Glyn Richards Sentencing 1-20-2009

FINALLY, Glyn Richards will be in court.  His sentencing is scheduled for January, 20, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. before Judge Renee Bumb in Camden, NJ.  I have no idea what we can excpect  as I’ve never really been in a situation like this.  My hope is that I see him hauled away in an orange jumper, locked into a cell, and kept out of society for 10-20years.  I am learning from this case, however, what I want to happen, and what happens– are rarely the same thing.  So, I have very low expectations.

In fact, I doubt I will even go.  That part of my life is a giant mistake that I have put behind me.  And yes, I hope for many years of incarceration for Mr. Richards so other felons can put things in HIS BEHIND… but more then anything I am just over it.  But going to court that day is him taking from me again.  I’d rather not waste the vacation/sick day.  I’d rather not beat myself up again that I was “that stupid.”  I’d rather not relive in my head, how much different my life would be had I not lost all that money.

I lost it.  It’s not coming back…  Life goes on.  

I hope Judge Bumb sees fit to take some of his life away and put him away for a long time.  Sorry to those that were affected by this case.  I hope you all recover and finally get some closure.  If for some reason he cuts some deal and walks, take solace that until he changes his name, he will have trouble stealing from anyone that has GOOGLE!!

Please refrain from using real names other then GLYN.  And please leave the comments about his children off the boards.   I was asked to not have comments about his children on the board and I agreed.   So please, no kids stuff!   Thanks!  If you are a reader of the blog, and you feel a post goes against this policy and mentions someone other the Glyn, by name,  in a way that is inflamatory, threatening, or in poor taste, please cut and paste the post, email it to the email in the right column, and it will be taken down.

35 Responses to Glyn Richards Sentencing 1-20-2009

  1. doghim says:

    Eagle I know how you feel, but this is what GR and his attorney are counting on….no one showing up in court to express their outrage. The federal sentencing guidelines provide a great deal of flexibility to the judge in the length of the sentence that she is going to meter out. The fewer the letters, the fewer the folks in the court room, provides a measure of the victim and public outrage for judge to be exposed to. If the court room is full of victims and the press then we have a good chance of extracting a longer jail sentence. I hope you and perhaps others reconsider and spend the time to close this out by showing up and expressing your outrage as well as your desire that the court system make an example of GR and anyone else who does this in the future.

  2. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    duly noted, doghim. I will certainly think that over. For those that do go, please take lots of pictures! (If that is legal?)… and of course please continue to send news links to the blog, and I will post them…

  3. HAZ says:

    Dog him – DITTO – I have put this behind me but will be there in the court room to support the other victims and hope the court makes an example of Glyn with a long prison sentence.


  4. F Him says:

    Glyns new “boys club” cell mates. I hope you get bentover like a bitch !!!

  5. Tiger W says:

    I just got a notice from the feds, it looks like they postponed it again. It is now scheduled for Feb. 19th. I guess he needed one last Valentine’s Day with his lovely bride before he meets his new “wife” in the joint.

  6. HAZ says:

    Delayed again – this is why we all must show up to the sentencing!!
    Internal Case Number: 2007R00894
    Court Docket Number: 08-CR-00442
    The sentencing hearing for defendant(s), GLYN RICHARDS, has been set for February 19, 2009, 09:30 AM before Judge RENEE MARIE BUMB. You are welcome to attend this proceeding; however, unless you have received a subpoena, your attendance is not required by the Court. If you plan on attending, please check with the VNS Call Center to verify the sentencing date and time. Should you wish to speak at the sentencing or want to check for the most current information on the date/time of this event please call our office a day or two before the scheduled hearing.

  7. don't let up!!! says:

    Are you serious? That scumbag gets another month to spend our money. I will definitely be there but I hear that Glyn’s lawyer has already cut a deal that GR promises restitution if he gets a light sentence………Judge Bumb is our last hope!! I guarantee, he will find some money if they put him in jail for 15-20 years.

    I have sent two letters and I only hope that everyone has done the same. Please finish this to the end. I too am moving on but doghim is right. They are counting on us to just give up.

  8. bbb says:

    I can guarantee it has to do with the Eagles still playing. There goes more of our money on playoff tickets and maybe the Superbowl !!!!!!!

  9. F Him says:


  10. don't let up!!! says:

    Read today’s Courier Post. Nice article on our favorite scumbag. He is still scamming and spending. Poor JR, sounds like she is also a victim……I mean scumbag. She is still living the high life while all of us have to take on second jobs to pay the mortgage.

    I think Judge Bumb is going to take care of that rodent. I hope they go after JR too.

  11. Tiger W says:

    Here is the link to the article. It sounds like he’s still at it while waiting for the sentencing.
    After reading this article I hope the judge gives him the max, it sounds like he’s making fools of federal prosecutors and judges now.

  12. sickened says:

    Just read the article…WTF! Why does this case keep getting pushed back and someone please explain to me what “upward departure” means….

  13. Jus Gladii says:

    An upward departure is where a defendant is sentenced to a term of imprisonment that is ABOVE the calculated guideline range. The Judge’s letter describing the fact that the Judge, on her own, is considering an upward departure is a good thing for the victims (and the Government) and a BAD thing for the defendant. It means that he could go away to jail for a longer period than the time stated in the plea agreement. The Judge gave more time to both the defendant and the Prosecution so that they could respond to the Judge’s concern that Richards should spend more time in jail that set forth in the plea agreement.

    Also, you should be aware that there will be a hearing this Thursday (Jan. 22) before Judge Bumb concerning whether Richards’ bail should be revoked. Hope this helps.

  14. Cuz Bomb says:

    I recieved this email the other day from another victim pretty close to the case so I wanted to forward it on………

    Good morning,

    I received a phone call from the US Attorney’s office this morning and they advised me of the date and time of the bail revocation hearing for Glyn and asked that I let as many people as possible know and hopefully people will pack the court room. The hearing will be on Thursday, January 22, 2008 at 1:30 pm in Judge Bumb’s courtroom, Federal Court House, 4th & Cooper Streets, Camden.

  15. doghim says:

    I I know this is an imposition on the time and income of his victims….but nothing is ever simple. If the US Attorney is asking for our support, then I personally will make the effort to go and watch to further the cause of GR being taken off the street. If we can achieve this then we may also be successful in getting a denial of his hopes for restitution and probation at the sentencing and get a long jail sentence for our old friend.

  16. HAZ says:

    i’ll try to be there this thursday – anyone else going?

  17. don't let up!!! says:

    My wife and I will be there on the 19th. If he doesn’t get his bail revoked………………

    Has anyone else read GR’s Bankruptcy paperwork. What a joke. He claims he made $158,000 in 2005 and $215,000 in 2006 from his business???? There is a levy on his rental properties and look at the name on his Voorhees residence (56 Chippenham Dr.)…his lawyer. In addition, an investor in Haddon Heights is listed on at least three pages looking to recover finances??? The irony of it all is GR is using our money to hire his big shot lawyer and I’ll bet the lawyer is living in GR’s old house in Voorhees……..only in America. Anyone have any other info on this stuff.

    JR is still spending our money. I met her twice for a short time but she seems like a real winner. Sounds like she helped GR set up their neighbors???

  18. bbb says:

    Can someone please let the out of town people know the outcome of today’s hearing ?

  19. HAZ says:

    Update –
    Well Glyn did not show up for court today. The judge has issued an arrest warrant. The Marshalls hopefully will find him soon. Apparently GR, JR and kids are still living together. They were evicted from the PA house and are now living with GR’s sister in a small rancher (not sure where but hope to find out).

    Also the prosecutor revisited the fact of how powerful the letters to the judge can be, it brings his crime to the forefront and can add years to his sentence. And mentioned it is very important to be in court for his sentencing. We all should try are best to see this through.

    Keep the faith he will be brought to justice!!!

  20. bbb says:

    What a surprise !!!! I hope they find him,but I am not counting on it ! He has our money and he will hide.

  21. sickened says:

    I had a feeling that he wouldn’t show up. If they knew that he was a flight risk then WHY didn’t the Feds or whomever have someone watching him? I just don’t get it.

  22. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Where can he go? I am sure he is not too far from incarceration. We need to get a “MOST WANTED” post. Maybe we need to collect some recent photos… who has the ability to arrest someone like that? If you see him at wawa can you grab a cop and be like…HEY, that guys wanted! Or is this something a Marhsall needs to do like KATE on the show LOST….

  23. doghim says:

    Eagle if someone has the number for the marshal’s service we should put it out on the blog. If he (GR) is spotted they can call the marshals or the local police as there will be an outstanding warrant as of today. Just give the location and the police and the marshals will do the rest. If anyone has the address where he is living they should call the marshals and give them the temporary address as I am sure that GR has not kept up to date with his whereabouts with the probation office or the US attorney. I would doubt that his attorney knows where he is living as he had no idea where he was in court this morning. Keep the faith.

  24. don't let up!!! says:

    No surprise. He’s had 18 months to plan…..hide the money, get a fake divorce and disappear.

    He’s probably on his way to the Phillies Spring Training……On the bright side, he may take the bag(s) of money out of hiding. I hope he didn’t stiff his attorney.

  25. HAZ says:

    Oh – I hope he did stiff his attorney but really the guy is living rent free so he has been getting paid but not with cash.

    GR may be on his way to the Super Bowl – he has always gone – why would this year be any different – lets hope they catch him before he gets to Tampa.

    Anyone have GR’s sisters address?

  26. F Him says:

    I bet Gr’s attorney is getting lots of domino’s pizza, beer and a sparkling car was to wipe his slate clean. And after all that, a nice adjustment to ease his tensions….. this is BS!!

    Look for GR in his S.Philly home…. It’s mortgage free since we all bought it!

  27. AJC says:

    Wow, I dated this creep back in 1995. He lied to me and told me he was single but I later found out that he was with JR back then. I doubt she knew he was dating on the side then and probably throughout her entire marriage to him. If she is guilty of anything for sure it must be stupidity and low self esteem to stay with him. If she didn’t know of the scheme she had to have known he was a player. He was a very convincing con man. I was a single mom at the time with a 2 year old and this charming scumbag tearfully charmed me out of my last few thousand in my saving account that was all I had for my bills, daycare, etc promising he only needed it for a week to ‘pay his employees’ and I’d have it back. Surprise surpirse I never saw it. I came across the site on a whim when I googled him here 14 years later and I want to send a message to all of you who were wronged.

    I am so very sorry this guy has hurt so many of you, your children and stolen your stability and in some cases faith in humanity. I got off very easy in comparison. My damage was short term. I know that in time FATE will take care of Glyn, we don’t have to. Most of all…. forgive yourself for letting this happen. I am a reasonably intelligent woman and I kept asking myself how I could have let this happen, Why didn’t I know better or suspect anything? He WAS a VERY convincing con man and it seems many very intelligent people fell for him.

    I hope they find him and he spends the next 20 years making all kinds of new friends. I think he will look fabulous in orange.

  28. T Woods says:

    Let’s not forget free vet services for his beloved dog.

  29. don't let up!!! says:

    AJC – Thanks for the post. He is the definition of a scumbag. They will find him because not only did he deceive us but he made a mockery of the justice system. I’ll bet GR and JR are fighting over the bags of money as we speak. He will do at least 20 years.

    I agree, he will look good in orange…..he’ll look like a giant effing pumpkin. I’m sure someone in prison will be attracted to that.

  30. AJC says:

    If it makes any of you feel any better about this I knew him during his first incarceration. We were dating and all of the sudden I got a collect call from Camden County Correctional Facility!! YIKES!! He was whining and sobbing like a 3 year old and of course he claimed it was a a big ‘misunderstanding’ and he kited checks to make sure his people got paid! Yeah right. He had a very tough time in there because of his looks and..well just because he is HIM. I was not surprised when I read a post that he vomited when they took him into custody and I was also not surprised when he jumped bail at the prospect of returning. In light of the recent Madoff case has anyone considered contacting all major local and national media even Americas Most Wanted to see if you can get interest in finding him in the media. Because the Madoff case was so public you all may be able to capitalize on that and get some media coverage to help find this asshole where the police are not able to. Just a thought. I know if I was out the amount of money some are I’d be singing from the highest rooftop to anyone who would listen until his ass was in orange. I’m almost ashamed to admit , but I think in doing so it will make some of you smile….I knew him breifly back in 94 in the ‘biblical’ sense and believe me…. God did ‘shortchange’ this guy in a significant way that is not visible to all of you, and you can guarantee he’ll be someones ‘bitch’ on his first day of incarceration.
    Karma is a wonderful thing.

  31. AJC says:

    This has disturbed me so much since finding out about all of you this weekend, I took the time to write the judge a letter today explaining what he did to me back in 1995 and that this man has not learned, has not changed. I told her I can’t understand given his track record why bail was granted and that I implored her to consider all the sociopathic disregard for his victims when the time comes to sentence him. He had a chance years ago to learn from his last incarceration and turn his life around and he made the choice to go on and hurt more innocent people in an even greater way.
    If anyone feels the need to write you can send all letters to:

    The Honorable Renee Marie Bumb
    Mitchell H Cohen Building & US Courthouse
    4th & Cooper Streets – Room 6050
    Camden, NJ 08101

    Internal case # 2007R00894

    This was the least I can do. Good Luck to all of you.

  32. HAZ says:

    AJC – Thank you!!!

  33. Doogie says:

    The owner of this blog is a chicken shit! Stand up for yourself, man!

  34. F Him says:

    I can appreciate and respect your policy on kids. I’m sure when all said and done, shots aren’t about them but just another avenue to release frustrations. I think deep down inside a lot of us, shots are taken out on his family cause he didn’t give a dam about ours, i.e, AJC, he obviously did had no reservations taken money from you while being a single mother. Bottom line is, we all know who the scumbags are, and their old enough to drive our stolen cars.

  35. AJC says:

    As for his children. I can understand the anger you feel towards him and the urge to want his children to pay the way yours have. I get it. Consider this… these kids have to grow up and go through the rest of their lives with GR as their father! Cmon, that is certainly something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. For God’s sake the oldest one has the very same name! That poor kid, this website exists and he will grow up to try to get a job and raise a family too with this following him around. If I were his mother I’d get him to change his name to “Bob” or something! The younger two will end up growing up and proms, graduations, birthdays, holidays, weddings and every other event in their lives where fathers are there and theirs will be in an orange jumpsuit trying hard not to drop the soap in the shower. Like them or dislike them, they didn’t ask to be his kids. They had no choice. I think JR must be a delusional moron to marry and stay with this guy but I really question whether she knew about all of this. Keep in mind, he fooled ALL of us and it is not totally impossible that he was able to talk his way around all of this for years and make up excuses and stories to tell her. She probably believed it because she wanted to. Who would want to admit to themselves someone they cared for and fathered their kids was this evil and heartless? I do not feel sorry for her by any stretch, but what I am saying is from someone who once dated him, I can see how it could have happened.
    Hey, even Ted Bundy had a long term girlfriend who never knew he was a serial killer.

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