Photoshop Fun


Finally, a little truth in advertising from the good people at All Freight Logistics!

avatar11.jpg   Let’s Hope so Homer!!! 


3 Responses to Photoshop Fun

  1. LOU&LIP says:

    Repo man has this truck. G. was seen outside at 230 am on monday morn. taking out his trash, and tring to wash the skid marks out of the drive from the tow truck!!!

  2. NoName says:

    That’s funny!! I guess he is washing the skidmark’s out so he gets his security deposit from the Domino’s Pizza Man of Whit who supposedly still owns the place?

    Washing that driveway is like swabbing the deck of the titanic.

  3. FrankieandBones says:

    I was wondering who did the photoshop of Homer?? My husband and I got screwed by Glyn (as well as many of our friends), and would love to get a bigger copy of this so I could get it put onto a tee-shirt!!

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