Glyn Richards Back in the News

June 24, 2008

It seems that Glyn Richards was back in court on Monday… (Read the links below from the Courier Post and Inquirer). Many thanks to the investigators, local police, Camden County Prosecutors Office, the FBI, and the court, specifically, U.S. District Judge Renee M. Bumb, that raised Glyn’s bail to $350,000. (Takes a Bumb to know a BUM!!). These people work hard to make sure that people like Glyn Richards pay for their crimes. A big THANK YOU for all your hard work!

bsBUT!!?!?! How a person that is millions in debt, with no viable LEGAL income will make restitution to these victims is hard for me to fathom! Do not fall for more of Glyn’s stories, you are never going to see your $$ again. Your consilation prize is him in jail a very long time.

Recent News Links

Restitution OK’d in $20 million scheme
Cherry Hill Courier Post, NJ – 5 hours ago
By JIM WALSH • Courier-Post Staff • June 24, 2008 CAMDEN — A Haddon Heights man, accused of defrauding investors of at least $20 million, agreed to pay .

Haddon Heights man pleads guilty to fraud
Cherry Hill Courier Post, NJ
By JEREMY ROSEN Courier-Post Staff • June 23, 2008 CAMDEN – A Haddon Heights man charged last year with fraud for misrepresenting himself as a defense

Man pleads guilty in defense contract ponzi scheme
By Troy Graham A Haddon Heights man pleaded guilty in federal court in Camden today to scamming millions from investors who believed his company had a

Haddon Heights scam artist deserves a long prison term
Ponzi scheme architect should be given a lengthy sentence as punishment and to deter other would-be thieves.


Glyn Richards Arrested Again

June 12, 2008

There were a few rumors last week via the blog that Glyn had once again found himself on the wrong side of the law. I got a few emails that he was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle. I searched the local papers, The Courier Post and the Philadelphia Inquirer, and found no mention of Glyn Richards, Glen Richards, Glenn Richards, or any remotely similar name. BUT, just this morning, I got an email that was kind enough to send me a scan of the article, and sure enough Glyn Richards was arrested again, and bailed out, again. I find that this arrest really creates more questions for me then it answers. (Questions like…How are people still posting bail for this guy, why does a paper that puts him on the SUNDAY COVER last year, not even mention his next arrest, why and how are people sueing him for property outside the investigation that is pending, etc. etc.?). But whatever. The Haddon Heights Shiester is once again facing arrrest charges.

Here is the article from the police blotter in local weekly newspaper “The Retrospect” from their June 6th edition.