Glyn Richards Federal Update

So all has been quiet on the Glyn Richards front, but I have recieved a packet that the case is now in Federal hands. That may prolong the inevitable for Glyn Richards, but it will increase the liklihood that his time will be much stiffer, and much longer. Does it also increase the liklihood that the investigation gets much broader in scope and others may be in a little trouble with him? We’ll see. I can’t beleive all the government agencies that are now invloved, as per my victim packet, could mean anything other then that they are widening the investigation. Millions are unaccounted for and there are people that have been invloved for years. Common sense tells me that the wheels of justice move slow and that in a case of this complexity others will be called to answer for their involvement and that is the delay we have now; further investigation. It might not be as simple as Glyn Richards devised a Ponzi and carried it out. I really doubt it is that simple in the eyes of the investigators. He accepted monies out of state for instance, THAT adds a layer, he misrepresented government agencies, THAT adds a layer, oh and by the way he was surrounded by people that made some money that could have wittingly, or unwittingly aided in this whole process…THAT adds a layer. (How they reported or NOT reported that money could REALLY add a layer!).

SO, unlike the posts I have recieved about him, “getting away with it,” I instead think it is just a matter of the investigators getting all their ducks in a row. That is my opinion based only on conjecture. But I bought a ticket to the Glyn Richards freakshow in the form of phony investments, so I am entitled to an opinion. So are all of you and I welcome you to comment… I ask only that if you have comments about people other then Glyn Richards, you find ways to reference them other then their real names and definitely not their addresses! Just saves me some potential legal problems. Happy New Year. Don’t Buy any Wooden Nickels… any more I mean!  ha ha ha…


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  1. selling the house says:

    Good to the site is not dead.
    I agree that the process takes a long time.
    He has spent the last holiday season with his family and I hope so has the one person closely to him.

    I wil never give this up!!!

  2. bbb says:

    I hope there is still someone watching him ! If he has slipped away to Pa. it wont be long til he tries to go even farther. He will keep going until someone stops him. Everyone who knows him knows he isnt going back to jail he will run and hide like Bin Laden. He knows he will get fucked ( literally ).

  3. don't let up!!! says:

    As I am writing this, I am looking at the picture of Glyn’s fat face…..

    Hang in there, the Feds will bury him. I am sure there are others involved as well. There are so many lies attached to all of this (not just from Glyn), it makes my head spin. I know we were all deceived different ways but I’m still having trouble dealing with it. I just wish it didn’t affect my kids.

    I’m glad the site is running again. Keep posting!!!

  4. in a financial bind says:

    By no means is all forgotten. We have been unable to acces the site and comment for quite a while. I had some great info on my email and look forward to having more input @

    I will have Jens exact location in a few days and whom ever would like to know it, I will give it out. Actually, I will post it as it is not a crime to know where she is.

    DO NOT BE CONFUSED they are spending our money and laundering money. They are in Newtown Sq. PA…price of housing there is very high…how do you make the mortgage payment with no jobs?

    Stay tuned…

  5. michele Watson says:

    I am still having a hard time dealing with it. It seems that Glyn is getting off easy. He goes to jail…three squares a day…all the sex he wants or doesn’t want…tv/cable. We the victims have to strive to rebuild our lives. The sense of loss as well as the associated anxiety is overwhelming. The sad reality is that we are not going to receive any compensation.

  6. don't let up!!! says:

    I was told that they have no money (but I guess enough to move into beautiful Newtown Square) so there will be no restitution. In the next few months, we will see how strong our justice system really is.

    I hope the Feds take into consideration how much Glyn/Mrs. Glyn fu#@ed up our lives and especially the lives of our children. It will take most of us years to repair the damage……I know Glyn will be going to jail for a long time but I also hope Mrs. Glyn (unless she digs up some of that hidden money) spends her share of time behind bars.

    I also heard that they are in the process of tracking down those that made money. Does anyone know if that will be returned and put into a restitution fund?

    To the Feds – Imagine losing everything you’ve worked your entire life for because your so called friends and neighbors stole your families dreams, vacations, college, retirement, etc. Don’t take it easy on Glyn/Mrs. Glyn. He thinks he’s going to manipulate the system and get off easy. That punk (with his high priced attorney???? explain that to me) is laughing at all of us…victims/law enforcement.

  7. HAZ says:

    Yes no compensation but he will be someone’s bitch in jail.
    Keep the pressure on – we will soon have the information we need to tell the new community about the them!!

  8. in a financial bind says:


    Had a good piece of info today on the email…keep it coming…someone reading this was ROBBED INTENSIONALLY by them..don’t feel bad for them or the children….he knew what he was doing…give up info on them and who made money from us…we will put the info to good use…

  9. financially broke 2 says:

    Are we sure there will be no restitution? I find it hard to believe that there is no money to be found. Do u think Mr. Glyn has hidden the money? I thought the Feds were still investigating. Also, I am curious about Mrs. Glyn…why is she being blamed? She must be a real bitch for so many to be angry with her. I never had the displeasure of meeting her.

  10. HAZ says:


    Glyn was set free by his family with $100K in bail money
    Now do you think the family had any idea?? I THINK SO!!!

    What are the feds doing? Why is he still able to be a free man.
    From what we have heard this was to be an quick and easy case!

  11. in a financial bind says:


    Glyn was bailed out of prison in July by his attorney sister in law, E-G. She paid 100k to set his sorry ass free. It is argued that he stole money from her side of the family. This does not make sense to a reasonable person that a victim would set him free.

    As far as the money, the FBI believes he paid out most of the money to others high on the pyramid. I believe he has the money hidden. As far as restitution, we will need to go after the people who made money. We are compiling a list of these people. These are also the poeple who NEVER reported to the CCPO or FBI. Email me with any names of these individuals that you know. Use the email address above.

  12. matthew M says:

    just a little fyi for those of you that do not already know……the children were pulled out of the Mann school in december and transferred to a school out of state…….where not sure BUT, from the posts above guessing it is Newton Square,PA. Because the emotion stress this has put on my family posting is something that is not done often But, figured this is an important piece you should all know.
    Peace and love to you all in in 2008.

  13. don't let up!!! says:

    We are close to finding out where they live and we will contact the school administration, teacher’s, employer’s, neighbor’s, coaches……etc. to let them know about Glyn/Mrs. Glyn. Until they make restitution, we will make their lives miserable.

    Glyn – sounds like you have a couple of months….the boy’s in prison are waiting. They like em fat and pale.

  14. financially broke 2 says:

    I still don’t get why there is so much negativity towards Glyn’s wife…it appears people hate her more than they hate Glyn. Also, I think that postings should be more factual. It is not a good idea to increase the emotional strain that all of us are experiencing. For example, how is the FBI going to get money for those people that made money. this does not make sense. Please stop the propagada. Let the FBI handle the case and be there for them.

  15. in a financial bind says:

    .I have read the postings. Most, if not all are factual. True, the children were taken from the Horace Mann School in December. We informed the principal and teachers in November that the children of a convicted felon were in the school. We warned the staff of Glyn’s M.O. and how he operates. We warned all we could contact not to be duped by him.
    We, however, were not afforded the same opportunity by Jen. She was married to Glyn during the first go around with the same scam and gladly took our checks and solicted sales to me for him. She had an obligation to warn her friends, neighbors, family, coaches etc. not to get involved with her ex-con husband. For her failure to do so, she has put herself in the cross-hairs. We will know their address within a week and will post it. AKA: Freedom of Information Act..”the hippies finially got something right” quoting “Dodgeball” the movie.

    We think the FBI is doing a great job and we feel justice will be served. However, for those that believe we will be getting money…you would have a better chance playing pick-up sticks with your butt cheeks.

    The theft of our money was INTENTIONAL…they both benefited from his thieving ways. We will never let them live lives free from our legal actions. We will always be there. Sometimes, you may not even realize we are there. Anytime…anyplace….you wrote the script…. we are now involved…see you all soon….

  16. financially broke 2 says:

    To In a Financial Bind…Thanks for your response. I now understand the feelings towards Jen. I live out of state so I was not privy to the length of their relationship. You are definitely right…she is just as ruthless as her asshole husband. Thanks for your dedication in this matter. I for one appreciate it.

  17. in a financial bind says:

    FB 2…email me from above address…I will keep you informed

  18. HAZ says:

    My wife and Glyn’s wife were friends. She talked Glyn up like he was the king of hard work. Comments like his business is doing so well, he works so hard – hell she was concerned about her kids because they were moving from the $400K house in Voorhees to the $1.2MM house in Haddon Heights and they had to change schools. Well look what has happened now – kids from the Voorhees schools to Haddon Heights to Cherry Hill and now in PA. Yes she knew what was going on.

    Also let’s not forget there were certified letters sent to Glyn’s house requesting payment of the so called DOD contracts. You think Mrs. G did not open the mail! She had to know everything.

    Furthermore she stopped working for 2 years because Glyn’s business was going so well. Shit the jerk off had an All Freight logistics truck parked in his drive way to perpetuate his fraud (there was no All “Fake” Logistics Co.). And she had no idea – How the FBI can not implicate her in some way is mind boggling.

  19. TR says:

    Way back when I was in that spot were I knew I was getting ripped off, but not sure what to do, a good friend told me to make a packet of all the evidence I had for police. Every canceled check, every contract, every everything. And a few extra things I collected along the way. Glyn’s Department of Corrections page and the page on the Licensed Freight carriers database where ALL FAKE would have been…if her were real, etc! Anyway, I gave that to the NJSP, and they gave it to the CC Prosecutor and when it got there, it was soon met with other piles of documents by other people that had done the same via their police depts.

    BUT…that stuff is all about Glyn. Proving his guilt for them will be easier. Evidence for others? Maybe it doesn’t exist or maybe it takes time to get. If anyone has real evidence they think the feds have not seen, they should give them a call. We have a number for the victims unit if you need it… either way, this will take time I think.

    Happy New Year everyone! 2008 has, thus far, been ponzi, pryamid and scam free for me! Ha ha… I still get to have my balls busted from people that would have “never fallen for it” but I just kinda laugh. Because you have to.

  20. matthew M says:

    anyone know if this is our boy? this was posted in the sunday inquirer

    2505 S Broad St Angelo Casagrande to James J Demarino and Glyn W Richards, $311,072.

  21. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    The above article is from JAN. 2008 inquirer. But in the copy it says the transaction is from DECEMBER 2006. (Before Glyn Richards was arrested.) SO, either that is a typo on the part of the Inquirer, or they are posting real estate transactions a over a year after the fact. Either way, the Inky in regards to this is lame.

    Typo or Old News…which is it?!?

  22. in a financial bind says:

    the transaction above is the office on Broad St. south Philly, which Jim Demarino purchased WITH Glyn back in the spring of 2007. They are partners on the property. Glyn apparently provided funds for the purchase of the building. these funds, no doubt, came from us.

    Not sure why it was listed currently unless it just was recorded. I know for sure the origional transaction was in the spring 2007.

  23. bbb says:

    Hey Haz, Sounds like this should be brought to the attention of the lawyers. By the way I sent in my packet today. Sorry for the delay.

  24. sickened says:

    I’ve been reading in the recent blog entries that people are getting and sending back “packets.” My husband and I haven’t received anything lately except for the one sheet letter stating that the investigation is now being handled by the Feds. Could someone tell me what this packet is, who it came from and who does it get sent back to? We already got screwed once by Glyn and I don’t want to get screwed again. Thanks!

  25. HAZ says:

    We have a group of people that are going after Glyn and Mrs. Glyn through the legal sydtem. sickened – U are not getting screwed – we are just trying to get even.

    The next step may be to go after the family that bailed him out of jail.

  26. sickened says:

    Haz, Thank you for clarifying that for me. I don’t want to miss the boat on anything. Good Luck and I hope that you nail the bastard.

  27. bill of rights says:

    To all of you who are condemming Jen before she is proven guilty;

    Dig into your own conscious. Yes Glyn did horrible things! Broke young children;s hearts and exposed them to a world that we have sheltered them from in such a small town. But don’t blame Jen without any proof.

    Look into your own conscious, you were investing in a foreign war that was killing innocent people. You were getting a great return on your money, weren’t you? Or at least you hoped you were. Since when does money come easy? Don’t take out your mistakes on innocent children. His children are sweet and did not know anything.

  28. HAZ says:

    Sickened –

    Thanks! Hope this year fines you and your family in a better situation.
    Do not let this asshole destroy anymore time from your family.
    We all will recover no matter how long it takes. – He will be in jail for a long time.

    We will call it the GLYN/JEN LAW – Where ever they go everyone will know how many people’s lives were destroyed!!!

  29. don't let up!!! says:

    TR – January 10

    Good advice. I’m sure all of our stories are different but I am tired of
    telling everyone how I got involved and hearing, if it’s too
    good…….eventually, you just have to laugh. What a nightmare…it will
    get better when that punk and his wife are behind bars.

    If you need updated info call 795-9556 to speak with one of the investigators. Keep in touch with them.

    Haz – You know I’m on board, they are going to have to live on the run until they pay restitution. We’ll find out a lot more in the next month or so. I’ll call you at the end of the week.

  30. HAZ says:

    Thanks – TR – have some good info. to share- found out info. on Glyn – more then what we discussed over the weekend.

  31. TR says:

    Let me guess, he’s NOT really hard at work on the restitution fund?!??!?! Because, you know, if that turns out to be false, I am gonna be SHOCKED!?!?!


    I will call you soon.

  32. HAZ says:

    LOL – he is selling EPA contacts now (very ligit) – buy in is $10 dollars (needs money quick) – cleaning up north Jersey!
    Sounds like a good investment.

    Are U in?

  33. selling the house says:

    Hey Glyn – this web site is serving its purpose – your new or should I say old group of friends have found out what a scum bag you are!!! See you in jail soon!!!

  34. in a financial bind says:

    Jen, good news, we know where you are thanks to some sloppy actions of your douche bag husband. Wow, you thought you could not be found. How wrong you were. Sleep with one eye open as we are coming for restitution. We will accept your new house as a down payment. You can run but we told you you could not hide. Install a good alarm system if you haven’t done so. We are coming for what is owed to us.

  35. lou&lip says:

    Have not posted in some time, but just in case anyone is interested there will be another contents sale on 1/25/08 at 1pm! Dont know if the news got out to every one on the last sale!!! All the legal posted on the front door of 12 loucroft.

  36. in a financial bind says:

    Lou..thank you for always looking out for us. You have been a true friend to all the victims….

  37. in a financial bind says:

    Lou..thank you for always looking out for us. You have been a true friend to all the victims….

  38. in a financial bind says:

    To anyone who attended the last sale: What is left for sale?

  39. financially broke 2 says:

    Financial Bind- thanks for the update. Please be careful what you say…you don’t want to be accused of threatening the scum bag or his little bride. They certainly are not worth going to jail for. The ball-less wonder is desparate and may say he feels threatened by u. The way the justice system works…he may be able to sue you. When they have a estate sale where does the money go? and where can we find out how much money was made. Also, are u going to post a picture of Mrs. Glyn? Maybe we could all chip in and put their pictures on a bill-board near the community in which they live …something similar to an Amber Alert. We don’t need any more victims.

  40. selling the house says:

    The sale at the house is being held by one of the victims in this scam. He is a lawyer that is keeping all the money (he lost a bundle in this scam). The CCPO and the FBI are aware of this but nothing has been done to collect the money and put towards a restitution fund. So you see all the taxes we pay both state and federal have done nothing for us in this case. Glyn is a free man with our money who is able to still drive his Cadillac escalade – his wife still drives her BMW and since has bought a house in PA. So I suggest that we all call the CCPO and the FBI (Mike Poulton 856-795 –9556) to see WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also I have been told that Glyn still has the same cell phone number – I have placed my calls and text messages to him – We all should harass him!!!

  41. financially broke 2 says:

    I find it hard to believe if not utterly impossible that Glyn bought a house. All his assets are frozen. How do u know that he bought a house?

  42. in a financial bind says:

    FB2…SIMPLE…He used the money he stole from us, the money no one believes he has. Also, from a reliable source, he is spending money, cash money, on football tickets, etc. He is walking around with no worries, so he thinks…

    As far as the FBI, I think agent Poulton is doing a good job and he is a good man that is sympathetic to our cause. Direct all of your anger toward Glyn himself and his lying thieving wife.

    In the end, justice will be served, I believe. They will never fall off of our radar. We will go visit them here very shortly in their new home, I was never invited to any parties at his old house so maybe I will write my own invitation to their new house…

    Also, if I offend them and they want to sue me…GREAT…I will not have to burn $3.00 a gallon gasoline to find them….

  43. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    The House Rumors… Here is the FACTS on that. The Inquirer ran a REAL ESTATE transcations listing this January 2008. The listed a DEC. 2006 sale with James J Demarino and Glyn W Richards, $311,072. The timing they ran the listing was VERY misleading, BUT, the fact is, he bought that property in Dec. 2006. Before he was arrested. The transactions listed in the Jan 2008 paper were actually for purchases over one year old. Before he was arrested, before assets were frozen, etc.

    The authorities are doing a great job here, but these things take time.

    Glyn Richards Transaction

  44. in a financial bind says:

    Eagle..The property is NOT a house. Rather, it is a store-front with a few apartments located on Broad St., South Phila. It is a chiropracters office, not a home. Refer to my earlier posting that describes the transaction. I have been to the location as my office is very close to it. This property should be accessable to the “fund”. The FBI had knowledge of this transaction as I have reported it.

  45. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Either way, he bought this property before he was under arrest. Had this SAME type of transaction occured this Dec., Dec. 2007, as the date of the Inquirer article made some think… we would all, rightfully, have issue to ask why can he buy.

    Stuff like this is why the investigation will take a long time. We all gave him a ton of cash from Aug. to Nov 2006. In Augustish 2006 he bought the McMansion in Heights, then in December he bought this storefront. Those transactions will be looked at very close I’d assume.

    But the original point is this, if he buys a home, leaves the state/country, starts another scam, etc. etc. all while awaiting the next phase of the prosecutuion process…then someone is asleep at the wheel. I am very confident non of those things are happeneing. The people that will put him away are very good, and very commited, and he is gonna go away for a long time. The CCPO to FBI transition was just that… a federal crime will give him more time.

  46. in a financial bind says:

    Agreed…However, I have personally witnessed him, Glyn, in PA. Once on the Blue route about 3 months ago and again on Rt 95 in Phila. I described this to the FBI. They appear to have no knowledge of his interstate restrictions. There was no concern about this fact.

    I agree the FBI etc are doing a good job. I am now working on facts as how they purchased their new home. As always, I report only facts and will provide their address very shortly to all.

  47. where is that money buried? says:

    You can’t say we are not going to get any money back. Am I banking on it? Am I planning on opening the mailbox and seeing a check? Not really. However, I’m trying to stay possitive on it. Anything will suffice. However, they will not find it all. What do you think he was doing in the Cayman Islands?????

  48. selling the house says:

    Ant news from the FBI?

  49. selling the house says:

    Any news from the FBI that is?

  50. hmmmmmmmm says:

    Maybe he won’t do any time at all. He may be giving the right people the right information on bigger fish than him???? I stilll say this is what happens to greedy people. ooooooooooooooo Something for nothing????? sign me up !!!! lol Instead of being so pissed off take a look in the mirror and just maybe you’ll figure out why you all were taken. Enough with the oh poor me crap. You were had now move on . He certainly has.

  51. don't let up!!! says:

    Any chance Glyn was at the Super Bowl again this year……I was looking for his fat @$$. I guess he’s going to miss Spring training with the Phillies too.

  52. in a financial bind says:

    It is with saddness that I report that John R., a victim of Glyn’s scam, took his own life over the weekend. I met John through this mess and he was a nice guy who was crushed financially by Glynn,s thievery.

  53. sickened says:

    What a tragedy! I am so sorry.

  54. haz says:

    When will the FBI take asshole to court?
    What a joke this whole thing is.
    I understand that things like this take time but when you are told this is an open and shut case – what is the hold up here?
    The tragedy is also that Glyn is still a FREE MAN!!

  55. haz says:

    I was fortunate to meet John for a short time – My God Bless him!

  56. lost my home says:

    so what is going on with the F.B.I

  57. in a financial bind says:

    Our friend John is now laid to rest. Another victim of Glyn who was financially ruined by him. This is a good time in introspect on what you have in your life, rather than what you lost. We were all hurt by Glyn and Jen. They will pay the price, actually soonerthan they think. Jen, we are watching you in your new house. Expect guests very soon. You will know when they come knocking….they will be asking for Johns money. This money will be paid to his grieving family for the life that you both helped destroy. Please welcome the guys into the house as you welcomed everyone to your house for various parties. Sorry, this visit will be no party.

  58. Nicole - Never forget Karie says:

    As a close friend of Katherine McCormick the murder victim of John Rohanna I’m saddened and deeply disturbed by the apparent lack of mention of her or her family on your site. John had a long history of violence and abuse and I’m offended by anyone making him out to be a saint or a victim.
    Regardless of what happend with him financially he was an abusive murderer who shot his girlfriend in the back and should no way be made out to be a martyr.
    It’s Katie and her family that we should all be thinking of.

  59. Nicole - Never forget Karie says:

    Why won’t you post my comment?

  60. in a financial bind says:

    Where have you all gone? The site is receiving many hits but did you all roll over and die? Don’t forget, he hurt a lot of us and the silence seems that all is forgotten…not for me or my people. We will never forget, like America will never forget 9/11.

  61. LOST MY HOME says:

    what is going on with the F.B.I

  62. haz says:

    i’m still here- just sickened that he is still a free man – not sure what else to do.

  63. don't let up!!! says:

    Haz – I totally agree. It amazes me that those two scumbags (Glyn/Ms. Glyn) are still living the high life……in fact it sickens me. But what really bothers me are the rumors that he is trying to strike a deal. Someone took their life because of this and others have been financially ruined. I don’t know what else to do. We call and all we get is that they are still trying to collect the paperwork………………’s been over 6 months???????

  64. F Him says:

    Horrible that this has now taken a life…..Question, if this was a direct result of Glyn’s actions, a ripple affect if you would, could this somehow be elevated to murder??? Sounds like a strech, but a death has accured due to his actions. I’m sure a wrongful death suit could be filed……

    Also, what is the status of the demarino building. I had to go see it to believe it. Bold move to keep his name on front. I would have torn that down already. Can the feds seize that property??? After all, we all know what was up with that duo.

  65. F Him says:

    oh, i’m sorry, it’s been a while since i put up a posting. almost forgot to say “FUCK YOU Glyn!! “

  66. don't let up!!! says:

    in a financial bind – do you have the address of Ms.Glyn (all of her Voorhees and Haddon Heights friends that she ripped off called her Jen)? We’d like to make contact with her new neighbors/friends and let them know about her…..we can never let her get comfortable. Is she still driving the BMW we paid for?

    Any news on FAT ASS?

  67. in a financial bind says:

    i will provide the address and location of the house and Jen. I will do it through my email only. In order to receive it, I must know you personally OR you must have written me in the past.
    I currently do not have the location of Glyn. However, we believe he picks the kids up from school. The school location is also known. This info will be provided also.

    Listen up you thieving bastard (GLYN) the nightmare is about to begin. Call me as you know who this is. You may be able to negotiate your way through this. Once you are incarcerated, you will be helpless. This is what we are waiting for.

    HOw about this: you ar e sitting in your cell and call Jen to talk to the kids. What are you going to do when they describe a living hell to you? You will be mentally tortured and we will enjoy every second of it. Call me, you know my number. Sal sends his regards.

  68. don't let up!!! says:

    Glyn – The time is near……..the prison boy’s are waiting for you. I hope you are spending some time on the treadmill tightening up some of those loose areas. Don’t stress though, either way you’ll be getting plenty of action. I can’t wait until you have to cry yourself to sleep every night…..actually, I hear you are doing that now. I hope it was worth it.

    Don’t worry Ms. Glyn, from what I hear, your husband is singing to the FBI about you. Better start thinking about your next move.

  69. vigilante says:

    Glyn, Glyn, Glyn, I hope you told the truth when you filed for bankruptcy……perjury will add a couple more years. I can’t believe you still think All-Freight was a real company. Tell Jamie he’s not as smart as he thinks. You are going down punk.

    Ms. Glyn, that fake divorce was clever, is Jamie helping you too. At least you get to keep that new house and the BMW for awhile but you guys are slipping up. Look in your rear view mirror, that’s me. See you soon.

  70. don't let up!!! says:

    If anyone wants to know how Glyn is paying big shot lawyer Jamie Kaigh check out the bankruptcy paperwork ($450,000 Voorhees home?) he filed in February…….there’s justice for you. He also lists All-Freight Logistics as a legitimate business…..but he can’t find his taxes??? This is just becoming a bigger joke. Why do we teach our kids to do the right thing? Read the news, there are no penalties for scum like Glyn, that’s why he’ll do it again……they are already working out bullshit deals with him.

  71. Glyn's favorite blonde says:

    Hey all, Glyn lived with me right before he was arrested until I had to evict him in January before he had me lose my house for late pymt. I am deeply sorry for everyone he has scammed. I was fortunate enough not to get scammed. Kindahard to scam a single mom just trying to make ends meet. He’s been calling me begging me to talk to him and leaving me text messages about dreams he’s having of me. ICK!!!! I saw him as a brother type. I know he has season tickets to the Eagles as he has given them to me and my son on different occasions. I found him to be the all american boy. Clean vut and handsome and very charming. I introduced him to my friends and we all hung out together, to the point that he was sleeping with my one girlfriend but kept telling me how much he liked another of them. Again I feel sorry for all of you, more than I can put into words. He has never done me wrong, been disrespectful to me or my family. This is so hard for me to believe but I do now. I’d ask him things and he always had a quick answer for me and not knowing what was going on, I believed it. Before he moved in with me I Googled him as Glenn Richards, the name he signed on his emails so he was way ahead of my game from the start. He has nothing in my house yet he continues to call and say he needs to get in because he left something here. He doesn’t realize I know what’s going on. Think it’s hidden money? I do. He’s always handed me hundred dollar bills for rent. Oh the stories I could tell you about how he covered everything……not to mention the heavy sobbing I would hear at night out of his room. Guess I know why now. I do know this, if find money here, I will make it known and hand it over to the proper people, those I’ve been in contact with already. To all of you, my wish is a speedy end to all of this and some sort of repayment to you.
    P.S. Flashy Flash, if you’re ready this, you’re favorite blonde knows everything. And sweetheart, I feel sorry for what’s coming to you but thanks for the dinners, drinks and football games. Asshole!!!!

  72. HAZ says:

    Hey Glyn,
    Watch your step in the Bankruptcy court – to many lies wont work!!
    Nice to see your lawyer is part of the Voorhees house you own – oh I mean the bank owns.

    Oh where oh where has the FBI gone?????? Hey FBI what up – this guy should be in jail by now – good thing this is not your life he has destroyed – if so I’m sure he would be in jail by now!! Oh – my tax dollars at work – what a great country – the scum bags have more protection them the victims.

  73. bbb says:

    Why is it I feel as if the FBI is watching this site more than GR ?

  74. bbb says:

    Hey, dont let up where can I go to see the bankruptcy documents ?

  75. George Zippel says:

    matthew M Says:
    January 11, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    anyone know if this is our boy? this was posted in the sunday inquirer

    2505 S Broad St Angelo Casagrande to James J Demarino and Glyn W Richards, $311,072.

    A phone number to that address is listed as one Frank Sinatra.

    The case # for the bankruptcy is 0812383

  76. bbb says:

    WHERE HAS EVERYONE GONE TO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. in a financial bind says:

    Is anyone interested in Jens address? If you visit her you will in all likelyhood see Glyn as he visits frequently. Although he is not allowed to leave NJ, he is often seen at the house in Newtown PA.

    Should I post the address on this site? Let me know your feelings. If I do post it, I would like it to stay up as it is public information. She is not in the witness protection program so her whereabouts is not privlidged.

    If you all want a nice day out and want to visit the house that your money bought, stay tuned.

  78. Tiger W says:

    That would be good info since I work about 15 minutes from Newtown, PA.

  79. financially broke 2 says:

    – I am really disappointed with this site. Instead of banning together and supporting one another the postings on this site stir up anger and outrage. We have all experienced a financial as well as emotional tragedy. That being said, I personally feel that posting on this site should NOT entice someone to harm Glynn or his family. We have all experienced enough heartbreak and devastation to last a life time. We don’t need to further ruin lives by doing something stupid. I further state that most of the postings on this site are NOT factual. One blatant falsehood is that Glynn or his wife purchased the home they are living in…NOT TRUE. Think about it….there is absolutely no way a bank and/or lender would give them the required funding. Please refrain from making such statements. Also, please stop enticing others to visit Glynn or family. We do not need any more tragic events. I really dont think your motives serve in the best interests of this group. Why do you feel the need to broadcast falsehoods and/or subtle threats? Why do you want someone else to do the dirty work!!!

  80. in a financial bind says:

    FB2..or Glyn or Jen or whoever the hell you are. Can you desribe how you have “banded together” and tried to help in this situation? Can you desribe any other “tragic event”? Oh maybe, Jen, who was married to a convicted felon for years, was doing the same thing to a new group of victims without her knowledge.

    You don’t know shit as I have employed my own people to determine the facts. Why would you stand up for a pussey like Glyn unless you have some type of a relationship with him?

    “Falsehood” my ass…the house in Newtown has her name as part of the transaction…this is a fact. I am not enticing other to reach out to them…this is happening without my help.

    So Glyn, Jen or Jens family member that is writing this…tell Glyn to give us all back our money. If you don’t want to tell him or if you have our money, you can go fuck yourself.

    The information is going public..their exact address. Victims can feel free to do what they will with the info.

    Tell Glyn this is never over and when he took our money, he knew the ramifications if the deal was a lie. He will have to live with this. He made his own decisions. No one twisted his arm. This never goes away until we are paid back.

    PS> I need no one to do my dirty work…he has enough vicitms out there that are looking for him. I am just going to give them directions to where to find him….

  81. Me! says:

    I will write a full piece about this later, but I created the site to give people a chance to vent and to link to news stories about Glyn. For legal reasons I will not publish phone numbers or addresses, aside from ones that appear in other news articles, like the real estate transaction above.

    It’s a real shitty thing that happened to us. I am over the $$, but I notice things about me that are different, and not for the better, that are a direct result of this happening to me. I am more leery of people, more OCD about certain things, and I don’t really enjoy myself like I used to, because Glyn stole what was my “fun money.”

    I make enough to get by,but I invested my fun money. And lost. SO, no vacations, no treating myself to purchases… just necessities. For two plus years. Getting by when you used to have a little fund to pull from that is gone, changes you. It changes you when you spend your vacation at your house, it changes you when you skip birthday parties because you can’t afford gifts, it changes you when you have a tooth pulled because you can’t afford root canal, it changes you when you put a pet to sleep because you can’t afford treatment. And you live with that sick feeling that THIS is the person you are now. I don’t like his me. But I forgive this me for being so stupid. Glyn is not even on my radar anymore. Jail or Free? Doesn’t even matter to me… There’s a special place in hell for people that turn other people from real nice happy folks, to broken people that question the humanity they used to love.

    BUT… tangent aside. NO NUMBERS…. NO ADDRESSES. If you see one here please let me know…and it will be removed.

  82. in a financial bind says:

    Me…We all thank you for the site and an opportunity to vent. I will respect your rules as it pertains to the listing of Jens address. Anyone who wants can email me and I will provide it. She is not in the witness protection program and her address is public information.

    Glyn has changed many peoples lives. He unilaterally caused our good friend John to end his own life as he was in financial ruins. He will be accountable for that. Any money that we happen(unlikely) to get from him, I will pay his estate.

    Glyn’s nightmare has just begun. This is not a treat or an empty promise. I / we have been by the house in Newtown. It is a disgrace that others are suffering while they live comfortably.

    And for those who think Glyn is sorry or rehabilitated…you are wrong. He recently scammed another unsuspecting woman and managed to move in with her under “Glenn Richards”. He spoon fed her the same BS. He is now out of her home thanks to this site and my information. He will continue doing what he is doing. We will blanket the neighborhood and school with factual information for all to read. this is phase 1.

    I am sorry that most have lost their fight and have rolled over and are playing dead. Yes we should all move forward but not without teaching him a lesson. He continues the same BS…

    Onc incarcerated, things will get even more interesting. He will be easier to find..

    Thanks for the site.

  83. Me! says:

    Your Welcome! That is the other reason I did the site…awareness… when glenn richards asked me for money under the name GLYN RICHARDS…the first thing I did was GOOGLE him. Found nothing…thought he was ok. If our info saves one person their hard earned dough? That is payback enough for me. Good to know he is using the alias GLENN as well… people need to know that…

    As for what is true here? and not? I am not responsible for comments. But there are links to factual news stories that point to this guy being bad news. I feel sorry for those that have had to endure him. Esp. his family. You can’t choose your family….

  84. don't let up!!! says:

    In a financial bind – A handful of us have the new address and along with you, we will be contacting neighbors, teachers, coaches, employers etc. to let them know about these two scumbags. They are not going to live the high life while all of our families still struggle to dig ourselves out of this huge hole. Jen and Glyn are both criminals but unfortunately Glyn will be the only one doing time…..but the good news is, Jen is now being looked at too.

    FB2 – Are you serious? Some families have been destroyed by these two, others are barely hanging on, someone even took their own life and you want us to walk away. They are both gutter trash and they will both pay…..down here and in Hell!

  85. don't let up!!! says:

    We’ve got the address. Thanks.

  86. in a financial bind says:

    Want thier address. email me

  87. financially broke 2 says:

    ME – Your websit has been a life-saver to me. In a Financial Bind – for your information I was lost a considerable amount of money by dear old Glynn. I remain firm in stating that most of your publishings are untrue. Don’t ever insult me by implying that I am one of Glynn’s croonies. I am a professional who refuses to stoop to Glynn’s level. I have too much dignity and integrity to condon such tactics. I to have changed as a person. In a Financial Bind – Out of curiousity where is it published that Ms. Glynn owns the house? For the record, I respect you for your efforts in informing neighbors, schools, etc. I hope that Ms. Glynn experience’s ridule, disgust and disrespect from other. That family is pathetic. Kudo’s to you for educating people!!! Just be careful. So far the law has been on Glynn’s side. I would hate to see you get in trouble with the law. The way justice works you probably would get a longer jail term than our dear Mr. Richards.

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