Completely Lambasted

I am writing this blog not to make you feel bad for me but for the purpose of sharing my story with all of you as I really need a shoulder to cry on right now.

I met Glyn back in 2000. I was a manager at my current employer and one of my tasks was managing all of our freight. One afternoon, I got a fax flyer from his company at the time, Garden State Brokerage, Inc. I needed a quote for a shipment and Glyn gave me the best price. He did the delivery for me and from there, he became my exclusive carrier. Going forward, we became good friends, close enough that I met all of his family, attended Christmas parties at his house in Barrington, birthday parties, he came to my wedding in ’02, heck, he even took me to the Super Bowl in ’03! My wife and his got along real well and we had good times together, real good.  He would even refer to me as his little brother. I recommended his company to all of our biggest clients and he went on to make a boatload off shipments from these companies. Once I got a call from a company who he brokered freight to. The guy said Glyn did not pay his bills. He did a check on him and he said his Broker’s License was revoked and he was he biggest lier he knew. I took Glyn to task on this and he said the guy was full of crap because he was just waiting for a check. Of course I took Glyn’s side and I let it go.

Moving forward to 11/05. Glyn was bugging me to get into this DOD account. I was on the fence. I just sold my townhouse and with a wife pregnant with our first, we were looking for a home to raise a family in. The one we wanted was just a bit over our range. Glyn said by doing the DOD job, I can make plenty to afford the house of our dreams. Of course, I dove in and gave him the $75K that was the remainder of our sale of our previous home. At first, life was great! Was getting paid, living in our dream home! I was building up my wave of payments by reinvesting so in 2007, I would be getting HUGE monthly payments! So I refied my second mortgage so I could put more in(or moran). Now I had given him like $150K! I could taste financial freedom! Then, like us all, the payments stopped! Being that I was confident in Glyn’s work, I used up most of what I made in early payments, planning on backfilling with new payments to pay down the debt. Now I have huge debt that would only be paid by the so-called lifestyle I expected(again, I trusted my good friends). All of this while I changed careers, I have a wife tending to our new baby at home, and have payments and mortgages I can’t afford with just about no money left! I am literally waking up sick every mourning, wondering how I am going to make it without claiming bankruptcy! I am so demoralized, it’s hard to pick up and get going right now. I’m trying to find all kinds of extra work while I’m so disgusted which effects my whole day! My 11 month old daughter smiles at me and I can barely smile back right now! I’m scrambling for family to help out now, but of course that puts me in more debt. Bottom line is that sooner or later, I have to pick up the pieces and move on. We all have to! We all have to learn this horrific lesson of betrayal and deception. Besides loosing my shirt, I lost what I thought was such a good, caring, and helpful friend! The fact that I trusted him that much just turns the dagger in my chest! This will change my trust factor forever. It’s so hard to cope with this titanic loss of money and friendship. Just devastated now.

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A Devastated Victim


7 Responses to Completely Lambasted

  1. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Glyn Richards and Garden State Brokerage

    Great info! A quick google and I found a blurb I wish I saw in 2006…

  2. BBB says:

    Amen Brother !!!! I have known him for 23 years. Never knew the whole story behind his first arrest. I figured it couldnt have been to bad if Jen stayed with him and married him. He was the best man at my wedding 20yrs ago ! He told me this was the real thing. Maybe if he was selling coke ! I am a legitament freight broker and work hard every day! Now I have to pick-up the pieces and start all over again!!! Thanks alot Glyn !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sick as well says:

    You’re a freight broker too? I’m sure you can dig up some juicy info on GSB! Please share some!!!!

  4. T says:

    I am a freight broker that got in the hole because of GR. I believe that his wife new everything he was doing. I believe that she call me the other night regarding a freight
    bill that All Freight Logistic owe my company. I have the phone number however the lady that answers the phone told me to call the person that received the shipment but no one answers the phone their. I have send them faxes and no one their even returns the call.

  5. T says:

    To sick as well.

    All I know is that he had lost his license when he had Garden State. Which is easy to do since alot of the customer do not pay their bills. I know cause before GR got arrested I did a job of hauling freight and his customer is not paying the bill. This goes back to June. Nice people. Crooks are everywhere. I wonder how come he never came to me to invest?

  6. south jersey eagle eye says:

    His wife was not involved. Knew her and I know she bailed on him as soon as he was arrested. They’ll be getting divorced.

  7. Kodi says:

    So much for richer or for poorer

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