! They are looking forward to his arrival. (The one with the male pattern balding and tube top especially! ) They worked hard, and choreographed this dance to welcome Glyn and to wish him a happy and healthy forty-forth birthday!!!  (A movie should appear below if your browser is configured correctly and your web content is not filtered.)

[livevideo id=2D1F246C905F4036AACDDB1236D108A8]


3 Responses to Happy Birthday Glyn!

  1. NoName says:

    Happy birthday, D-Head.

  2. Alonelyplaceprisonis says:

    I just thought of a great birthday gift for Glyn to send to his HH home.

    A tube of lube for his prison time.

    Now does anyone know any good sales for this, money’s a little tight these days?

  3. LOU&LIP says:

    Give him axel grease!!!!!! Its Cheap!!!

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