Very Interesting Article

Seems like Glyn Richards is not the only Ponzi scammer on the loose the last few years.  This article, sent to me by a reader of our blog, is about another scammer named Howard Welsh.  There are many similarities between this case and ours.  Please read the story via this link.  PS. this article is a special treat for those of you that like to speculate about accomplices.  In this case,  the scammer’s GIRLFRIEND is also under arrest!!  INTRERESTING!!  Maybe Glyn’s runner’s better start running, and those closest to him will have some explaining to do.  Have a GREAT LABOR DAY!  Not that Glyn has any idea what Labor is.  (Link to Story below.)

Pair face sentencing for huge Ponzi scam


2 Responses to Very Interesting Article

  1. Just a THough says:

    “IN JAIL NO BOND” Way to go Norfolk. That’s where Glynny should be..

  2. HAZ says:

    yep!! and the girlfriend was also arrested!! Maybe JR will be too!!

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