Nearing the Year…

Gett out of Jail Free Button
So maybe our pal Glyn Richards has a magic get out of jail free button? (Get out of Jail Free Cards are very 20th century!) Because as we close in on one year since his arrest he is yet to see any jail time.  Some people are losing faith in the criminal justice system, some even call out the FBI and CCPO in the comments section of this blog.  I have no control over the opinions that appear here, but I welcome each to their own opinion.  I am still of the notion that the wheels of justice move slow and that Glyn Richard’s time behind bars, BACK behind bars is coming.  Again, that is my opinion based upon nothing other then that, my opinion.

As far as the blog, I have very little time to monitor the comments, but I WILL REMOVE any that give addresses and phones of people.  Legally I’d like to keep that stuff out of here.   People have been very cooperative on that front, and for that I thank you.

I have also been called out as of late that the blog is “not factual.” The blog is opinions, testimony and venting that was designed to give the victims a forum and to warn potential victims that these criminals exist.  Glyn Richards, specifically, and people like Glyn Richard in general…they exist, you think they are your friend, and they will use that to rob you blind if you let them.   I never meant to insinuate , nor could I ever control, whether what people choose to post under their own names, or anonymously is factual.

I have heard on good authority that this blog has helped someone that had no idea of Glyn’s past criminal history become informed before someone they knew as “GLENN RICHARDS” hit them up for money they’d never see again.   Glen Richards, Glynn Richards, Glyn Richards, Glenn Richards, or GLENNIFER Richards when he is someone’s girlfriend in jail….BEWARE.  The guys got a spotty past with taking other people’s money!  On the surface you’d never think so, but consult the NJDOC, read the articles of his arrest, or read the victim’s stories, he’s done some bad things!

I look forward to more comments, more awareness being spread, more healing, and would love to get more victim’s stories…  All I ask is….

  • No Names for people that are NOT under arrest. Euphemisms are fine, no PROPER NOUNS.
  • No Addresses for people’s where abouts.  Feel free to trade them amongst yourselves, but not the blog.
  • No threats of his family.  We chose to let Glyn in our lives, they didn’t. Some of them are victims too.

Other then that?  Blog on everybody…  have a great summer!  Maybe we will get a nice LOSS of INDEPENDENCE DAY present this year and they will put Glyn away?


33 Responses to Nearing the Year…

  1. in a financial bind says:

    Thank you for the blog. As far as I can read, most information is factual. Many that contribute to this site are either Jen herself, or some family member. They use their entries to cast doubt on what has happened ot to envoke sympathy in a feble attempt to protect Glyn and his family.

    Many lives have been changed. this was not an accident. It was calculated and devised to steal. He has ruined many lives. Namely, our friend John who could not recoup emotionally or financially from this thief.

    I personally have hired my own investigators who provide me/us with facts. We are now locating anyone who profited from this scam. I will next drop them into the cross-hairs and begin my campaign against them until they give back what is ours.

    And to Glyn…life is going to get bad once you are locked up. by the end of the first month, I figure you will be on suicide watch…

  2. TZ says:

    Had a call with the FBI:
    They communicated they are sorting through all of the data collected in this case.
    And want to ensure that all stones are turned over concerning Glyn and the court case against him. There are many transactions to sort through and determine if other people are involved. We should all contact them at least once a month to receive updates on the case and to let them know we have not given up.

    And to those who think the posting about the house (Newtown PA) isn’t true – you need to do some research because the house was bought by the wife (using the maiden name of course) of Glyn Richards.

    PS – The Richards Law is in motion – no matter where they go everyone will know what they did – “F” them both!!!! – This will never end!!

  3. haz says:

    Had a call with the FBI:
    They communicated they are sorting through all of the data collected in this case.
    And want to ensure that all stones are turned over concerning Glyn and the court case against him. We should all contact the FBI at least once a month to receive uopdates on the case and to let them know we have not givien up.

    And for those who think the posting about the house (Newtown, PA) isn’t true – you need to do some research because the house was bought by the wife (using the maiden name of course) of Glyn Richards.

    PS – The Richards Law is in motion – no matter where they go everyone will know what they did – “F” them both – This will never end!!

  4. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    thanks HAZ. Is there a number or a contact we should use for the FBI? I have never been in contact with them, only the CCPO, and I do have people ask me from time to time who they need to talk too….

    We need to make some adjustments to this blog to account that he sometimes goes by the name GLENN Richards or GLEN Richards now…

    hmmm? think that has anything to do with the fact that when you put his name into google the first thing u see is a web with 100,000 hits talking about how he rips people off?? Probably not a coincidence that he has a new spelling of the name. Oddly enough, I still feel really bad it came to this, as he was a decent guy to a lot of us before this happened.

  5. haz says:

    FBI Contact -Mike Poulton 856-795-9556 – CALL HIM – EVERYONE

    Hey Eagle – he mentioned you and that you were no longer managing the site – someone else was.
    Have you spoken to the FBI? From your message above it doesn’t sound like it.

    I do not fell badly for him and his family – he was never a decent guy nor his wife to that end – just a con-man that befriended people and then stole their money. – While his wife stood by and let it happen. Amazing, she still drives her BMW knowing it was bought with stolen money. Again amazing to me!!!

    “F” them both – may Glyn be someone’s bitch in jail, and his wife be reminded of what she let happen each day of her existence – we will always find out where she lives and inform the neighbors, schools, and local business of what was done to so many people.

  6. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    I no longer go to the site too often, so I don’t manage it in that sense of the word? i.e. comments may sit waiting for approval for months because I am not actively monitoring comments and publishing… but i alone still manage it, and I try and keep the posts just about GLyn if I can…

    I just don’t have time to contribute like I once did, but I will keep the site up as long as it’s not a hindrance to the folks in law enforcement. I know they get bashed here, but I think they are doing all they can. I really do. CCPO was a great group, the cops were great… and they have put away criminals like this before…it just takes time.

  7. F Him says:

    QUESTION……Is Glyn receicving rental income from any of his houses or the building he just bought on Broad St. ?

  8. don't let up!!! says:

    F Him – Unfortunately, Glyn is living his life business as usual, while we continue to repair all of ours. In addition, Ms. Glyn has our money and there is nothing we can do about it……..worst of all, wait until you see the deal that pathetic piece of garbage makes.

    Did you know his lawyer stays rent free at the Voorhees house that we paid for…’s all in the Bankruptcy papers Glyn filed. He even listed All-Freight as a legit business…….he was arrested 9 months ago???????????????????

  9. sickened says:

    The house on Loucroft (at least I think it’s the house…drove by it once) is listed on for $1.3 million. The MLS # is 5095799. I especially like the pictures of the stuff inside the house that they bought w/ our money.

  10. haz says:

    there is nothing left in the house the lawyer down the street had some type of injunction and was able to hold a sale (of the house contents) to get back the money he lost. He also has some type of legal restriction on Glyn’s rental properties. NOT SURE HOW – BUT ALL THE MONEY HE HAS RECIEVED BACK FROM THIS SALE SHOULD HAVE BEEN PUT INTO A RESTITUTION FUND!! GO FIGURE NOT SURE WHY THE FBI OR CCPO HAS NOT STOPPED IT!!

  11. F Him says:

    Is there even a restitution fund?? And how bout the people that actually proffited off this, their always is. Are they reaching in their pockets to help out those whom they sucked in? This is a ponzi scan, the runners / marketers / sale pitch people had to have made a profit off this, otherwise most of us wouldnt be in this mess

  12. don't let up!!! says:

    Just read my Favorite Blond’s comments from March 18 under Federal Update…..must have missed that earlier. You know he has the money hidden…..he’s a fat piece of shit but he’s not stupid. I know he had a plan for when he got busted.

    I also was told by a reliable source that he has been to two Flyers playoff games……must be nice.

    F Him – A lot of us have asked some of those questions and we get no information. Not only was I scammed by fat ass but someone my wife and I trusted like family also lied to us numerous times. We are still trying to piece it all together. I can’t believe he’s not in jail.

  13. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Hi DLU… that is my fault on the my fave blonde comments! I don’t moderate the blog as often as I used to. As such, there are a ton of filters that hold comments to see that they are not about anyone other then GLYN, GLENN, GLEN Richards, or whatever he wants to call himself these days.

    Anyway, hers were in a filter over a month before I saw them. Sorry MyFaveB… if you have more stories to tell, we’d love to hear them. I heard she had trouble finding him on Google because he used the name GLENN RICHARDS or GLEN RICHARDS instead.

  14. in a financial bind says:

    We are planning a road trip to #__ __________ Dr. Newtown PA.18940 . Let me know who is interested.

    If you want their address, as per my agreement not to post it, you will need to email me

    We are looking for him on the road, he will know when we find him.

  15. in a financial bind says:

    Also, once the others that are involved are identified, our attorney will drop them in the cross hairs…As will my guys…

    Hey Doc,, haven’t heard shit from, you. You owe me a phone call with an update on Glyn and how you are paying your mortgage on Broad St. Do you see him..give up the created this problem for many of us…

  16. F Him says:

    Motrgage??? What mortgage. As i was to understand, their is no mortgage on the Broad street property. Him and Glyn bought it with our CASH. How bout that !! Unless their was a mortgage acquired AFTER the purchase, their is no mortgage. So that’s how you affford a building when you payed for it with the cash you used by ripping off people. Stomach that financial bind and everyone else screwed by these guys.

    Hey, if were me and i was truely scammed by glyns ways, i wouldnt sleep at night till i ripped my name off that building and sell it as fast as i can, putting the moneys in the restitution fund for the victums who bought it, but hey, that’s just me. I’m sure that tough considiring it’s probably putting some nice rental income in their pockets !!!

    FYI – $311, 072 – CASH

  17. F Him says:

    almost 2 weeks later, and no new postings…..either we don’t care that their may have been a cash purchase of property with our money, or everyone has now moved on to the excepting phase…… i didn’t. i’m still broke. i’m still out my savings. i wont be happy till justice is served for all that are involve…good or bad / restitution or jail. just my opinion.

    we know people are reading this, let then know we’re still pissed

  18. haz says:

    I’m sure there is more then likley a second mortage on the property – i would think? I have not given up on this – send messages to the accused on a consistent basis – know that he and his wife are in New Town. He still drives the same car as does the wife. Not sure why the courts have not taken it though????

    I’m also out savings – I WANT JUSTICE ASAP!!!!!

  19. bbb says:

    Well I am 800 miles away and this is my only source of info. How the hell do you think I feel when I look everyday and see nothing !!!!!!!! Without this site and your input I am in the dark !!!!!!!!

  20. me says:

    I just refound the packet from the FBI I recieved some months ago… they asked us to be patient. There are also contact and update numbers on there that I will publish for those of you that would like them.

  21. doghim says:

    I spoke with the FBI last week and the investigation is proceeding. They are establishing the validity of the claims (losses)and dollar amounts. All investors involved are not cooperating for obvious reasons (some made money and it was not reported on tax returns). The cars and property are protected by the automatic stay provision of the bankruptcy law. He has filed for protection as an individual and a corporation. This however should not impact claims and eventual court orders regarding restitution; hence the efforts to make sure all claims and dollar amounts are accurate. In short we need to be patient and let the FBI and other Federal agencies do their job and hope the G man finds a residence in one af NJ’s fine prisions for a long term stay. The agent I spoke with did say that all of the victims will be notified of the court dates when they come up. I think a strong showing at the trial if there is one (he may plea bargain) is important to ensure that the judge goes for the max under the federal sentencing guidelines. Judge needs to see the people he stole the money from.

  22. don't let up!!! says:

    Attended a BBQ in GR’s hometown of Audubon over the weekend and met some people who know him. Apparently, it is true, he’s still living it up and paying cash for everything….casinos, playoff hockey games…….. He’s also mouthing off that he won’t do more than three years. If he doesn’t go to jail for at least 10 years our system is a joke. Is anybody watching him??

    Well, my wife and I are refinancing for the second time in 9 months. I feel everyone’s pain. What a fu_ _ _ _ _ nightmare!!

  23. don't let up!!! says:

    As of yesterday, they are working out a deal and should have something for us soon.

    I still have faith that the feds will bury this guy but there are many who feel different. It will take most of us years to recoup our losses. If that fatass punk doesn’t do at least 10 years, the system is soft and let us all down…….I don’t want to hear about restitution because everyone close to this knows the money is gone……it’s in New Town Square and we’ll never see a dime.

    To the Federal Agents who are watching this site. Please slam that dirtbag. He has no respect for the law and is blatantly mouthing off that he is going to get a good deal???????

  24. newbie says:

    Does anyone know if his chiro partner has been contacted by FBI?

  25. haz says:

    hey doghim – same shit we have been hearing from the FEDS for months!!!! not a thing has changed – he is still a free man spending the money we gave him – along with his wife!!

  26. vigilante says:

    Unfortunately, I think we all know where this is going. Mrs. GR is laughing all the way to the bank. What a joke.

    Let’s make a deal?

  27. in a financial bind says:

    My guys did some survalance at the Richards home…spoke to a few neighbors and Glyn does visit, and is out and about. They say he does seem nervous and is constantly looking over his shoulder, which he should be. If anyone is up for a raod trip, let me know andwe will make a dya of it. Just contact me at

  28. smith says:

    you all seem to be missing all the action glen has been arrested and his car confiscated. some dope bailed him out of jail

  29. Tiger W says:

    I saw in the local paper that Glyn was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle (his Escalade) and was held on $8000 bail in Pennsauken. A friend from Mt Ephraim bailed him out but now at least he’s not driving around in his Escalade.

  30. Me! says:

    If anyone has a weblink to that arrest, I would include it in the “links” section of this blog. Or if you can tell me the paper, I will look for it. That is an interesting charge if this story really happened. I thought Glyn “owned” that car for some time? But first things first, can anyone give me a link to this arrest?

  31. haz says:

    Just to put the record straight – the car was stolen from the beginning – we all own the car – I hope this story is true – and how the hell did he come up with another $8K. Oh my bad he still has our money!! THE FEDS are doing a great job with this case – LOL!!!!


  32. F Him says:

    A freind from Mt. Ephraim???? Hummmm, wonder who that could be…..

  33. vigilante says:

    I’m impressed. Eleven months and they figured out the Escalade was stolen.

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