FBI seeks help to find con man

January 28, 2009

In an article today, the FBI is seeking help finding our favorite scam artist.   Anyone with information should call the FBI at (215) 418-4000 or their local police department.

This blog has followed Glyn Richards closely over the course of his arrest, and more then one poster has suggested Glyn Richards might be a “flight risk” due to the length of his sentence, the level of his deception, and the possibility he could have stashed some of the funds he stole in his ponzi scam. 

Turns out some of those posters were right.  Glyn Richards has missed his latest court appearance and is no where to be found.   Again, anyone with information to Glyn’s whereabouts should call the FBI at (215) 418-4000 or their local police department.

In addition, if anyone has recent pictures of Glyn, we will post them here as well.


Glyn Richards Sentencing 1-20-2009

January 12, 2009

FINALLY, Glyn Richards will be in court.  His sentencing is scheduled for January, 20, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. before Judge Renee Bumb in Camden, NJ.  I have no idea what we can excpect  as I’ve never really been in a situation like this.  My hope is that I see him hauled away in an orange jumper, locked into a cell, and kept out of society for 10-20years.  I am learning from this case, however, what I want to happen, and what happens– are rarely the same thing.  So, I have very low expectations.

In fact, I doubt I will even go.  That part of my life is a giant mistake that I have put behind me.  And yes, I hope for many years of incarceration for Mr. Richards so other felons can put things in HIS BEHIND… but more then anything I am just over it.  But going to court that day is him taking from me again.  I’d rather not waste the vacation/sick day.  I’d rather not beat myself up again that I was “that stupid.”  I’d rather not relive in my head, how much different my life would be had I not lost all that money.

I lost it.  It’s not coming back…  Life goes on.  

I hope Judge Bumb sees fit to take some of his life away and put him away for a long time.  Sorry to those that were affected by this case.  I hope you all recover and finally get some closure.  If for some reason he cuts some deal and walks, take solace that until he changes his name, he will have trouble stealing from anyone that has GOOGLE!!

Please refrain from using real names other then GLYN.  And please leave the comments about his children off the boards.   I was asked to not have comments about his children on the board and I agreed.   So please, no kids stuff!   Thanks!  If you are a reader of the blog, and you feel a post goes against this policy and mentions someone other the Glyn, by name,  in a way that is inflamatory, threatening, or in poor taste, please cut and paste the post, email it to the email in the right column, and it will be taken down.