Scammer Camera… Pictures of Glyn Richards

Since so many of you have asked to see what Glyn looks like, here are some recent, and not so recent pictures of Glyn. I feel a little like P.T. Barnum at a side show of yesteryear though.

“STEP RIGHT UP,  And SEE with your own eyes.. THE GREAT AND HORRIBLE MAN BEAST, Glyn Richards.

You are gonna click this link, and expect to see some horrible side show freak that looks like he is capable of stealing millions from his friends and family, and that’s the trick. What you are gonna see is just a normal everyday guy. The last guy you’d think was a fraud by looking at him… I guess that’s how he did it…

glyn_richards_02.jpg glyn_richards_01.jpgglyn_richards_01_a.jpg

Hardly one that looks capable of the serious crimes that he is being charged with. Just a regular guy.

Here are some oldies below…




5 Responses to Scammer Camera… Pictures of Glyn Richards

  1. Where are his horns says:

    Does anyone have photoshop to add some devil horns to this pic?

  2. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Go to these pictures…Right Mouse… Save As… then save the file. This will allow you to save the file to your hard drive. Then you can photoshop away, and I will post the good ones that people send…

  3. Valiente says:

    What happen to the guy that work with him?

  4. MIKEY says:

    What happen to the kid anthony that worked with him. the short italian guy. The one who lived in Washington Township I think. Thats the scumbag who hook me up with him and it seems like nothing happen to him at all. I know he knew about it. He scammed me just as bad. If anyone knows his full name please let me know. Because he belongs in jail right next to him. scum bag

  5. Bernie Madoff says:

    What a piker! You only robbed $10 million? You deserve 30 years for letting these people off so easy.

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