The Newest Victim


I have read all the articles about how Glyn Richards has taken money, hope and faith in mankind from many families in NJ and now across the country. Thankfully he has been arrested. His arrest should curtail his capacity to fraud people out of money. If not, it is my hope that this blog serves as a major roadblock in his efforts to deceive innocent people.

But there is one more “victim” in harms way. My fantasy football league. Glyn was the 10th player in my Fantasy League last year. He did JUST enough to pretend he had the same interests as us, so he could keep stealing our money. And I think we thought, Glyn couldn’t possibly be full of shit, he’s in our league!?!??!

But he was full of shit. (I should have known it when he drafted Culpepper as his starter!?) And now my league is without a 10th. So, if you are a Fantasy Footballer, (many of those), that hates Glyn, (many of those too), and still has enough money left to play (fewer of those!) let us know. League has been around a long time. He took thousands from me and my friends… he’s not taking out league.

If you are in Southern NJ and would like to play Email for Details….


3 Responses to The Newest Victim

  1. DCUP-KILLA says:

    Eagle –

    you almost had me fooled thought my hubby actually posted something!!

  2. Jeff Slotnickq says:

    I will play if its still available. how much is the league?

  3. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    League is 270. Winnings paid in actual $$ not All Fake Logistics Phony currency. We may be full, I will check….

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