Glyn Richards Back in the News

It seems that Glyn Richards was back in court on Monday… (Read the links below from the Courier Post and Inquirer). Many thanks to the investigators, local police, Camden County Prosecutors Office, the FBI, and the court, specifically, U.S. District Judge Renee M. Bumb, that raised Glyn’s bail to $350,000. (Takes a Bumb to know a BUM!!). These people work hard to make sure that people like Glyn Richards pay for their crimes. A big THANK YOU for all your hard work!

bsBUT!!?!?! How a person that is millions in debt, with no viable LEGAL income will make restitution to these victims is hard for me to fathom! Do not fall for more of Glyn’s stories, you are never going to see your $$ again. Your consilation prize is him in jail a very long time.

Recent News Links

Restitution OK’d in $20 million scheme
Cherry Hill Courier Post, NJ – 5 hours ago
By JIM WALSH • Courier-Post Staff • June 24, 2008 CAMDEN — A Haddon Heights man, accused of defrauding investors of at least $20 million, agreed to pay .

Haddon Heights man pleads guilty to fraud
Cherry Hill Courier Post, NJ
By JEREMY ROSEN Courier-Post Staff • June 23, 2008 CAMDEN – A Haddon Heights man charged last year with fraud for misrepresenting himself as a defense

Man pleads guilty in defense contract ponzi scheme
By Troy Graham A Haddon Heights man pleaded guilty in federal court in Camden today to scamming millions from investors who believed his company had a

Haddon Heights scam artist deserves a long prison term
Ponzi scheme architect should be given a lengthy sentence as punishment and to deter other would-be thieves.


65 Responses to Glyn Richards Back in the News

  1. bbb says:

    The Beginning of the END !

  2. mkw says:

    I have been following this story for along time b/c I have been friends w/ his wife’s family for over 20 years. We recently haven’t been in touch but I didn’t think that they were divorced.
    Does anyone know if they are?
    According to the article, they refer to her as ex.

  3. F Him says:

    First of all Cuz, I just said I’d like to take stab at it. I NEVER ONCE said I always do “my homework” on any of my postings, I just go by what’s posted on the blogs and word on the street. If you want me to be a little more specific, my research (homework) it would include everyone who may have been purchasing : homes, shore properties, fancy watches, limo trips to the casinos, expensive dinners, handing with “the boys club” lavished vacations on tropical islands, buying buildings, partying with strippers, new cars, neat gargets and flashing around wads of cash.

    It was even said that as time went on, G took money from newer investors and gave it to the older investors to keep the ball rolling. Somebody made money off this so don’t make it out that G was the only one who did. Ive done enough research on these scams, the cream at the top always makes out…..

    If only this website was up and running before, a lot of us never would have fallen victim to this blood sucking scum bag !!!!!!!!!! I pray for the max!!!!!!

  4. F Him says:

    You know, my blood is boiling again !!!! Up to 30 years, but can walk after one year for being a good boy. WTF is this?? Kindergarten ??!!! I’ll do a year and walk if I have millions stashed away. And what’s up with the plea agreement? With what money? He’s supposedly over a million in dept !! And one more thing, what about the 3 strikes and you’re out deal? He spent time in jail for this in the 90’s, convicted for fraud today and wasn’t’ he arrested for driving a stolen car??/ Isn’t the rule, 3 times and you go to jail for life?? A lot of us are broke, lost our savings, one man took his own life and lets not forget that he used the war as his story to suck money out of us. That’s even more evil !! Anyone know someone who’s overseas?? Been injured or killed?? Well this is the sick bastard who tried to profit off this…..What a sick, sick animal!!


    I PLEA FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Selling the House says:

    Can anyone say civil suit against those who made money on this???? The man that owns the Pizza Places and sold Glyn the house in HH – what is he up to????

  6. Selling the House says:

    Lets not forget the x-wife (what a joke – x my ass) that still lives with him in Newtown Square and drives the BMW we bought — CIVIL SUIT YES SIR!!!!

  7. in a financial bind says:

    A few thoughts…first, as a convicted federal felon, G must serve most of the time given to him with a small reduction in time for good behavior. Also, I think there are some inaccuracies reported in the news. The house in Newtown, on Chestnut St. was transferred into Jens name, as the owner, a few months ago according to the tax records. The news reported they all live in a rental property??? Also, it is clear that Glynn duped many of us but I feel it is correct to say that many made a profit and thrived from our money. We are compiling a list of these individuals.

    If anyone knows of the upper players, of anyone who purchased a property with him, (relax J as you are off of my radar) please email me

    Actually I know where Glynn is and this is far from over. I would like you to put me on your visitor list once incarcerated…this way I can tell you face to face what is happening on the outside..what is going on with your family etc. You thought we were gone, actually just hibernating allowing the law to do their job. The quiet storm is coming ….

  8. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Quick Update. I have heard from a few new voices via the blog email. Thanks for your feedback! You have asked me to not publish your emails, and I won’t. I would encourage you all to post however, as some of the stories were funny and insightful.

    Especially those of you that met him as GLENN RICHARDS, GLEN RICHARDS, or some other names. We need more mentions of other names he uses in the blog to help people searching online. For the newbies, THAT is why I started this blog. When Glyn Richards asked me to invest, the first thing I did was Google him. I found NOTHING. Not the arrest from the 90’s, not the trucker message board that said he was a crook, not a thing. I wanted to make sure that others that came after me would have something to find, and protect them from a thief.

  9. in a financial bind says:

    If anyone has knowledge on how to solicit the judge (not for DOD contracts) or has knowledge on how we can be heard before/during the Oct 14 hearing, please advise.

    PROBLEM FOR A FEW OF YOU OUT THERE: (you know who you are).. who would have known that simply taking one of All Freights checks to a check cashing agency could carry a 10 year federal prison term?

  10. don't let up!!! says:

    If that piece of garbage doesn’t spend at least 10-15 years in prison, our system is a joke. He has been mouthing off for weeks that he was going to get a “good deal.” I don’t want to hear anymore bullshit about restitution……we all know the money is gone (he gave it to early investors, he spent a ton of it and he has the rest buried……JR knows where it is). Many of us have refinanced our homes at least once and took part-time jobs to get by. It will also take many of us 7+ years to recover financially from this. I’m getting tired of reading about punks like him getting shorter sentences for good behavior. What the fu_ _ does that mean???? The judge needs to make an example of that parasite – I hope the Judge reads some of the stories we wrote when we filled out the paperwork in the beginning of this nightmare.

    I also can’t believe JR gets to buy a new house in Newtown Square and drive a BMW…….and the lawyer for GR gets to stay in his Voorhees house (that we paid for)rent free……..another joke.

  11. F Him says:


    Queation, if you agree to pay restitution, don’t you have to show you even have the money?? Of course he’ll agree to pay, but can’t get blood from a stone…or an asshole

  12. haz says:

    F HIM – true – can not get blood from a stone – but we hope Glyn’s asshole will bleed when he is someone’s bitch in jail – we can only pray for that!!

  13. F Him says:

    HAHAHA…….i’m not a very religous person, but i’ll pray for that !!! Hey, G’s a big base ball fan, now he gets to play catcher !!!

  14. Me says:

    Do we know if he got bailed out, and how??

  15. F Him says:

    The guy pleaded no contest and everyone zip ups?? I still have questions.
    1. Who bailed him out?
    2. If he agreed to pay restitution, what’s that based on?
    3. How much and where is it?
    4. When would we see any of it…..(had to chuckle, sorry)
    5. Are profiteers of this scam paying our losses back?
    6. And who has anything to say about his upcoming sentencing? All I hear are crickets

  16. Me says:

    I got some literature from the FBI? About the court date. Anyone else get that?

    I think we are in the official wait it out period. See if he shows, see what he gets, see what he serves of it. It’s very out of our hands at this point, and not a lot we can do about it. Just like our cash!

  17. bbb says:

    Maybe he can be a wide reciever for Michael Vick !!!!!!!!!!

  18. in a financial bind says:

    Below is an email I received from my representative: (email)

    I spoke to the United States Attorney today regarding the Richards matter. They expect that he will be sentenced to 8-10 years in prison but there is obviously no guarantee of that (it really depends on the judge). With regard to your involvement, the U.S. Attorney’s victim assistance representative should be in touch with all of the victims soon. You will all have the opportunity to attend sentencing and possibly makes statements or write to the judge in advance of the sentencing hearing. With regard to the restitution, the U.S. Attorney obviously was not tremendously optimistic. She did, however, provide me with some additional names of people who may or may not be involved in the scheme. (end of email)

    I have these names but as per our agreement I will not list. If you have emailed me before, I will send you the names. If not, I will not respond to any persons that I do not know.

    This should answer some questions. We continually work and monitor the situatution. Will let you all know if I receive any other info.

  19. doghim says:

    I have been in touch with the judge’s secretary and the FBI. According to the FBI the next step in the process is the sentencing in October. The restitution amount will be based on the information we provided to the Camden County prosecutor as verified by the FBI and their investigation. In short if you had documentation of your actual cash loss that will be the $ amount of restitution that the FBI will provide to the judge. According to the liaison person and Judge Bumb’s office there will be an opportunity for all of the victims to furnish a victim impact statement either in writing through the probation office or at the sentencing hearing. I would suggest that we do both and that we all plan to attend the hearing in October.

    As one who has had some experience in federal sentencing where restitution is a part of the probation period I would suggest that we all ask that the restitution period be from 30 to 60 days shorter than a probation period. The reason for this is that if the probation period is equal to the restitution period and Glyn does not pay…at the end of the probation period the judge cannot return him to jail for non-payment. The agreement often reads the defendant will make restitution during the probation period or be returned to jail etc. You cannot take action to have him returned to jail for non payment until the probation period is over and when it is over he is no longer required to make restitution. We need to insure that if he does not make restitution by a date certain that he is returned to jail for the full term of his sentencing. We also need to be at the hearing to urge the judge to go to the maximum limits under the sentencing guidelines for the offenses that he has plead gulilty to given his history of fraud and deception.

  20. BS says:

    I’ve been waiting for this. I’ll be there.

    doghim, I’m with you.

  21. haz says:

    doghim – we plan to be @ the hearing – it seems as though you have an inside track – any insight to how long he can be sentenced to? we have been told he is looking @ 8 to 10 years – that is a joke – should be nothing less then 10 yrs.

  22. Tiger W says:

    I heard a possibility of 10-30yrs but I also heard that the plea bargain was for jail time between 120-150 months but I never heard an exact number.

    I like doghim’s idea with the probation period and the restitution. I’m sure GR has some kind of scam to use that loophole to his advantage and not pay a dime to anyone.

  23. haz says:

    We all need to go to the trial – i have already marked my calendar for October 14th.
    The more of us that show up and tell our story of deception the more time he could receive.

    THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  24. doghim says:

    I do not know what the federal sentencing guidelines are for the charges against GR. I suppose that we could google the issue and see what comes up. I did find out that we can speak at the sentencing hearing and tell the judge how GR has impacted our lives. To that end I personally am going to take some time and prepare a written statement that will encompass the financial losses, the lost income from the money had it been invested, the impact on our quality of life, the things and experiences that we could not have and the issues that have come up regarding our attempts to replace the monies. In short all of the financial, physical and emotional aspects as well as the opportunities lost. I plan to make it really graphic and convince the judge that GR is a dispicable human being that should not be in society again for a very long time as he did these things without remorse and actually took pleasure from it. I would say that qualifies for a sociopathic personality. I would encourage you all to do the same. Let’s be prepared and present the real GR to the Judge and ask that the maximum penalty be given regardless of his request or his attorney’s request.

  25. keen says:

    What is this pizza guy all about?

  26. keen says:

    CuzBomb is the pizza man.

  27. keen says:

    CuzBomb is the pizza man, period. How do you defend the the lowest in society, the only way I can think of is he is complicate.

  28. keen says:

    To all the guilty players we all know lady justace is blind but let’s not forget she carries a large sword as well to meat out punishment

  29. BS says:

    Please tell me they are not going to base his sentence on him paying restitution or that he cooperated with the FBI because if that’s the case this is a Fu_ _ _ _ _ joke. We will never see a dime of that money because GR/JR have it buried and all you had to do was seize his computer and follow the paper trail to put that fatass away. Is anyone else getting educated on how things really work? Again, if that punk isn’t behind bars for at least 10-15 years, they are sending out another bad message.

    I’m going to try and keep the faith in the system but right now it’s hard. I guess we’ll see on 10/14. See you there.

    If anyone hears anything please keep us posted!!!

  30. F Him says:

    it’s been bout 2 weeks,so i’ll stir up the pot. Any news on any addtional arrest? Do we know anything about anyone who actually profitted off this? Any news on what G has been up to? Is he upset that the Mets are in first? Anything anyone??

  31. haz says:

    Hey F Him,

    No news to report – just received the packet from the US Probation Office.
    All of us need to complete the forms and be there on October 14th. We all must speak to the judge prior to his sentencing. He should be in jail for the maximum and we can all help by presenting to the judge how he and his wife befriended us and then stole our money with no remorse.

  32. don't let up!!! says:

    doghim July 11 – thanks for the advice. I will put that in there but I’ve been told that the court will make sure the newspapers mention that he will be required to pay restitution so it looks like he received a tougher sentence but they know we aren’t going to get a dime. If they cared, they would have followed the paper trail of his wife’s spending the last 12 months or looked into how his lawyer is being compensated……..check out the bankruptcy papers and you’ll see that clever move. I learned more than a few lessons on this pathetic journey. I guess we’ll see for sure on October 14.

  33. F Him says:

    then where are those who made a proffit?? are the feds going after them?? How bout the IRS ? Or should i just come to the conclussion that if you proffited, you won? I know Jenns name keeps coming up, but others have our money too !!!! Why are they getting a free pass???!!!!

  34. Out The Door says:

    I wonder if money can be considered property, and that those who profitted from the scam can be arrested for receiving stolen property. By law, even if you don’t know something is stolen and you accept it, you can be arrested. There HAS to be some legal loophole to hold those people accountable. Then again, this site is full of stories from people who invested, profitted, reinvested, profitted, reinvested, and lost it all….

  35. don't let up!!! says:

    F Him – that should be our next step. The people who profitted did so by receiving money that GR/JR stole from us. I don’t want to see them in any trouble but if they made money they should return it. I’ve talked to others and they feel the same. If not, I heard the IRS is going to go after them and we lose out anyway. Let’s talk about that after GR’s sentencing. I will be there.

  36. haz says:

    hey Eagle,

    we need to add a count down to the court date on the web.
    What do you think?

  37. bbb says:

    With sound effects of a jail cell slamming and GR crying as he becomes best friends with Michael Vick !!!!!!!!

  38. F Him says:

    maybe even a parting gift full of condoms, but no lube !!!

  39. bbb says:

    No condoms ! We want him to get whatever he deserves. Like VD or Herpes !

  40. F Him says:

    actually, i used the word condom as a medefore so one could utilize their imagination on how Glyn is going to be treated in jail.
    Actually, i prefer that he doesn’t use condoms so he can acquire some ungodly deforming and life threatening disease !!! Unless somehow his he hooks up with a vagina, then defiantly use a condom, we certainly don’t need anymore little glyns in this world !!
    I have to warn the younger generation that the little gylns walk among them! Don’t get screwed !!!

  41. vigilante says:

    I heard GR still spending lot’s of time in Newtown Square with JR. He’s calling the shots with her and their money because apparently, he told her that if she doesn’t cooperate he will turn her in to the Feds because she was part of the scam……she knows where a large sum of our money is, why aren’t they squeezing her????????? How is she able to walk…………what a joke.

  42. CuzzBomb says:

    I got word from the FBI and Prosecutor that the more info that the judge gets regarding the case the better. Apparently, it is all taken into account when they decide the sentencing. So it is imperitive that everyone write to the judge or show up and speak at the October 14th sentencing. I think we all need to at least write letters to the judge and let her know about the lies (ie. congress holding payments, broke down trucks, waiting for the check to clear, etc.) and deception that he was spewing. We all need to include how it has impacted our lives, families, jobs, etc. Now is the time to get our word to the judge and really let Mr. Richards have a nice long stay at the Federal Hotel with Bubba (I believe in long relationships and think it would be better for him to have a long, lasting and loving relationship with his cell mate).

    Mail letters to:

    Judge Renee Marie Bumb
    Mitchell H. Cohen Federal Building
    United States Court House
    1 John F.Gerry Plaza
    Camden, New Jersey 08101

  43. don't let up!!! says:

    My letter will go out Monday. Thanks CuzzBomb.

  44. bbb says:

    Hey folks check out this link..

    This would be awesome if Obama ends up as GR’s cell mate !!!!!
    We all know how much he loves deomcrates !!!!!!!!

  45. bbb says:

    Hey is there anyone left on this blog. We are getting close to D-Day !!!!
    Lets get this party started !!!!!

  46. don't let up!!! says:

    I hope everyone wrote a letter to Judge Bumb. It will make a difference. This guy is using our money to pay his big shot lawyer(s). We have to make that scumbag pay. My letter has been sent.

    See CuzzBomb for address – Sept 5 post.

  47. sickened says:

    Hi everyone, would anyone happen to know the case # for Glyn? I want to include it in my letter to the judge. I have it somewhere but can’t seem to find it. If anyone can provide me with that info I would appreciate it.

  48. don't let up!!! says:

    Case # 2007ROO894
    Docket # 08-442

    I hope everyone sends a letter. See you on the 14th.

  49. sickened says:

    Thank you!

  50. CuzzBomb says:

    I just check the Victim Notification site and it looks like the sentencing has been changed to Jan. 20, 2009. I hope this is due to the amount of letters sent to the judge but it seems unbelievable that he gets his freedom extended another 3 months. It would have really made me happy knowing he was spending the holidays with his new wife Bubba and kid Leroy this year. Anyway here is the posting from the victims website….

    Internal Case Number: 2007R00894
    Court Docket Number: 08-442

    The sentencing hearing for defendant(s), GLYN RICHARDS, has been set for January 20, 2009, 10:00 AM before Judge RENEE MARIE BUMB. You are welcome to attend this proceeding; however, unless you have received a subpoena, your attendance is not required by the Court. If you plan on attending, please check with the VNS Call Center to verify the sentencing date and time. Should you wish to speak at the sentencing or want to check for the most current information on the date/time of this event please call our office a day or two before the scheduled hearing.

    A United States Probation Officer prepares a report for the Court and may contact you to discuss the impact the crime had on you financially, physically, and/or emotionally. If you are contacted, please make every effort to provide accurate and detailed information.

  51. don't let up!!! says:

    What is going on?????????

  52. GR sucks says:

    So people how many world series games will this dick head be attending on our dime !!!! Do you think the Phillies run had anything to do with the case being postponed til whenever ?

  53. CuzzBomb says:

    Do thing our friend will be attending the World Series this year? If anyone is going to any of the games, be on the lookout for Mr. Richards. I believe his seats were in Sec. 126 row 2, although I don’t think he would be stupid enough to sit there.

  54. F Him says:

    Just checking in…any word on what the animal is up to?? Where he’s living?? any sitings?? any info?? or is he just partying it up till the next alleged court date. Everyday this man is out free is another dollar i’ll never see. Just looking for an update….

  55. bbb says:

    Its been far to quiet in here !!!!

  56. don't let up!!! says:

    What a surprise. I know the economy isn’t slowing them down………they are spending as much of our money as they can. They are both gutter trash.

    Our last hope will be Judge Bumb. I suggest sending her a copy of the letters we wrote earlier. I’m going to send it again.

  57. Tiger W says:

    I guess our friend sold the house on Loucroft Ave. It looks like a new family has moved in.

  58. Duane Briggs says:

    For those of you planning to attend the hearing and make a statement don’t forget to call a couple of days prior to the hearing and indicate that you wish to make a statement at the hearing (cuz bomb post Oct 3). I believe that as part of those statements we should ask the court to consider Mr. Richards intent and commitment to the restitution piece of his plea agreement. He has been out of jail for over a year (if memory serves me). The question for the court and Mr. Richards is “how much has he accumulated to pay today towards restitution? If he is sincere you would think that he would be laying monies aside in escrow towards the restitution of our monies. If he has not done this we should, before the court, question the validity and the intent of his plea agreement with respect to restitution. No money, no valid commitment towards ever making restitution, therefore no probation and the maximum sentence should be imposed and go directly to jail without passing GO! Let him collect social security when he gets out!

  59. F Him says:

    any updates other then he’s spending his holiday at Madoff’s condo, sharing a sharaz…

  60. bbb says:

    Hey GR I hope you are enjoing your last Christmas as a free man for a guite awhile.
    Even though my family is not spending any money on gifts this year again we cant wait for the best gift of all your ASS in Jail for a long time !!!!!!!
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  61. F Him says:

    the feds are even looking onto who may have profitted off the Madoff scan. Im sure some people profitted of this one. Any on going probes with the ones that have??

  62. HAZ says:

    count down is on 20 days to go!!

  63. don't let up!!! says:

    Another rough year. Just sent a second letter to Judge Bumb. I can’t wait to watch GR squirm.

    GR/JR were not the only ones in this to lie and scam us. Long story but it still sickens my wife and I.

    I hear JR is still living the high life?????? GR better get at least 12-15 years!

  64. F Him says:

    I think that was obvious when GR’s name appeared on deeds with some other people. The same people who sucked our money out of us. I don’t think G was that smart and I know the runners were that greedy, You do the math. We continue to have the wool pulled over out eyes, even when he goes to jail. There are other stilling walking around free and apparently clear. That’s BS!!

    Why do they get a pass??

  65. doghim says:

    With the hearing close at hand we need to be prepared to go and speak. I believe that recent news events could work to our advantage if we all address the recent headlines on the various ponzi schemes in NY (madoff and the recent one in Amhearst), the guy in Pennsylvania, and of course Mr. Richards. Our statements to the judge should ask that the judge consider the numerous schemes and take a stand and make an example of Mr. Richards as a deterrant to those that might be considering a ponzi scheme against others. He needs to do some real jail time 15-20 years.

    The good news is that if GR had our money in a swiss bank (USB) that he is in real trouble as the bank is telling american clients that it will no longer be providing numbered account services to them. The clients who have unreported income in these accounts will have a choice of confessing their sins to the IRS (when they cash out or transfer the funds) or lose the money entirely. Hope he had the $$$$ in USB. We can only hope that other offshore banks will follow the USB lead after pressure from the IRS and the US.

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