Glyn Richards Arrested Again

There were a few rumors last week via the blog that Glyn had once again found himself on the wrong side of the law. I got a few emails that he was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle. I searched the local papers, The Courier Post and the Philadelphia Inquirer, and found no mention of Glyn Richards, Glen Richards, Glenn Richards, or any remotely similar name. BUT, just this morning, I got an email that was kind enough to send me a scan of the article, and sure enough Glyn Richards was arrested again, and bailed out, again. I find that this arrest really creates more questions for me then it answers. (Questions like…How are people still posting bail for this guy, why does a paper that puts him on the SUNDAY COVER last year, not even mention his next arrest, why and how are people sueing him for property outside the investigation that is pending, etc. etc.?). But whatever. The Haddon Heights Shiester is once again facing arrrest charges.

Here is the article from the police blotter in local weekly newspaper “The Retrospect” from their June 6th edition.


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  1. haz says:

    We should be receiving notification over the next couple of weeks about the case against Glyn. If this jerk off, scum bag, low life, piece of shit doesn’t serve more then 7 years I’m going to start my own Ponzi – anyone in???

  2. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Too Late Haz! I already started my own FONZI PONZI

    Here’s how it works, you empty your bank account and give it to me. This puts you in at the POTSY level… in four months… you get all that back, PLUS! Then you REINVEST, and get your friends to give me all their money too…then you will be at the CHACHI, level…4 months after that?? You get to be the FONZ! AYYYYYYY!!!!

    4 months after that? You get to go to jail with Glyn. Correctomundo!

  3. in a financial bind says:

    Glyn continues to attempt to claim bankrupsy via the courts. Thank you to Tom Vecchi, from Dillworth and Paxton, our attorney for continuing to attend these court dates and to represent us. It seems impossible that Glyn could attempt to claim bankrupsy after running this scam.

    If anyone knows who bailed Glyn out, please let me know at We would like to talk to him.

  4. F Him says:

    i’de like to take a stab at that…..i’m guessing either pizza boy, beer boy or chiro boy. After all, werent they the ones who actually made proffits off this???

  5. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Thank you F-HIM, and btw, excellent use of the “NO PROPER NOUNS policy “!! We all know who you mean, and I don’t have to worry about people harrassing me for names. Well Played!!

    Any guesses what his next vehicle will be? I assume he’s out of credit to lease something good, and I assume it will be a giant redflag for him to dump a ton of cash into a car….

  6. in a financial bind says:

    I will have a friend find out who bailed him out. Then I will investigate the person and keep you all informed without using proper names. It seems to me that if this person was an investor, he harbors no ill feelings towards Glyn..and that to me is a problem. This will be the next person we drop the cross hairs on. Should be very easy to locate and we will pay him/her a visit looking for our money.

  7. don't let up!!! says:

    I heard GR was whining to the police that “this isn’t fair” ……….”what am I going to do now and how am I going to get around.” It’s only the beginning you fat ass punk.

    Everyone is waiting to see what the Feds will do. He better get at least 10 years. I still can’t believe they are making a deal with that gutter trash.

  8. haz says:

    Sent the Courier Post the following email – maybe we will see a follow-up article on how bad our justice system is and how the Fed’s handled this case

    You did a story a few months back on Glyn Richards – scamming people out of money portraying a defense contractor. Well he was arrested again. This time for position of stolen property. Basically his car was taken in a civil suite from one of the investors/victims (he is a lawyer).
    This same man has held house sales at the Richards residence in Haddon Heights and has kept all the proceeds.

    The case has been in the hands of the FBI for some time now and they have
    done nothing to cease the assets for a restitution fund. Not sure how one person is able to sell all the personal belongings and keep the money.

    The FBI has done nothing to help ALL THE VICTIMS in this case.
    Also we hear that the victims are set to receive information about the case
    – trial, plea bargain not sure what -but maybe there can be a follow up article about the outcome and the short falls of our justice system and this scum bag!!!
    Any chance in that happening?

  9. Cuz Bomb says:

    Glyn was bailed out by a guy from Mt. Ephraim, his name is John Mc????, he was (maybe still is) Glyn’s handyman at Loucroft , his Chippenham (Voorhees) house and his duplex in Oaklyn. The interesting thing about this guy is that he used to rent the apartment over Glyn’s office and now I’m being told he bought a house in Mt. Ephraim.

    I know it breaks your heart (F-him) that the guys you claim to be Glyn’s partners are not involved in baling him out but maybe if you did your homework as you always say you will, you would know the real story and that Glyn is the only guy who screwed everyone.

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