FBI seeks help to find con man

In an article today, the FBI is seeking help finding our favorite scam artist.   Anyone with information should call the FBI at (215) 418-4000 or their local police department.

This blog has followed Glyn Richards closely over the course of his arrest, and more then one poster has suggested Glyn Richards might be a “flight risk” due to the length of his sentence, the level of his deception, and the possibility he could have stashed some of the funds he stole in his ponzi scam. 

Turns out some of those posters were right.  Glyn Richards has missed his latest court appearance and is no where to be found.   Again, anyone with information to Glyn’s whereabouts should call the FBI at (215) 418-4000 or their local police department.

In addition, if anyone has recent pictures of Glyn, we will post them here as well.


46 Responses to FBI seeks help to find con man

  1. TakeTheMoneyAndRun says:

    I was saying this all along that he would bolt. Listen, Glyn may have come off as stupid but he really is a pretty smart guy. My guess is he is LONG gone but you never know. He could do something stupid and slip up but I’m not banking on it. Our legal system is such a joke its not even funny.

  2. upinthemix says:

    I like the raspberry he is sporting on his cheek. Maybe someday you will all see justice but I don’t believe it will be anytime soon. I just can’t believe they gave him that much of a running head start. They really dropped the ball on this case.

  3. Tiger W says:

    I guess he’s been eating well, it looks like he gained a bunch of weight. Don’t forget that he jumped bail, so there is a bail bondsman out $350,000. I have a feeling there will be a few bounty hunters looking for him as well as the feds.

  4. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    I think this is the arrest photo from 2007. Am I right on that one? Any of you try his cell phone today? Is that number still good?

  5. TakeTheMoneyAndRun says:

    I tried his cell phone….it goes right to voicemail.

  6. poppy says:

    With the look of that canker, he may be in a STD clinic

  7. upinthemix says:

    You guys should call Dog the Bounty Hunter. 350,000 is a nice payday. Did any news tv news stations carry this story lately?

  8. Doogie says:

    The Feds have a wiretap on all of the relatives residences. He will call.

  9. HAZ says:

    The feds could give 2 shits about this – if they had he would have been being watched.

  10. TakeTheMoneyAndRun says:

    HAZ speaks the truth. they could care less.

  11. don't let up!!! says:

    The Feds??????? Please. “We are processing all the paperwork”………….this is what I was told everytime I called. I actually had to tell them that he filed for bankruptcy. Any one of us could have had a slam dunk case on this scumbag in a weekend. GR is long gone. He sprayed the money to JR, his relatives/lawyer (he is like a relative now) and kept what he needed. I have learned first hand what everyone has been saying for a long time. Our justice system is a joke.

    I feel the pain of all the new ponzi scheme victims. It seems like they are dealing with the same crap.

  12. poppy says:

    They should check around Windsor Crossing into canada. Glyn was always a big fan of the loose ladies there

  13. doghim says:

    Read an interesting article in the NY Times regarding the Madoff scam. In the article it indicated that losses by theft (ponzi schemes) can be treated as theft or casualty losses on your federal tax return. There are some criteria that must be met and followed to qualify but it can result in a substantial credit against income with a significant reduction in tax. Your can find information regarding casualty and theft losses at the IRS web site in publications (publication 17) on personal income tax rules. It is PDF format and can be downloaded. It is a small way to get some of your money back.

  14. HAZ says:

    You can file tax form 4864 for relief on Ponzi schemes.

  15. F Him says:

    now i’m not a legal expert, but i’m guessing that now he’s a FUGATIVE, i assume that should add more jail time to his potential sentence. When he gets caught, and he will cause he looks to fat to run and hide, i hope they give him a good ole’ ass kick, then when he gets through in jail I hope he gets his ass kicked again, and again, and again. Everyday for the rest of his worthless, pathetic piece of crap life !!!

    FYI – For a sub-human who never had a bad day, Herpe boy looks very unhappy in his MUG SHOT !!!!

  16. bbb says:

    Hey does anyone know if JR is on the run with fatboy ? If not why is she not in jail. Was she not part of his bail agreement ?

  17. F Him says:

    I still believe she and a few others should be in jail. You know who you are…..

  18. F Him says:

    This was the chance for the Feds, our Government to set an example of someone. Herpe boy is on the run, Madoff is living in his Manhattan condo, and now another scam in our region!!


    While investments are dwindling and CEO’s taking large bonuses after a bail-out, why doesn’t our Government at least take a more aggressive approach against these guys. If I stool a car, I’d be thrown in jail, these guys scammed millions of TAX FREE money and nobody seems to care. What’s wrong with this judicial system????

    I know I post a lot here and others should too. I will continue till justice is served !!!!

  19. don't let up!!! says:

    Does anyone know if GR’s parents showed up to the last court hearing? I’ll bet they are proud of that fat ass scumbag. Time to put the heat on the other half of the scumbag team……JR. She was definitely involved……just ask her neighbors. I despise her more and that’s saying a lot.

  20. HAZ says:

    can we find out where JR is working?
    does anyone have contacts to help us?
    we find here then he will turn up.

  21. bbb says:

    I dont think GR could care what happens to her or the kids. His fat ASS is running ( not very fast ) and hiding. You all know how much he loves JR thats why he was out sleeping with any women he could. Thats why his first wife left him. Helen if you read this blog I hope all is good for you.

  22. HAZ says:

    GR has been with JR up until last week . So he my not care about her but she cares about the money.

    we find her we find him.

  23. poppy says:

    I would check all local hospitals for JR. She had to go back to work to prove some sort of income, even if she is spending all of your money.

  24. upinthemix says:

    Come on now HAZ,” we find her, we find him”? I think the authorities have already thought of that after already dropping the ball once. Oh and for people saying check local hospitals to see if she works there, wow, say you actually find her. Do you REALLY think she would tell you anything? I love delusional people. Good luck. I hope someday you all see justice.

  25. poppy says:

    Up…your obviously not thinking like the people that were ripped off here. They are willing to do anything to find Glyn even if that means finding where Jen works, tailing her and hoping they find glyn. At this point and time I would be at wits end to find anything i could that could help put Glyn away.

  26. F Him says:

    Gotta look outside the box. Go to the local Herpes clinic, he looks like he could use some ointments , or could that be a rash from getting slapped in the face with balls ?? If so, we could see a lot of rashes on his face and chin when he gets cought.

  27. HAZ says:

    hey UP – you must be new to this because he has been with her and the kids since his arrest. He will eventual reach out to GR. And to think the FEDS have thought of that they did not even know that GR was in bankruptcy – so they do not know shit nor do they give a shit.

  28. don't let up!!! says:

    F Him – that was great. I do look forward to the day when GR wakes up to a set(s) of balls bouncing on his face.

    Up – He’s been with JR the entire time. They set up the (fake) divorce so she can keep the cars, bank, $$, jewelry, paintings………….and the Feds knew this. If she dimes on him, she loses out on the cash (until death do us part). The only thing we have going for us is that GR/JR made a mockery of the Feds and hopefully that gives them some extra motivation because I guess just helping the victims wasn’t enough.

  29. poppy says:

    Im wondering if Glyn’s former handyman has any ideas on his whereabouts. Wasen’t he the one that bailed him out for the escalade fiasco?

  30. bbb says:

    I want to know why none of the major news agencies will pick up on this story. I have seen several other stories about scumbags just like GR. Why is the FBI not pushing for some help from the media ?

  31. Tiger W says:

    Yes, the handyman did bail him out after the Escalade debacle. I guess the news agencies don’t really care much because there is no one famous involved like all these other cases popping up lately. Also, I heard that GR is on the run solo and the rumor is JR might be moving back to Haddon Hts with the kids. I don’t know how accurate that info is but it came from someone who’s been pretty accurate so far.

  32. poppy says:

    If Jen does move back to Haddon Heights she is only opening herself and the kids up to ridicule. She can play the sad “i didnt know anything” card for only so long. Much like her “faithful” (haha) husband, she will slip up im guessing and her involvement in this whole thing will come to light.

  33. don't let up!!! says:

    Any chance, you can move that picture of GR? Every time I see it, I think I’m going to vomit.

    Many of us live in the Haddon Heights area and I’m sure we will not let her move back……that would be a bad move on her part.

    Hey JR, does GR have any of those sores down below. Was it really worth it? I’m sure the Haddon Heights community is proud of you……GO GARNETS!!!

  34. Doogie says:

    JR is not working. She’s living with her sis and Mom in HH. You all seem to know so much, yet so little. But not more than me. I’m family.

  35. poppy says:

    Good for you doggie. so you have scumbags in your family big deal.

    Good Reading/viewing right here:


  36. HAZ says:

    hey Doggie – why has JR stayed with him? Can you give us some insight? Hell – she (as far as the court papers say) still drives the BMW we bought her because it was given to her in the divorce (LOL).

  37. poppy says:

    LOL divorce. That was about as real as the DOD contracts

  38. Doogie says:

    She stayed with him because she’s a money hungry bitch. Some woman don’t care about anything other than having material possessions. The guys bought her everything she wanted, including a new face and boobs.

    She knew what he did before she married him. She knew he was a con then (passing bad checks). If it really mattered and she was a decent human being, she never would have married him.

    It’s kind of hard to drop a lifestyle once you have become accustomed to it.

  39. TakeTheMoneyAndRun says:

    LOL, this page is awesome. Also, with all the smack you guys are talking about finding JR and confronting her…..I wonder if her or GR ever look at this page. I have the Wanted by the FBI page hanging up at my desk….LOL

  40. HAZ says:

    hey doogie – you think you can talk JR in to telling us where he is? I’m sure we can take up a collection and offer her something of value.

  41. poppy says:

    He’s in florida with his parents. Thats the only people that would probably accept him into their home

  42. F Him says:

    By the looks of g’s head getting fatter and fatter, maybe if we tell the Feds he was using steroids when he was ripping people off, they’ll find him. That always seems to be the case with faseball players.

  43. F Him says:

    remember, in faceball, to balls in the chin equals one bat in the mouth

  44. F Him says:

    correction: TWO (2) balls in the chin equals one bat in the mouth…

  45. cuz bomb says:


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