Googling Glyn Richards

In this day and age the world is at our fingertips. At work, at home, even on our cellphones we are never far from the World Wide Web. When I was first asked to be a part of what I later found out was the All Freight Logistics scam, I got involved based on trust of my friends. MOSTLY on trust. That’s not to say I didn’t google my ass off as well. I googled Glyn Richards, Glen Richards, Glenn Richards, Glynn Richards, Glennifer Richards, in a addition to a host of “All Freight Logistics” combinations.  I was skeptical … ONE bad result on Google would have saved me thousands.

What I found was nothing.

Just like his King’s Highway Audubon office had no signage of any sort, Glyn Richards, (our Glyn Richards) had no “webprint” so to speak of either. (I did find Glyn Richards the author.) I later found out that HAD I googled Garden State Brokerage and Glyn Richards together, I’d have gotten a very helpful freight forwarder board called “ALLEGED CROOKED BROKERS.” (And Mr. Richards is mentioned on that board. Shocked?!?) But with just googling his name, that result was buried 100’s of pages in.

The goal of this blog is threefold. It is part therapy for those that have been victimized, part a place to share information, and lastly, and maybe most important, it’s a warning.   A warning that frauds exists in general, and a warning that ours, in particular exists. Glyn Richards will go to jail someday, but for now he is free and may seek new “investors”. If other “investors” are approached, I hope they take 2 seconds to Google “glyn richards.”

This blog will be there waiting for them on the first page of results. (Currently number 2 over all.) Give it a try!


One Response to Googling Glyn Richards

  1. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    here is a sample of how the search engines find Glyn Richards, and what terms people are using to find him the last few days. (THe repeats are that to a computer Glyn, and glyn, are different. (one capitilized one not)). My fave is Haddon Scam. You can search w/o his name now and find him!

    Search Views
    glyn richards 45
    richard and ponzi and nj 9
    Richards Scam 8
    Glyn Richards 6
    glyn richards, haddon heights, nj 5
    glyn richards scam 5
    glyn richards of audubon, nj 5
    glyn richards, new jersey 4
    glyn richards charged with fraud 3
    Glyn Richards Scam 3
    glynn richards 3
    glyn richards arrested 2
    glyn richards, nj 2
    GlynRichardsScam 2
    “Glyn Richards scam” 2
    Haddon Heights, Scam, Freight 1
    glyn richards haddon heights 1
    glyn richards blog 1
    Glyn Richards Haddon Heights 1 1
    glyn richards scam haddon heights nj 1
    glyn richards arrest 1
    glyn richards all freight logistics cher 1
    glyn richards fraud 1
    courier post glyn richards 1
    glyn richards all freight logistics 1
    “Glyn Richards” 1

    Search Views
    glyn richards 26
    glyn richards scam 8
    glyn richards all freight logistics 6
    Glyn Richards 5
    glynn richards scam 2
    glyn richards haddon heights 2
    glyn richards arrest 2
    glynn richards 1
    glyn richards blog 1
    glyn richards ponzi 1
    Glyn Richards/All Freight Logistics 1
    glyn richards, nj 1
    glyn richards nj 1
    richards ponzi scheme 1
    “Glyn Richards” 1
    glyn richards fraud 1
    Glyn Richards Scam 1
    glyn richards cherry hill stealers 1
    “glyn looks like” 1
    glyn richards garden state brokerage 1
    glyn richards news 1

    Search Views
    glyn richards 44
    Glyn Richards 14
    glyn richards nj 4
    Glyn richards 4
    glyn richards all freight logistics 3
    Glyn Richards Haddon Heights, NJ 2
    glyn richards arrest 2
    glyn richards, new jersey 2
    glyn Richards 1
    glyn richards blog 1
    glyn richards, nj 1
    glyn richards fraud scam 1
    Garden State Brokerage, Glyn Richards 1
    Glyn Richards Scam 1
    Glynn Richards All Frieght Logistics 1
    glyn richards arrested for ponzi scam 1
    garden state brokerage, glyn richards 1
    garden state brokerage and glyn richards 1

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