The Scammer

My husband and I (I should say my children, too) are all victims of Glyn Richards. My husband was introduced to him by a mutual friend. When my husband explained the “investment” to me I was instantly skeptical. But he assured me that this guy was legit. At first the money came in but then it stopped and all we heard was one excuse after another…my friend died…my uncle died…I’m waiting on the DOD to send the check…the terror plot at Fort Dix delayed the check…blah, blah, blah. My husband would go to Glyn’s office in the morning and wait for him to show up for “work.” He fed my husband a bunch of bullshit every time. This man has destroyed us financially. I am a stay-at-home Mom who is now faced with having to go back to work and find someone to care for our four year old son and fourteen month old daughter. I have creditors calling day and night and in order to get out of this we might have to declare bankruptcy. All because of this evil man.

When I spoke to the Camden County prosecutor and the Lead Investigator they told me that more than likely none of us will get any money back. They haven’t found any and in my opinion they won’t because he spent all of it. The investigator told me,

“He lived a life that only you and I could dream about.”

Also, he’s divorced and has children from his first marriage. How could he do this to his children? Did his wife (or wives)know? It sickens me to think that he is walking around out there and a lot of us are suffering.

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  1. sick as well says:

    I’m pretty sure his cuurent wife (well, soon to be ex as she left him in the dust) was not involved. I knew her very well. Naturally sweet girl. I feel so bad for her and thier kids(one with his previous marriage, 2 with current). I would bet that his wife didn’t even know this was coming. You, see Glyn was so slick, he had everyone fooled, us, his wife, kids, even his immediate family I hear. He’s the type that he probably believes his own friekin lies! I feel your pain. I’m in a complete mess now too! He has got to have money somewhere. He’s too slick to have not hidden cash and funds. He’s out there, I’ll bet his case won’t be for a while. I would bet he is planning his next scam already. Please keep your head up.

  2. Logic CAL says:

    It still seems fishy that in a few months of investigation they deduced he had “lived a life that others dream about” and that all the $$ is gone? Rent Brewsters Millions. It’s real hard to spend 10 mil in a few years and have NOTHING to show for it. FISHY!!!! This guy’s up to more then ponzi’s.

  3. not telling says:

    Trips tot he superbowl, extravagant vacations, new cars every year paid in cash, child support, “normal expenses” like food (much better than most get to eat) employees, probablys oem kind of help with house and kids, technology and the best cabel system ever and don’t forget he did use alot of money to pay back theoriginal investors to get this going and make it seem like its working. Not to mention Brewsters Millions was made like 20 years ago when gas wasn’t 3 dollars a gallon and EVERYTHING was alot cheaper. god that statement made me feel old.
    It makes me sick but there probably isnt alot left.

  4. Logic Cal says:

    But Glyn didn’t pay bills. Ask his creditors. Ask his office landlord. He didn’t “pay” for a lot of that, he charged it.

    10 million is ALOT to spend, I don’t care what year it is. You could spend $10,000 a DAY for almost THREE YEARS on ten mil. That’s really hard to do.

    Are there investors that made money? IS that where some of this is? 10 mil can’t vanish.

  5. HHHS says:

    If it makes anyone feel better, I was talking to a friend at the prosecutors office and he said Glyn vomitted violently when they arrested him at the WaWa.

  6. he's a walking deadman says:

    He continued to vomit while in jail..I have a friend who worked there. Also when we went over to visit him, he refused to see us. Once arrested again, he will be easy to find and i will make it a priority to see he gets a “nice” cell mate.

  7. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    I heard all that stuff too. I get a little smile everytime I drive by wawa! Which is a lot in New Jersey.

    I will feel better when they pick him up again. If you pooped your pants at the convenience store they nabbed you at, I have to think you are a flight risk.

  8. sickened says:

    Well, let’s see…he put $900,000 cash down on his house in Haddon Heights, drove an Escalade (I think that’s what my husband said), had a shore house, etc. He doesn’t seem to have been modest with his purchases. Also, my husband said that he had an “employee” by the name of Jimmy. Does anyone know him? I talked to the Lead Investigator about him and he said that they are in the process of talking to Jimmy. My husband has several conversations with Jimmy when he would go to Glyn’s office and wait for the shitbag. Jimmy suppossedly handled the “domestic” stuff. Who’s to say that this jerk doesn’t have some of the $$$?

  9. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    you are close sickened. He put down 300k, and mortgaged 900k on the HH property. I know this to be fact because I have seen the mortgage, it’s public record and you can look it up. (Both their names on it.) He borrowed against that equity almost immediatly as well. While he jerked me around the last year I did as much legal and free research I could.

  10. Blindsided says:

    I am another one of the cowardly Glyn. I reside in Alexandria, Virginia. This incident has made me financially strapped as well as extremely angry. How was this punk allowed to get mortgages and a good credit history? I have submitted all of my paperwork to the State Atty. If this goes to court, maybe we can all go together. I heard that Glyn is staying somewhere in a hotel…still living better than us. Does anyone know the current value of assets? Maybe he will find a good husband in jail!


  11. hmmm says:

    the builder of the HH home still holds the note…. the gov’t seized the house… and builder was a friend of GRs

  12. he's a walking deadman says:

    I am working on his location currently. I believe I know where he is but will be sure in the next day or so. I will keep all informed once I get a final, confirmed location. When we find him, all questions will be answered. Stay tuned….

  13. HAZ says:

    Glyn’s assets are close to zero. The HH house has no value. I do not think he has much equity at all in anything he ownes. But he is still collecting rent on his properties in Voorhees, and Glouster.

  14. LOU&LIP says:


  15. LOU&LIP says:

    The repo man has taken the pick up, and was looking for two ford explorers. I wonder if GMAC is looking for the ESCALADE?????

  16. LOU&LIP says:


  17. unbelievable says:

    I worked as a nurse with his wife. She always seemed honest and caring and always played by the book. I feel really bad for her and the kids. What is she gonna do? I’m sure he can’t help support her now. Does Bubs still live around here?

  18. HAZ says:

    Who cares what is going to happen to his family. What about my family and of all the victims.

  19. he's a walking deadman says:

    I agree with HAZ. She is culpable. I feel she knew the deal as she had been through it before. She had a RESPONSBILITY to know what was going on in her home. Would it be any different if Glyn was operating a Meth lab out of the house? She will pay the price also. She too must suffer as she spent our money.

  20. a friend says:

    Does anyone know why there is so much commotion going on today? We rode by “many times” and saw people coming in and out of the front door. Also ride by @ night ; he is definitely “active” towards the evening hours , and even into the early a.m.

    He is positively at the HH abode.

  21. F him says:

    who else is getting arrested?? his runners??? T**???

  22. LOU&LIP says:

    Follow the money!! I hope the CCPO ,FBI takes their time, checks all leads!! What business did he have in England or the Cayman Islands????

  23. F him says:

    Untraceable off shore accounts in the cayman islands, that’s probably where the money is…..He sucks as much money out of people as he can, does his time and in 8, 10 , 12 years, he is home free. Not the first time this has happened. He hides several million, gets hot meals at a fed pen, released on good behaviour, then retires in the islands. Guys like him sell their souls to the devil, he doesn’t give a fck about any one of us and possibly even his family.

  24. in a finanical bind says:

    Off shore accounts are no longer easy to hide after 9/11. As far as Glyn retiring after his jail time, there are a few issues. First, he has to make it to jail in one piece which is still up in the air. Also, he must be able to “survive” this jail term as he stole my money and I will call in every favor that I have to make his stay very unpleasant. Lastly, the day he is released we will be waiting for him to address his “lying stealing ways” and if he wasn’t fully rehabilitated…we will “rehabilitate” him.

  25. lou&lip says:

    Hey bind THE G is out of the HH house! check out where’s G.

  26. in a finanical bind says:

    Lou..thank you again…

    Has anyone spoken to Richard Worst recently? If so, is there any no info as it pertains to other indictments, assets, etc. We must keep the heat on the CCPO and we should have a representative give us updates.

  27. LOU&LIP says:

    To: Eagle and Bind ,
    Eagle did the G not hold the draft in his backyard last year? You got to give the bastard credit (and I DO NOT in anyway praise him) hes a marketing SOB! IT seems he had his hands in alot of places, and SCAMED everyone he got his dick-skiners on!!!
    Bind, reguarding Richard Worst ,I hear that the CCPO is not active in the case. Dont know how true this is but the FBI is the ones heading up the case!! Big Time In The BigHouse!!!!!

  28. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    No, our league is older then GRs backyard in HH, Voorhees, Barrington et all. My league has been around since before GR went to jail the FIRST TIME. He just filled our 10th slot because we had an opening, and we thought we had made a friend worthy of inclusion in such a storied FFL as ours. Daunte Culpepper!!! BA HA HA HA HA!!!

    Daunte produced less in 2007 then ALL FAKE LOGISTICS!! HA HA HA.

  29. F him says:

    Their are 3 other agencies working in the case. The FBI and the US Secret Service who work with the IRS. Because of the dollar amount and that it has crossed state lines, it’s out of the hands of our local jurisdiction. They found contracts in CA too.

  30. sickened says:

    So, how do we prevent the ahole from running? I was hoping for justice in this case but I’m not so sure anymore. Who’s to say that he isn’t doing this to other people as we speak? How is he living day to day? With our $? Also, the lead investigator told me that his wife left him but I’ve read in a previous blog that he was recently seen with his wife. If that’s the case…how the hell could she still be with this jerk? Lastly, I don’t know how true this is but I’ve also “heard” that she was the one who bailed him out of jail and with $100,000 in cash. This disgusting human being is walking around free and doing God knows what. What the hell? It could be a few years before this gets settled.

  31. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    He can’t really run too far. They have his passports. GR was great friends with my friends that vouched he was real, and I STILL googled and him didn’t fine him…proceeded. At this point, that is ALL any potential investor has to do to see he is a fraud. (a blog like this about him in 1996 would have saved me) He is all over the web now, and this blog is why. Although, we should try and say Glyn Richards and All Freight Logistics as much as possible. It helps the rankings!

    His google infamy will last longer then his jailtime. I think this is the way to fight scammers…put their name and face out there.

  32. whadda ya know... says:

    A source who was in their house a few days ago with them both tells me that he went thru the house (up to GR’s office) and found certified and mailed papers from many people wanting to know where their money is etc, etc, etc. He said there is “NO WAY” the Misses did not know about “what was going on”.

    If you think about all of the coorespondance and eventually “threats” of lawsuits he must have received… and she didn’t demand to know what was up? I am finding it harder and harder to believe she is 100% innocent in this mess. It just doesn’t add up!

    Things will be moved out of the house (possessions) probably starting (right away) considering the house is now listed. It shouldn’t bee too hard to “run into” GR or GR and JR together in the “very near future”. Follow the plasma’s and the brand new furnitureand you’ll find Mr. D.O. D.

  33. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Hi Whadda…interesting point. WHen I sent my own certified letters, although I did not address them to both, I DID send them to both addresses. All Fake headquarters, and the Haddon Heights address. I didn’t do it because I thought she was in, but I did hope it would come while he was not home, and she would open it, and know he was a scumbag… I sent mine in Feb./March

  34. HAZ says:

    As far as I can tell she is guilty until proven innocent!!!

  35. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Hey Haz-Bro!! I got your message, I will call you soon. I did get and take the job I told you about, so I have been a little busy, but we all have to get together soon. have some laffs at the expense of this dirtball!

  36. Rippedoff says:

    Hey Guys It’s good to see Haz back & Eagle this is a great website. I don’t know if you remember me from the courier postings, but I was going to set up a site but you definately have topped anything I could have done. Let me know if we are going to get together like you guys were suggesting before. I don’t have anything else to add except that I was scammed too & the Prosecutor called me once and wanted more info. I will just keep watching the posts & look forward to meeting up with all if it gets put together.

  37. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Thanks Ripped Off!! the site is on autopilot for now, but I will be adding some stuff soon. I am busy because I am getting a new job. (Making Lemonaide out of those Glyn Richards Lemons as so many of us are. We ALL have good karma comin!!.) After the summer, we should go to a phils game one weekend. Check out who is sitting in GR’s HOF seats…. whattadick!

    I do not bug the prosecutor anymore, but to those of you that do speak to him, please make sure he is aware of the blog, and to let us know if we do or say anything that is counter-productive to their efforts.

  38. whadda you know... says:

    Eagle, Haz, and others. As you say, I don’t want to reveal any pertinent info that will help said A-hole. However, I do have some things that will “help the cause” if you will. How can we hook up to discuss?

    Eagle – if you get time, contact me on my e-mail and let me know where or how you want to be reached

  39. he's a walking deadman says:

    As of today..this am…when I confronted the realitor at the house…he was clear that they are still together. He made no bones about it and was quite comfortable talking about them. He then asked if I wanted to by the house…he actually tried to seel me a house that I paid for….

    So DO NOT BE CONFUSED..THEY ARE TOGETHER..SHE IS CULPABLE AND WILL NEED TO PAY AS HE WILL PAY. I have argued all along, she had knowledge and has spent our money. She was confronted months ago by one of the scammed investors wives, about not being paid.

    So for those of you whoi feel sorry for her and their children…DON’T…

    Also, would someone give me an idea where they are…just for a gentle discussion.

  40. CuzBomb says:

    I heard he’s been seen around the area, he was in Voorhees the other day and about 2 weeks ago he went into the Bank of America in Haddonfield and took $65,000 out. Apparently he was having an affair with someone in the bank and went straight to her and sweet talked her to give him money from a frozen account. He left with the money and she got fired. This is kind of unbelievable, so if anyone can confirm it please do.

    He doesn’t seem to be hiding so it’s only a matter of time before someone sees him.

  41. HAZ says:

    hey eagle congrads on the new job. are you selling DOD contracts? hey you can make alot of money. LOL!!!

  42. HAZ says:

    rippedoff – i remember you. hope all is well!! We will be getting together soon.

  43. HAZ says:

    I am pretty confident that Mrs. GR was not completely innocent. First, her husband ( an ex-convict) begins making enough money in 2 years for her to stop working, buy a million dollar house, Escalades and Bmw’s, etc. No red flags here? Secondly, the prosecutor told me himself that she had knowledge of the investigation. Finally, I personally called her and left messages requesting to have a conversation with her about what was going on. Of course, I never got a response. She may not have been aware of the extent of his crimes, but surely there were signs everywhere. She had a rsponsibility to acknowledge these signs. In not doing so, she becomes guilty as well.

    How does they continue to live? Are they still spending our money???? All the riding around he is doing must cost a lot of money to fill up that Escalade!

  44. LOU&LIP says:

    Cuz, A question, with the way banks are set-up today I find it hard to belive that some one in the bank could open a frozen account without the OK from a mgr. Was this girl a higher up at the bank? The G is a scammer!!!

  45. CuzzBomb says:

    Lou, I said the same thing but the person who it came from works at the bank and was friends with this girl. I don’t know what her position was but I was told that the account was frozen and for anything to happen with the account there needed to be a bunch of signatures approving it and she ignored that fact. Immediately after it happened she was called into the manager’s office and then escorted to her desk to gather her personally things and then out the door. I don’t know how all that works but the CCPO told that the FBI is watching that bank so she is probably in some real trouble if it’s true. She probably thought she was in love with GR and he used it to his advantage.

  46. F him says:

    If the Feds have an account frozen, their is NO way an employee can withdrawl funds. Period.

  47. LOU&LIP says:

    Cuz, JUST GOES TO SHOW THE G IS A HEARTLESS F–K!!!!!! That person lost thier job & is God knows what kind of trouble but that prick got his money!!!!! I still find that hard to belive? Would the FED want the money back, if this is true?

  48. whadda ya know... says:

    Are we talking about the BoA on Crystal Lake Ave.?

  49. whadda ya know... says:

    He was seen leaving the compound (once again) today the 23rd @ 11:45AM in the Escalade.

    He will be back there sooner or later without a doubt. Probably 2 Nite

  50. CuzzBomb says:

    F-Him, I thought the same thing. I’m not a banker, I’m just telling everyone what I heard from someone I know at the bank and the prosecutor didn’t seem to think it was that far fetched.

    whadda – It was the branch on Ellis Ave. by the Acme.

  51. whadda ya know... says:

    Know this was already posted but tomorrow ,the 24th, is the day the Mrs. is supposed to gather everybody else’s belongings (people invested) to take with her to (from what I here) her apartment.

    my contention has always been; “if she truly did not know what was going on’ then why is she taking anything at all from that house? IT’S NOT HERS!!, PERIOD! Suck it up and yard sale it to give some relief monitarily back to the unfortunate’s. Or simply “hand it out” to the same! I know she has kids but that’s the way it goes. Her family will provide basic necessities when needed. $8,000 plasma’s etc. ARE NOT BASIC NEEDS. Especially when everybody else bought them for her. It seems the FBI and other Fed’s do not care what happens to all the furniture, golf carts, etc. but in my eyes, it will add up to a pretty penny given the fact that every single piece in that house is brand new!
    I’ll have a few “runners” of my own keep an eye on things tomorrow!!!!!!!

    Good luck to all!

  52. LOU&LIP says:

    Hey know, ANY MOVING TRUCKS YET????? Maybe we should have them hi-jacked & return the property in them to the to the people who paid for it!!!

  53. sickened says:

    First of all, why are they allowed to kept their belongings? The only things that they should be allowed to take are clothes for the kids. The FBI, Prosecutor’s office, etc. should have seized all of their belongings considering we all paid for the shit! I’m scrimping to buy my kids shoes and pay for preschool while these assholes are hauling away plasma tv’s?! We just keep getting screwed.

  54. in a financial bind says:

    No action at the house so far today…any hints on where he is or when he will return….

  55. LOU&LIP says:

    Sick, I agree 100%!! But there is money hidden someplace, aside from frozen accounts in this country!! I didnt think G was that smart, wondering now if there is another party advising him!! I saw a property list on this blog or the C/P dont think he sitll owns all that was listed. I dont know if the FED can freeze an off shore account or not?Anyone know anything on this???

  56. whadda ya know... says:


    I don’t think today was the day to get the rest of the furniture etc out of the house. Maybe this weekend? Again – Jennifer, do the right thing and PASS on taking this stuff (as hard as it will be). Even for the kids sake! They can surely be without these “luxuries”. Everything in that house was bought by the duped victims here. If she does take these items for herself, without reservation, then what else was she capable of??? Yeah, it will be a little hard to give up the plasma’s, custom furniture, art deco paintings (“im not really sure she has them), golf cart (WTF!) -yeah…that’s necessary, and whatever else she has left, but its NOT FUC*ING hers!!!!!!! Do the right thing Jenny and let it go.

    Here’s an idea JR:

    Put the 118 names in one of your custom serving bowls and let the kids randomly pick names out (it will be fun for them to participate), then…decide how much these lucky winners have lost and dole out the items on a percentage scale. This way you will be giving back, even if only a little bit; its still a gesture in good faith.

    This is a new choice you can make! As opposed to loading everything up and driving away knowing that you are sitting on something that you didn’t pay for. If you were not involved I understand you cannot “undo” the past, however; the decisions you make TODAY you can control. DO THE RIGHT THING and call some people to come over and start to make this right. You’ll even feel better about yourself and also look better to some of the victims (maybe), I can’t speak for them but I will start to think that maybe, just maybe… you really didn’t know a thing????????????????????

  57. F him says:

    Hey Whadda, I like that idea, sort of a complimentary prize. “Thanks for playing and now heres a parting gift” Hey, new furniture, a plasma tv, sports collectibles, etc. Something is better then nothing. When that cop got busted for the gambling ring with Rick Tockett, they seized all of his assets including Rolex watches, 6 or 7 tv’s and so on. You would figure the FEDS would have grabbed all of G’s stuff and use it towards restitution for the victims.

  58. T says:

    I would like to know what is his wife name?

  59. OuTaNdAbOuT says:

    Wow I have been following this case… I was at a lunch today where a person has
    all the info GR wife (maiden names…, alternate addresses]…not ceased.
    This person wants to free the info she has, and from what I understating, could e substantial. Theses people were approached by GR, but they were turned off by him, and declined.. After some time they began to DIG. They do not want to be associated w/ GR or the fallout. I KNOW ALL OF YOU KNOW EACHOTHER IS SOME FACIT OF LIFE. You are all hiding behind names, what you need to do is assemble a think tank, get an idea to recover as much that was lost.
    We all know all of these GR deals were in secrecy, in a pressure situation to make a quick decision….Did we all ask the right questions-NO,
    Did get the question answered that we asked-YES. Should we have asked one more question???? I think so. A clear background would be good, where this transaction would take place and a payment in stone which included principal and dividend payment timeframe……
    Obviously we did no dig enough nor ask enough questions….. We were impresses w/ what he brought to the table, a friend brought this to the table…enough said, digging in to much would insult my “New Friend”…..WE WERE COURTED, WE BELIEVED, GAVE, RECIEVED, THEN GAVE MORE, MORE, MORE, TILL FINALLY NO RETURN. Ouch!
    Do we constitute any blame? Possibly? More questions needed to be addressed, not just this fly-by-night business plan…GR is the SCUM BAG… But we are the sin of GREED…just a little more is all I need, but that little more keeps further and further away, and I don’t about you but Thrive on pursuit, I guess I was “chasing the dragon”.
    Qbviously we have too much dispensable income…We have our retirement, 401K, Mutual funds. CD’.s, and different accounts like EigrantDirect and lets not forget the NYSE……..This all offers us a “Controllable” and realistic look at our future……
    Glyn offered us what we all were looking for…….. It is not cash, not wealth, it is a dream… It is the one that crossed ALL our minds before… IMPORTANCE, NOTORITY……A GLIMPSE AT A LIFE WITH OUT DEBT AND A CONSISTENT FLOW OF OUTSTAN DING INVESTMENTS, and here is the kick in the face… THE STRONG POSSIBILITY TO RETIRE EARLY! Side benefit of…possibly be a well know and respected Business Person of the HH area who would now begin to funnel the mass amount of profits I have amassed back to our HH society….and no longer just be a resident of HH, but a Pillar of the Community, and a very well spoken about name in the area……..I QUESS I WAS ALL A DREAM…REALL A NIGHTMARE!!!

  60. HAZ says:

    Look at the good side of this. Maybe GR and Mike Vick will share the same boyfriend in federal prison.

  61. HAZ says:

    Hey OuTa,

    What is Jen Richards maiden name?

  62. F him says:

    actually HAZ, I disagree. Sharing a cell with Vick would be to cosy, he should sharing a really, really small cell in a State prison with a guy named Bubba….. Big Motha F’n Bubba……Make G the BTCH !!!!

  63. he's a walking deadman says:

    I also have a complete background check done on GR by a private company in April 2006..which mentioned nothing about any criminal activity or any other wrong doing.

    So, OuTa, your are full of shit…you are clearly in the Richards camp…and you don’t know balls. Glyn was very convincing, offering up copies of DOD contracts, a copy of a DOD check and testimonials by others we knew that they were paid on a regular basis.
    Save your fancy rhetoric for someone that cares ie. no one that is one this site. Glyn and Jen are liars and they and their family will be brought to justice.

    If anyone would like a copy of this background check, for what it is worth, I have it. Also includes Glyn and Jens SS# and the location of their family members, their phone numbers,and SS#….a list of their friends and their addresses..

  64. HedsUp says:

    I heard that JR moved to a house in Cherry Hill that was purchased by her mother. I just can’t figure out how. I thought her mother didn’t have much and lived with JR’s sister. So where did the money come from, GR?

  65. HAZ says:

    he’s a walking ….. question for you?
    Can you send that information to the email on this blog. I would love to have it.

    And does anyone know why the Feds have not frozen all the assests for both Glyn and Jen. This just gets me sick!!!! I have lost enough sleep over these assholes!!!!!!

  66. HAZ says:

    Hey F him …
    I agree, I was hopeing they would share the same boyfriend not cell.

    Also him and Vic can start there own doggy show in jail for all the inmates!
    It may be their only alternative because I know there are some people that got burned that have connections and will turn in every favor to see that Gyln gets a nice cell mate if you know what I mean!!

  67. he's a walking deadman says:

    Haz..send me an email at We use this email to get leads on where they are. I will send you the entire file..about 60 pages…probably lists the Cherry Hill address….also contains the sisiters info…

    The pressure on them will never end…whether they are running around camden county or in prison..which will be much easier for us..they will be found and questioned.

    I question where are the people they stole from in the 90’s? Has anyone heard from them? Glyn may have stolen and lied to others in the past with no consequences…he chose the wrong “crowd” to steal from this time. This will NEVER END…

  68. he's a walking deadman says:

    I understand that GR has an older son from a previous marrige. Is this true? If so, what is his name?

  69. Haz says:

    GR does have a son from a previous relationship. Unortunately, he was given the same name as his scumbag father- Glyn Richards.

  70. F him says:

    37,000 hits and know one has anything to say. Are we just losing interest or hope that anything’s going to happen??? I’m still mad as hell !!! I got sucked in by one of his skumbags and as far as i know his life hasn’t been turned upside down like mine. Has anyone heard a thing??? Does anyone care anymore??? I want justice !!!!

  71. HAZ says:

    F – Him
    I’m in the same boat as you!! Not sure why Glyn still has a cell phone and a car!!!!
    Not only that but how in the hell does his wife just walk away from this!! This is total bullshit, but I’m not sure what we can do!! Hell she is still driveing the BMW we bought for her!!!

    Also remember that Glyn is still collecting rent money from his properties (we bought)!!
    Should we start calling the prosecutors office and complaining??? When i did that I was told there is nothing they can do! The law protects jerk-offs like the Richards!! Go figure my family and friends lost money his life seems to be going just fine.

    But keep in mind this is a federal case and when the trial comes about he will see alot of time in jail!! It just may take some time. I spoke to someone that got burt in a scam also it took 2 years before the guy went to jail!!

  72. 1nthehead says:

    Will someone please just point me in the right direction to find Glyn? If you have the location, send it to me at Tired of all the back and forth and hearing he is still walking the street living better than us and stress free. If you don’t have an accurate location, don’t waste my time writing. In no mood for anymore games and BS.

    Glyn, do whats right, do whats best.
    Stop the hiding and avoid
    1nthe head and 2nthe chest

  73. brad johnson says:

    does any one know gr has 3 brothers and a sister dave allen jeff traceyor did the investigater just missed that if i was u i would look into them to find something.glyn is a pussy and will always be that but u people will one way or another get caught up with him again

  74. bbb says:

    Hey Folks, Its awfully quite in here. This is my only form of info since I am not in Jersey. Please keep the info coming so I can keep up to date !


    Hey Eagle/Haz what has become of the group lawyer. I have not received any info ?

  75. HAZ says:


    I did not recieve your contact information.
    Can you send to the email on this site.
    And I will reach out to you.

  76. bbb says:

    Holy CRAP ! Its awful quite in here. Whats going on did GR just fall off the face of the earth. This is my only source of information since I am not in NJ. What is happening ,when does he take his soory ASS to court does anyone know.

  77. stillstuckinbellmawr says:

    Spoke to prosecutor the other day, seems like nothing’s going to happen for a long time. He IS free to do as he pleases, since the only thing they did was REQUEST his passport. No ‘for sale’ sign at the castle, but always some trash bags there on trash day. SOMEONE is living in that house and judging by how remorsely tacky it is for such a nice neighborhood, it’s not a new buyer!

  78. brad johnson says:

    yo bbb ihave some info for ya,Iknow his is working at a fruit stand in camden nj on the weekens still drives the caddy and looks like he is doing find all happy driving going out with his wife and kids to eat baseball games living the good life.when does he go to court who knows but hes everyones money and having fun now i think it is time for all of us to start having fun like show up at the same places that he and his family do i know almost everymove he makes i know he keeps in contact with his brother dave posible thats who has some of the money who knows all i got to say it is time for us to have fun .

  79. sickened says:

    So, what the hell is going on? Is the Camden County prosecutor still working on this or is someone else? I feel like they don’t even give a shit. I’m glad to hear that Glyn is going out to eat and living a good life…fucking asshole.

  80. brad johnson says:

    sickened say, so do something about it .if everyones money went into that house in hadden hiehts then lets have a party there this time and not be a pussy like kelly and just talk and no is time for everyone to start pissing off glyn richards.

  81. sickened says:

    Well, I don’t think that we could piss Glyn off…the man doesn’t have a conscience and neither does his asshole wife. It’s kind of difficult for me to do something personally considering that I’m a stay at home Mom (who lives in PA) whose husband has had to get a second job to keep us alive. Having a party at his house isn’t the answer…jail is. I don’t have time to follow this jerk around as he has taken up enough of my time, energy and of course money. However, I will be contacting whomever is now in charge of this case and I will do what I have to in order to get some answers.

  82. TR says:

    Hey everybody! I have moved and can’t log into the blog easily, and have been out of touch, but don’t get discouraged or frustrated, or start fighting amongst yourselves. Glyn in the asshole here, not any of you. But keep in mind, this is a marathon, not a sprint. The wheels of justice move slow, but Glyn Richards is going back to jail. He may plea bargain to not face 150 counts of theft by deception, but he is going to jail. Make no mistake.

    Keep Bloggin’


  83. in a financial bind says:

    Brad, contact me at the email

  84. I know where he is says:

    What fruit stand?
    and when?

  85. bbb says:

    Hey everyone the WEASEL was just on-line but refused to I/M back to me !
    For someone who really liked to bullshit he is awfully quiet know !!!!!!!!!!!

  86. brad johnson says:

    yo bbb, if the weasel was on line how do you know it was him and not one of his brothers?you have to be clear on what yoy say.everyone itis time to have fun.i know where jen is now living because the ass doesnot even care if some one is following him or the safety of his kidsnor does she i guess.i will give out this info if people will act on it not just gather out side .

  87. in a financial bind says:

    I probably have the most info on this walking – talking douche bag. Brad, I am interested in what you know. I have joined forces with 4 others that have been scammed and things are getting ready to change. Email me at…we can then contact each other once we are both comfortable that we are each legitament. Thanks

  88. bbb says:

    Well I guess you are right that I cant prove it was him. I still have him in my i/m list. Every once in awhile I get a pop up that says he is online.

  89. selling the house says:

    Hey Brad or Glyn you are full of crap!!

  90. brad johnson says:

    hey glyn nice try selling the house i know every move you make sometimes i am behide you in traffic or right be side you looking at your fat fucking face with a clear shot …… will see you at the wedding

  91. HAZ says:

    Hey Brad,
    Where is Jen working?

  92. sickened says:

    Did a story run in the Courier Post today about Glyn? We live in PA and don’t get that paper and I tried to find the story online but couldn’t.

  93. brad johnson says:

    so the wekend news up date,the whole family went out for the day happy with everyones money and last week i saw some one wrote with paint a big fuck you on the caddy that everyone paid for so more people know where he is . i will tell u this glyn when i get the ok and its comming soon jen better hope those kids are not with you when it client wants to be the fist to see you for the last time.

  94. matthew M says:

    dear mr & mrs. R –
    you both can go fuck yourselves. friends HA. by the way MRS R. how genuine is your FAMILY?? it seems they must agree with the money you’re spending and the fact your still with your douche bag husband after he’s stolen millions of dollars from people you both considered your good friends? nice that you can be out there spending, while many of us are suffering from your fucking awful crime. how do you look at yourselves in the mirror everyday? better yet, once you’re BOTH convicted how’s it going to feel when your children look in your eyes and see nothing but liars and thieves???? hopefully they’ll learn that money isn’t everything and one day they’ll learn through the actions of others what life is really about – kindness, love, and happiness – without having to steal it from others. for you that will be harder then spending your “5 cake” years in prison.

  95. HAZ says:

    Hey BBB,
    How are things? We are meeting with the lawyer in early October. I spoke to you on the phone a few weeks ago.

  96. selling the house says:

    Brad – if U know so much!!
    Can you tell us where he is during the weekends.
    I have plenty of people who would love to follow him and Jen to make their lifes a living hell.

    Are the kids playing sports we can all show up at the fields hand out flyers and let everyone know who they are and to beware!!!

    Give us the information and we can go from there!!!!!

  97. matthew M says:

    the kids have to be playing sports of some type. if there were a way to make it obvious to MR & MRS R that we’re out there watching and knowing that they are out there enjoying theirselves(without drew and abby being affected).
    we could just start posting flyers around the neighborhood MRS.R lives in, car windshields etc….have really had it with this asshole and his C yes CUNT with a C wife. think there maybe there has been a delay in anger here – sorry to be lagging behind some of you.
    peace out

  98. Just another victim says:

    I read this blog every day and get angry and frustrated. It’s hard to figure out what is true, rumor or outright lies. So I contacted the the CCPO and spoke with Chase. These are the facts I was told…

    1) The properties are being sold and any money made will be used as restitution to the victims.
    2) All bank accounts have been frozen.
    3) The scumbags’ passport has been confiscated and he’s not allowed to leave the state.
    4) They are both allowed to have jobs in order to support themselves and the children but they are not allowed to sell off any personal property (cars, etc)
    5) The CCPO is continuing with it’s investigation. They believe that through the sales of the properties they can get restitution to the victims but this is a long process and will take time.

    Getting some of our money back (we’re out 50,000) would be great but more than anything I want to see justice served and watch as that no good bastard is sent off to prison for the remainder of his sorry life.

    Going after the kids is foolish and mean. They’re victims as much as we are. Leave them alone and let them lead as normal a life as they can. They’ll have it hard enough growing up with two parents in jail.

    I’ll never forget what they’ve done, and I’ll cooperate with the CCOP as much as possible, but I can’t wait until the day I can put this all behind me.

  99. matthew M says:

    Just another victim – I too agree the children should live as normal a life as possible.
    As stated in other comments Drew and Abby should have no idea as to what is going on. Only when their parents are in jail will they have a clue…and not by the hands of the people they have stolen from.
    Thanks for the update from the CCOP – Wonder if they have any idea where they are getting ALL of the money possible to be spending what they have been spending or planning to spend on a home though. Wish JUSTICE moved a little faster.

  100. sickened says:

    This is turning into a “he said, she said” situation. I don’t even read this blog as much as I used to because it’s almost impossible to tell fact from fiction. I spoke with the CCOP investigator a few weeks ago and he stated that Jen left Glyn as soon as she found out what’s going on. I called the investigator because of the comments that have been posted on this blog pertaining to the sightings of Jen and Glyn together. So, I agree with “just another victim” in that there are many rumors and/or lies going around and I’m not sure from who…bloggers, the investigator, etc. Anyway, I refuse to let this man cause anymore problems for my family…arguments, sleepless nights, etc. I’m sure that he reads these entries and to be honest with you Glyn doesn’t have a soul so I can bet my life on the fact that he is in his glory reading about the hardships that he has caused so many of us. I read the previous entries involving the children. As a parent myself, we shouldn’t even be putting the children’s names in this blog. How would you feel if they were your children? Also, if anyone even considers going to the kids sports games and handing/putting out flyers then that is ridiculous! There’s no need to humiliate the children. It’s not their fault that their father is an asshole.

  101. F-them all. says:

    I disagree. If the kids parents are assholes, those two three, five, howeever many kids they got… they are asshole larvae just waiting to mature. If Glen stole 1,000, 10,000, a hunder grand even? Maybe cooler heads prevail, and you say leave his family out of it. HE STOLE 10,000,000 F-ING DOLLARS, PEOPLE. He ruined 100 families. Fuck him. And Fuck his Family too.

    Let me say that again to be clear…


    I heard his kids are real c-suckers anyway. Spoiled little brats with other people’s money.

  102. F him says:

    Ok, i’ve been tight lip’d for a while and when i read F-Them all’s quote, it was as if he was reading my mind. Why the fuck should i feels sorry for his kids?? He didn’t feel sorry for my family when he fuck’n stool my money…..through one of his cronies. Fuck him, fuck his wife and fuck his entire family. I could give to shits about his precious little future rats. Hey Glyn, I hope you rot in hell, you and your runners. What about them??? How much do you think Glyn paid then to rip us off ??? Don’t be neive again. But anyway, i hope Glyn suffers. It would be awesome to see hip come down with a case of Leprosy….

    FYI – I was almost happy to see the Phils get swepted just cause i know it would upset him…., boohoo

    F-You GLYN

  103. bbb says:

    YEAH BABY, Thats what I am talking about. Why should we all let his kids play and have fun while we all sit back and watch. Are your kids out having fun !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well then why should his !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE WILL NEVER FORGET & neither will his kids.
    Thanks for the update haz keep me posted. I just wish I was in Jersey to follow his ass around and wave at him.

  104. in a financial bind says:

    Read” too many sleepless nights” above..I have listed some great info on our friends…

  105. selling the house says:

    To All:
    People are no replying to the recent post of ” Too many Sleepless Nights”.
    Lets all continue to communicate under the most recent victims story.

  106. haz says:

    hey bbb,
    we can continue to communicate under “Too Many Sleepless Nights”.

  107. F him says:

    I read it, I read it all. I couldn’t’ imagine one of my friends doing this to me, Glyn is just a dosh bag person who i met through one of his runners. If he were a friend, then words would not be able to describe my additional rage.

    I have to admit, I never met his kids, and though innocent, it’s hard for me to have any sympathy for them. As indicated in last posting, he didn’t care about mine or your family, so why should i care about his.

    Just a suggestion, perhaps a single blog page for general discussion, postings or venting, starting with the latest postings up top and have the old ones drop…..if possible. The site is great and extremely informative. It gives me an arena to vent my frustrations as well as learn about others. again, just a suggestion.

    Oh, and Glyn……FUCK YOU!!!!!

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