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I will not invest with Glyn Richards

So Glyn Richards once again made it into the paper. It was a nice article and Jim Walsh did a really nice job. I was happy the blog got some press. That was my main goal of starting this blog. To make Glyn Richards findable on the web. I, like may others, searched for him before I invested and found nothing. Any information would have saved me and others like me that searched, $1000’s and $1000’s.

The article comments at the end gave voice to a lot of people that wanted to take anonymous pot shots about how dumb the investors are, how we got what deserved, we were greedy, etc. etc. I do not easily fathom how JOHN Q. PUBLIC reads a story about two teachers that get ripped off by an EX CONVICT with a rap sheet a mile long, and automatically choose to slam the victims of the crime and give the ex-con a pass. Fascinating.

But in the end, no comment is a bad one, and all comments serve what was my original purpose. MORE EXPOSURE for GLYN RICHARDS and his alleged crimes. The comments that call us dumb are just as effective, if not more, at keeping Glyn Richards highly visible and exposed. So, it sucks for people to call you stupid that you invested…No one likes that, but every keystroke positive or negative is worth it to keep the story where potential victims can find it. The biggest mistake people victimized by white-collar crime make is SILENCE. They get embarrassed and never speak of it again.

I took another route. I decided to tell as many people as I know, because I don’t want it to happen to anyone else. I am not embarrassed, or ashamed, or greedy, and I don’t want sympathy. I just want to make people aware. And I have.

So, here you go…comment away. Good, Bad or Different…they all serve the blogs purpose of keeping him exposed. It’s hard to scam people when you are this exposed…


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  1. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    I wanted to open this area to let people post their reactions to the courier post story to an audience that is a little more informed and aware of what has transpired. Its not much fun debating people that compare Glyn to Haliburton. He’s not under arrest because he is a company that takes contracts like Haliburton does… he is under arrest because he’s not real. The company is not real, the contracts are not real and those investments never, ever were going anywhere remotely connected to what he told us. That’s fraud. Or theft by deception. 150 counts of it I am told. Haliburton may be unpopular in the eyes of public opinion.

    Glyn is guilty in the eyes of the LAW…huge difference

  2. John Pangia says:

    If you look through the comments section on any article in the Courier, you’ll see the same screen names popping up in the list – Seems for some it’s a form of anonymous therapy, a way to make themselves feel good for the day – The old ‘Grain of Salt’ axiom applies.

  3. whadda ya know... says:

    To piggy back on what John says about the Courier Bloggers, these are the same cronies who like to “mix it up” with everyone. Regardless if the topic is death, politics, family, etc. It is futile to try and verbally state your position, or fight with them in any way.

    More importantly…why in the world does Glyn Richards even have 10 cents let alone money to alledgedly buy produce stands, real estate, gas for his car etc. This guy stole everything he has. FBI says there is no indication he has made an honest living in the last 5-6 years. So why does he still have money? I think we all know the answer to that…HE STILL HAS THE MONEY HE STOLE!!!!!!!

    What I don’t understand is why. Why do the Feds let him kick everyone when there down? He should be suffering mentally and physically. Based on the latest article and the backlash it has caused, people are feeling the effects of their losses more ways than just financially. Now we have idiots who don’t fully understand the situation causing more strife on people who came forward to see that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. The blogs are getting ugly. I don’t know what can be done but I feel like something should, and fast!

    WHY DOES THIS MAN STILL HAVE MONEY??????????????????????????????

  4. haz says:

    there has been allot of questions on where Jen is working – well try New Seasons Assisted living. And also she my need Glyn’s help soon – rumor has it she is next in line to be arrested. lets hope so – we will see if Glyn bails her out!!!

  5. whadda you know... says:


    I was wondering if she was the one you were referring to in the Courier blog. (Really I was hoping it was her.) Apparently they are having a house contents sale tomorrow at 1:00PM at Glyn’s house. There has been a “court appointed” sign on the house for a couple weeks now indicating this sale.

    This rumor, does it have credibility?

  6. TR says:

    WOW. I went out of my way to defend her when the blog started because I always found her to be more genuine then him, so if she gets arrested, I will certainly welcome a big fat I TOLD YOU SO from some people that argued the other way. I will be very disappointed in someone that I liked (mrs. g) if it turns out she was full of crap too. He had a shiftiness, and a delivery that in RETROSPECT, kinda clicked and made me think, oh yea…of course he was crooked. She seemed genuine everytime I met her, so, I will be really surprised. Even though nothing about this situation surprises me anymore.

    It would be cool if they opened that sale to us first, gave us some breaks!! I’d love to get a good deal on a plasma that I already bought. I would love to be there… I may send some people with cameras for the blog. In fact, if any of you can take pics of the sale, please let me know. I think victims would dig seeing what comes out of the estate of rich fatboy scammer, “HOWARD HUGE” ha ha

  7. CuzzBomb says:

    Where will the money from this sale go? If you know any sports memorabilia collectors send them over, DickBoy Richards has a lot of autographed stuff in our finished basement.

    The idiots that comment on the courier-post site have no life and all they do is leave comments. Check the comments in any article and it’s the same guys leaving comments on every article.

  8. whadda you know... says:


    I’m not 100% sure but I think the proceeds from the sale will be put into an account of some sort to be dispursed accordingly. I cannot define what “accordingly” means in this case, however, that’s what I was told.

    Meanwhile, I bet you can get a killer golf cart (street worthy and all) for a “steal”. Wrong choice of words…

    It will be interesting to see what kind of turnout there is. I wonder…will they accept credit cards??

  9. haz says:


    What time is the sale?
    Checking on confirming the arrest!

  10. Empathetic Supporter says:

    Hi all-
    A friend just e-mailed this to me. I think you will find it amusing…


    Get up at 11:00am- Grab a cigarette, donut and a Pepsi
    Read the paper on the toilet
    Change underwear, grab a cigarette, and post comments
    Order fast food (delivery of course) for lunch
    Grab another cigarette, a Budweiser, and post some more comments
    Finish the 6-pack of Bud, re-read the paper on the toilet
    Count the change in the empty Tequila bottle
    Post a comment and take a nap
    Wake up, grab a smoke, a shot of bourbon, a bag of pork grinds and post comments
    After the last post, gargle with mouthwash and pick up the kids
    Put on a video for the kids, grab another smoke, 2 more shots of bourbon and post another comment
    (Spouse comes home) Argue with spouse, explaing that you were on the internet all day looking for a job and that they have no idea what you are going through
    Grab the keys and walk out, bo back inside, tell the kids to turn off the video
    Grab the money in the Tequila bottle, use the toilet and head for the local watering hole
    Drink until close, telling the lost souls next to you that no one understands you
    Drive home drunk, grab a smoke, post a comment and pass out
    Get up at 11:00am ———– HA HA

  11. bbb says:

    Well if she is working at an assisted living facility she has plenty of training dealing with alot of SHIT. That is the biggest piece of shit of all GR. I wonder how cleaning bed pans is going. It must be a far cry from where she has been the last couple of years. I dont see how she cant be involved I have a check from a joint account of thiers for a payment ! So if that does not make her part of the scam I would be surprised.

  12. whadda ya know... says:

    Haz – 1:00PM Sale

    The offerings include sports memorabilia, furniture, flat screens (120″), (2 – 60″ plasma’s) maybe a couple other big screens, brand new regulation shuffle board table, beer meister, his Escalade as well! I’ll be stopping by around 1pm so maybe I’ll see 1 or 2 of you.


  13. haz says:

    I hope to see you at 1pm.


    Empathetic Supporter:
    Like the post!! LOL

  14. haz says:

    We should all go to the sale and let people know we bought all the stuff!!!

  15. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! IF ANY OF YOU GO…. TAKE PICTURES… I will post them all under their own article. I think other victims, their families and loved ones, HIS “friends” if he has any left, our co-workers that have followed this story, hell even internet trolls ; ) would find what comes out of that house today fascinating. I am two hours away and cannot go… But I am really hoping some of you go, and take pictures.

  16. KCK says:

    When I got there today there were 2 Sheriff’s officers cars and a Heights police car at the house.

    My sources tell me the sale did not go down today. It will be held at a later date. Apparently Jen or Glyn called and said “you are trespassing”! So the Sheriff said the auction (or whatever) would need to be done from the street. Yeah, that’s a good way to buy something. “I’ll take that Plasma, 3rd window on the right, 2nd floor”. There now has to be a “forced entry” grant given to execute the sale. I guess there’s a loophole in law here.

    Whatever the case…”no sale” today.

  17. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Great Work KCK. Keep us posted. If we get a hard date I will post it as an article so we can get lots of good buys on things we already bought 10 times over! He’s gonna run out of loopholes one day!! And you know what hole will get invaded then! Hopefully for a good many years. Loopholes… that’s just funny. Oh well, looks like the contents of HOWARD HUGE’S estate stay concealed one more day.

  18. KCK says:

    Thx Eagle.

    He will run out of “loopholes” and gain “goopholes”! We sound like a couple of schoolboys but it sure is funny.

    Don’t worry…his time will come, I’m sure of that!!!! He can be a smug as he pleases for now but I know what’s coming for him.

    Glyn – if you are reading this, go and get the rest of the money from the Caymen’s, make as much restitution as you can and start making things right. Grow some balls, be a man, and admit that you (and probably Jen) wronged and cheated every single person (including your family) (I’m not sure about Jen yet but it’s not looking good for her) you came in contact with. You’re still young, it’s not too late to change. Well…just think about it ok? There are a lot of people you can help out before Christmas so they can maybe get a few things for their kids ya know? Come on be a sport, go and get the money and we’ll meet you at your house next week. You’ll have to bring a flashlight cuz PSE&G shut off the electric. C ya then!

  19. haz says:

    I was their also.
    And will be back for the next sale!!
    Glyn has no balls!! If Mrs G wanted to do the right thing she would have not bailed him out of jail. Her time will come too – Hopefully the kids will not grow up like their parents – deceiving back stabbers!!

  20. in a financial bind says:

    This will never end. It doesn’t matter where you both are we will never let up and soon you will know the consequences of your actions.

    My guys are going to have a field day with you Glyn in prison. Once the other inmates find out that you stole money from the wives of active military, your life will not be worth a cent.

  21. Lou says:

    Just an FYI, posting someones full name and or address along with implied or out right threats could lead to trouble for the person who posted it and or the “webmaster”. I would hate to see any of the “victims” in trouble due to their posts.

  22. Misfitfriend says:

    I am so proud of your campaign to make the actions of this criminal easily available on the web. When you first told me about what happened, I tried running his name through Google and expected to see complaints, etc. I found nothing. We’ve known each other long enough for me to know you are not a greedy person, uninformed, or any of the other things people like to say about people who get taken by a scammer. Instead you are an educated, funny as hell, trusting, friendly person who was used by a jerk.

    As for those comments on the Courier Post website, I NEVER scroll down far enough to see them. It is nothing more than a group of gutless people who can post inflammatory statements anonymously because they have that shield to hide behind. I have no interest in feeding their desire for attention.

  23. don't let up!!! says:

    (GI Mom) clever post on the CP site. You and your family steal from friends and neighbors, destroy their lives and you have the heart to call us greedy. From what I’m told, the Feds are on to you as well. I knew Glyn couldn’t do this himself. Your day will come. We will finally get closure when you are all behind bars.

  24. KCK says:


    RE: Contents sale

    You say “everything was sold” on another blog…

    If everything was sold that is news to me. Where did you find this out? The only thing I know is the contents sale was not held (Jen stopped it), and a new date was to be posted.

  25. HAZ says:

    Nothing was sold – I was replying to a Glyn supporter.

    I wanted them to bug off!!

  26. selling the house says:

    has anyone seen Glyn?
    would love to trick or treat at his house?

  27. bbb says:

    Hey folks its awfully quiet in here. Is there any updates on anything ?

  28. selling the house says:

    Update Glyn is setting up a restitution fund for the victims – not sure how much money but he will take a plea bargain –
    also he was seen this weekend having dinner with his wife and kids. What a life this guy and his wife have with are money!!!

    we should all call the CCPO and find out information and put presure on them to do something!!

    Have you contacted the CCPO?

  29. selling the house says:


    have you contacted the CCPO?

  30. F him says:

    I heard many many months ago that his runners where being looked at too. Any updates on them??

  31. selling the house says:

    have heard nothing concering runners.

  32. bbb says:

    I have heard mention of these runners several times what or who are these people. I only dealt with GR ?

  33. bbb says:

    Hey folks is anything going on ! Its been a week and nothing new in here ?

  34. bbb says:

    Wow, I guess everyone has given up. So we just let GR walk away as if nothing happened.

  35. selling the house says:

    no this is just giving glyn a sense of security – he has been seen with his wife and kids at local dinner’s – he thinks no one is watching him but we know what him and people close to him are doing.

    BBB – have you heard of anymore people in your state that have come forward – we have been told that there were alot of people from your state

    have you spoke to the CCPO?

  36. in a financial bind says:

    People very “close” To Glyn and Jen are giving up a lot of info. What is sad is that they are providing information about Glyn and Jen without their knowledge and are preteneding to be in their camp. Yes, there is justice.

    We have located both of them and if anyone is interested in meeting up with either of them, just for a discussion , let us know and we will meet and we will take you to them.

    About 8 months ago, Jen took me to Glyn to purchase the infamous “artillary contract” She told me Glyn had this new opportunity for us to make money. Plain and simple: she sold it to me. Did she actively sell any contract to anyone else? Now that I realize the FBI is involved, I plan on reporting this happening to them.

    So, Glyn, Jen, Jim and the others involved in selling us bull are soon to pay the price. Just as the residents of New Orleans sat and waited for Katrina to kick their ass.. so sits the scammers. They are soon to get hit with a hurricaine…..

  37. bbb says:

    I have not talked to anyone in a couple months. As far as anyone else here I dont know. I know GR used to come here alot and was to busy to visit is oldest friend according to him. I also have a cancelled check for one of my payments that is from a joint account of Glyn and Jens.

  38. haz says:

    I’m back – we have hired a firm to file a claim against Glyn and Jen.
    I would suggest anyone that has been taken for money to do the same.
    The cost is from $600 to $1,000, but if you are able to obtain a group of people the cost will be limited. Do not let this jerk off get away with this. There is no reason to be embarrassed – he and his close confidant should not sleep well at night – “F” them!!!

    Being silent allows them to get away with this!!

  39. haz says:

    You should call the CCPO, send that information in.
    The more people that come forward the more time Glyn and hopefully is close confidant will spend in jail.

    Also send some type of communication to residents in your local area or where Glyn may have visited – hell – he may be still scamming them!!

    And you can always call Glyn’s cell phone – the number is still active.

  40. selling the house says:

    For all,
    The company/bank that owns the Haddon Heights house is trying to locate Glyn and Jen to serve them papers for foreclosure on the house. They have been to the Cherry Hill location but have not been able to locate either of them. So there will be no restitution money from the sale of the house. Not that I thought there would be.


  41. selling the house says:

    they are no longer in NJ!!

  42. sickened says:

    Where are they? I thought that he wasn’t suppossed to leave the state of NJ?

  43. brad johnson says:

    well how was everyones thanks giving mine was well.lost track of jenny but thanks to her stupid exs who thinks he owns everyone they are in penn. they spent the holiday like a happy family . ps shithead people follow shit like you i will see you very soon

  44. sickened says:

    Talked to Richard Worst @ the CCPO today. He informed me that this case has gotten too big for them to handle and will now be taken care of by the Feds. Everyone will get a letter stating who to contact on the Federal level w/ any questions.

  45. selling the house says:

    They are in PA. I’m sill amazed to this day how Jen and her family continue to support Glyn. I know this year X-mas will not be as bright in my house because of the money they stole from me and my family.

    Recovering slowly but would love to run into them – once I find out where they are – we will be paying a visit and passing out info. And warning people.

    If you are interested in joining me reply back on this site. Thanks!


  46. selling the house says:

    brad – where at in PA?

  47. in a financial bind says:

    My guess is that Jen is living in Pa, possibly Newtown Square. I am going to continue my conversation with the FBI, namely Agent Mike Poulton. The CCPO no longer has the case. It is my feeling that Glyn’s attorney advised him to set up a restitution fund. I am not sure what will be in the fund but I am sure not much.

    As far as Jen goes, I personally handed checks to her and on another occassion, she personally solicited me for “artilary” contracts. If anyone else had similiar experiences with her, please report this to the FBI. The problem with Jen is that if she is not accused of a crime, she is not bound to testify against Glyn as they are married and she has an exemption. Therefore, it is imperative to report any questionable activity by her to the FBI.If she is accused of a crime, they will be each on their own.

    I am quite sure they have our money but the CCPO office will refute this.

    I still maintain the web address of if anyone has info they want to share in person.

  48. F Him says:

    It this it??/ Did everyone give up?? Seems like nobody gives a damb anymore. No Word from the Camden county Prosicuters., no FEDS no update?? No word on where he is or what he’s doing, No word on his runners? Do we just assume this is??? Is the case on the back burners?? No additional arrest? No Court case? Him and his boys still hanging out laughing at us??? Anybody have any answers?? I want to see more action. The saying goes “out of site, out of mind” Well Glyn may have been out of site, his boys are out of site and my money is out of site….BUT NOT OUT OF MIND !!! Today is the last day of the worst year of my life. Yes, tomorrow is the start of a new year and things should be better, but damit, I want justice. I want to see G and the other couple of guys walking with their hands cuffed behind them, trying to drape their coats over their smug faces. I want to see action and receive some kind of satisfaction knowing that this has not been forgotten! Come on people, they stole our money!!! Did everyone just give up?? Nothing to contribute?? At least more rage. Stay mad, they fucked us remember……THEY FUCKED US

    May next year be a better one for all of us…..Try to have a Happy New Year

  49. don't let up!!! says:

    It’s good to see it’s up and running again. I’ve been trying to leave posts for the last month and I know of others who have tried. Got some family stuff today and tomorrow but I will be back on Wednesday. Happy New Year!

    GLYN/Mrs Glyn….Thanks for stealing my kids trip to see their grandparents in Florida. This is the first Christmas that they missed spending the holidays with them. Try explaining that to two young children at Christmas. You guys are gutter trash and I can’t wait to see you rot in prison……Did you tell your kids how you fu$%ed all your friends yet?? Your day is coming soon and Mrs. G don’t think you are just going to keep moving from house to house. You are being watched…..just waiting to see what the Feds do. You sicken me more then Glyn. I always thought he was a low life but you were the one that deceived us. See you soon…….

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