Tisk tisk tisk…

I successfully completed Glyn’s Term of $25,000 in, $36,000 out, once…

Checks deposited, everything was good. So I took my initial $25k and reinvested. At this point I told my ister and father about the deal. My father didn’t have a good feeling bout it, so he stayed out, however my sister had just received some money from some land that she sold. This was the first time my sister had come across a significant amount of money. About $33,000 total. She was more than excited to do this.

My sister has recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, on top of he other muscle tormenting disease she was born with. (I cannot recall he spelling of it. Something like MinusTheviousGravis) She is also a single mother of 3 children.

Glyn happily accepted his new gudgeon. He took my $25k and her $25k and gave us his hand typed contracts. Soon after I started getting word of shecks bouncing. Our first 2 checks were fine. Come month 2, I deposited my check, and mailed my sisters check to her. She lives 500 miles away. She deposited a few days later.

The next week I get a call from my sister saying the check bounced. I was furious! I spoke with Glyn and he sincerely apologized and issued out another check. This one cleared. Figuring this was just a gl(y)tch in the program, I continued to wait for the next installment of checks.

The next time they both bounced. They continued to bounce, until he decided to not give out checks for a while. My sisters medical bills were starting to pile up and I felt absolutely horrible about what I got her involved in, so I gave her the $18,000.00 that I had received. She knew it was my money and refused to take it, but I insisted and
deposited it into her account.

That was last November… I spoke with Glyn about 3 times a month from then until I read that he was arrested. I never received another check, but was promised to have the money “near the end of next week” for the past 36 weeks. That money was my life’s savings but at least my sister is taken care of. It was an expensive lesson to learn, but I have learned.

Rest.In.Hell Glyn Richards

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5 Responses to Tisk tisk tisk…

  1. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Your story is very close to my own. Thank god I did not ask my family, as I came real close. Like you, I’d have paid them all back out of embarrassment. And like yours, they would not have taken it. Bouncing checks is very illegal as well. Glyn is potentially facing a cornucopia of charges, I hope all these bad checks don’t get lost in that shuffle.

    Good Luck to your sister and her family and to you as well.

  2. I'm wondering says:

    This whole thing is starting to scare me. This guy is a creep that hurt my family but is he really bright enough to do this all alone?

  3. HAZ says:

    I keep wondering the samething. Was this guy smart enough to scam all of us.
    In meeting with him I would have never guessed he had a brain but apparently he did.
    I just hope that he go’s to jail for a long time.
    But one thing is that this is a white collar crime and his sentence may be short because of this. Lets hope not, for all of us!!

  4. sickened says:

    I’m thinking the same thing…was (is) he in it alone? I keep asking around about his so called employee Jimmy who my husband has actually sat down and spoken with several times. Jimmy said that he took care of the “domestic” stuff. No one seems to have any info about this guy and I’m wondering if he has some of the $?

  5. G. Zippel says:

    “This so called employee Jimmy” as you labeled him was not in on Richards’ scam.

    Yes he worked for all freight but was not involved in any way on the Ponzi scheme.

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