Too Many Sleepless Nights




Never would I have believed that I was being duped by a friend that stood in my house and explained to me his business. Glyn’s explanations of how he started the DOD business were remarkable (or just stupidity on my part). My first question was why are you not going to a bank to secure a loan for this type of money. His response well the contracts are “no bid” and the money needs to go oversees quickly (going the bank route is to cumbersome). Not only knowing him and his wife through the school our kids attended and the sports I coached his son in, it was inconceivable that they would be scamming friends for money. But we all know how that ended up.

But what really kills me is the how this totally blindsided all of us and has caused financial and emotional damage to many families.

The thousands of dollars that have been stolen from my family and those closes to me have robbed us of opportunity. Opportunity that we have earned through hard, honest work. The stolen opportunities are countless- our children’s college tuition, retirement savings, home improvements, etc. This loss of money has forced my wife to return to work full-time. She has been working part-time for 7 years caring for our 3 children. Now she must return full-time to help cover the losses. As a result of this traumatic experience the choice for her to be at home caring for our children no longer exists. As the events have unraveled in the last few months the stress has overwhelmed our lives and impacted all members of our family including our children. We have experienced numerous sleepless nights, many arguments. This stress, anger and depression is a disease that has plagued our family. And to continually hear that he is still out there and possibly trying to scam other people (what else does he know how to do), hired the best lawyer (most of us can not afford because Mr. & Mrs GR have stolen most (if not all) of our savings) and is selling his house for close to $2 million dollars is disgusting. The law protects the SCUM BAGS in the world (only in America).

How do Glyn and Jen still sleep at night!!! Probably knowing that the millions of dollars they have stolen is hidden somewhere and can be used down the road when all this is over.

Wherever they move to I personally will inform the neighborhoods, the schools and the townships of their past and make their life’s a living hell. I know that most of us are reminded each month, when that bill comes in the mail, of what a mistake we made.

I have been asked so many questions – 1) how did you not know it was a scam? – 2) You were getting a great return on your investment – I would have known it was a scam. 3) Don’t you think greed played a factor in this whole thing?

My answer to the questions are simply I trusted a friend and was sold on the notion that I was helping him build a business from the ground up. Is it greed – I think not- to be able help a friend you believed in and build a financial future for you family is not greed.

I strive each day to build a future for my family both emotional and financially something Glyn can not comprehend because he has no idea what it is like to make an honest living. SEE YOU IN COURT SCUM BAG!!!!!!!!!

As justice is served it is our hope to restore emotional health to our family, rebuild future opportunities and move forward with our lives. It is our hope that Glyn and any one that has helped the dirt bag receive the maximum sentence, with no leniency granted. (As he has committed this crime before). As we search for the silver lining in this dark cloud, there are glimpse of light knowing that he will spend many years behind bars unable to inflict this pain on others.


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  1. sickened says:

    Don’t tell me that I’ve thrown in the towel! My husband is working two fucking jobs to keep us in our house and we had to file for Chapter 7! So, am I pissed off at this asshole? YES! Do I want him to go away forever…YES! Do I think about it just about everyday…YES! You don’t know my situation but I refuse to let this turn me into a bitter person who starts going after people’s kids no matter how spoiled they are. You have your opinion and I have mine. I live with this shit everyday too so don’t fucking lecture me! I am a stay at home Mom who has to explain to my 4 year old son why he can’t have a b-day party at Chuckie Cheese this year and why he can’t go to other kids parties (we can’t afford a gift) or to the Zoo because it’s too expensive. Thank God he doesn’t know what Glyn did to us. I was so devastated that I was ready to leave my husband but then realized that Glyn has stolen not only money from us but our happiness and yes, it has affected my children as well. But I realized that I can’t let this man take my pride, my family and anything else for that matter ANYMORE! I call the lead investigator all of the time to find out what’s going on. So, just because I say that it’s not right to go after the kids doesn’t mean that I’m throwing in the towel! I didn’t attack anyone in my blog about staying away from the kids and I certainly would appreciate the same respect. I sit here and read these blogs from people who are threatening Glyn and his family…don’t you realize that the prosecutor, investigator and probably anyone else involved in this case read this blog all of the time?!

  2. don't let up!!! says:


    Name one time in my blog that I threatened the kids. So don’t fu#@ing put words in my mouth. I don’t think anyone wants to hurt the kids. The way I understood it is, people wanted to go to a game to see the two scumbags who ruined our lives and warn others about them. You are the one that turned it around.

    We are also broke and in debt and so are others. We lost everything and I do hope the prosecutors are reading this stuff.

    Please read my blogs before you start mouthing off. I read yours.

  3. don't let up!!! says:


    My bad – Let’s take that hate we are both feeling and use it to get the scumbags that ruined our lives. I think we both misunderstood each other. I totally understand how you feel. It sounds like my life. I want nothing to do with their kids but like I said earlier, I want to put their parents in jail for a very long time. Let’s work together.

  4. in a financial bind says:

    Don’t LEt up….email me Once we are comfortable that we are both legitamate…we can circle our wagons and start moving forward….

  5. haz says:

    in a financial bind.

    Don’t let up is legit… he is a friend – we meant through this mess… He is a stand up guy…
    and has good info. also.

    see U on this week?

  6. bbb says:

    Well someone is logged on in GR’s Yahoo address again. I dont understand why he refuses to answer when I IM him.

  7. haz says:


    He is a pussy! with allot of our money.
    and is more then likely loving all the attention he gets from this site.

  8. haz says:

    I should have it shortly!!

  9. lou&lip says:


  10. Kodi says:

    He is NOT at First Ave in Barrington, he moved out of there years ago. Just letting u know that is his old house before he moved to Voorhees. After Voorhees, he went ot HH.

  11. fkd by glyn says:

    in a financial bind,

    I am sorry for your tremendous loss. However, Glyn does not reside in the Barrington location and hasn’t for quite a while. Maybe your other information is solid, but this is not.

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