Glyn Richards Federal Update

December 31, 2007

So all has been quiet on the Glyn Richards front, but I have recieved a packet that the case is now in Federal hands. That may prolong the inevitable for Glyn Richards, but it will increase the liklihood that his time will be much stiffer, and much longer. Does it also increase the liklihood that the investigation gets much broader in scope and others may be in a little trouble with him? We’ll see. I can’t beleive all the government agencies that are now invloved, as per my victim packet, could mean anything other then that they are widening the investigation. Millions are unaccounted for and there are people that have been invloved for years. Common sense tells me that the wheels of justice move slow and that in a case of this complexity others will be called to answer for their involvement and that is the delay we have now; further investigation. It might not be as simple as Glyn Richards devised a Ponzi and carried it out. I really doubt it is that simple in the eyes of the investigators. He accepted monies out of state for instance, THAT adds a layer, he misrepresented government agencies, THAT adds a layer, oh and by the way he was surrounded by people that made some money that could have wittingly, or unwittingly aided in this whole process…THAT adds a layer. (How they reported or NOT reported that money could REALLY add a layer!).

SO, unlike the posts I have recieved about him, “getting away with it,” I instead think it is just a matter of the investigators getting all their ducks in a row. That is my opinion based only on conjecture. But I bought a ticket to the Glyn Richards freakshow in the form of phony investments, so I am entitled to an opinion. So are all of you and I welcome you to comment… I ask only that if you have comments about people other then Glyn Richards, you find ways to reference them other then their real names and definitely not their addresses! Just saves me some potential legal problems. Happy New Year. Don’t Buy any Wooden Nickels… any more I mean!  ha ha ha…