Glyn Captured

Glyn Richards Captured

Glyn Richards Captured



Details to Follow…   


54 Responses to Glyn Captured

  1. F Him says:

    is this confirmed???!!!

  2. F Him says:

    is this confirmed???!!!

  3. anono says:

    Yes it is!!

  4. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    Confirmed. It will be in the Courierpost tommorrow and I have seen the arrest on the Hillsborough County web site.

  5. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    PS. I think he was actually living in a place called LUTZ florida, although the arrest online I saw lists it as TAMPA.

  6. anono says:

    TheEagleHasLanded, where on the Hillsborough county web site did you see the arrest?

  7. F Him says:

    That is F-ckn awesome. I can’t wait to see his whimpering fat ass in court and tv!! The judge has got to thow the max and then some to hid FBI / Fugative runner fat ass!!Hey Glyn, we’re all having a great day today, how bout you?? You jail bitch!! See ya!! in 25 to 30 !!!you asshole

  8. doghim says:
    This is the link to the Hillsborouh web site and GR’s arrect record in florida. He is currently in jail in Florida.

  9. sickened says:

    Holy shit! There is a God!

  10. poppy says:

    A hearing is to be held today for Glyn Richards, the fugitive con man from South Jersey who was captured Saturday in Florida.

    Richards, who is to appear in federal court in Tampa, has been sought on a warrant since he skipped a Jan. 22 bond-revocation hearing in Camden.

    The former Haddon Heights resident pleaded guilty in June to mail fraud and money laundering after authorities said he took millions of dollars from investors in a Ponzi scheme. He has a Feb. 19 sentencing date for those offenses.

    Richards was arrested Saturday morning in an apartment that he rented in Tampa, the FBI said. Authorities said tips that resulted from media coverage led to his arrest.

    Beautiful Stuff

  11. Some1 says:

    The arrest record is showing: “DOES NOT OCCUPY A CELL – RELEASED ON: 02/09/09 AT 08:56 – REL: TRANS OUTSIDE INST”

    I think they are trasporting him somewhere? Back to NJ?

    Oh, and note that on the arrest record he weighs in at 227 and is 6’1″ and noted as a “Large” build.

  12. Some1 says:

    Nice to know that the digital billboards work: “Richards was located as a result of tips called in to law enforcement following media coverage of his fugitive status and his picture being placed on digital outdoor billboards, Klaver said. Richards remained housed Sunday in the Hillsborough County, Fla., Jail and is expected to appear in federal court for an initial appearance on Monday.”

  13. Some1 says:

    He is featured on the homepage of the FBI:

  14. don't let up!!! says:

    Is Feb 19 still on? I’m sure GR’s scumbag lawyer will need some time to prepare his defense.

    How great is that picture of GR in the orange jumpsuit…..just in time for Valentine’s. He’ll be bent over by the weekend. I wonder if he’ll have that same look on his face that he had when he took my first check with my 6 and 8 year old sitting on my lap.

  15. TakeTheMoneyAndRun says:

    that orange jump suit pick is priceless. He will be someones bitch in no time. I think I may go to this Feb 19th hearing. What a scumbag….anyone know exactly HOW he got caught?

  16. poppy says:

    Authorities said tips that resulted from media coverage led to his arrest.

  17. poppy says:

    They should have provided a closed circut link to those who got scammed so they could see him grovel in a FL courtroom, before he returns here for his sentencing

  18. TakeTheMoneyAndRun says:

    The eagle has landed alright….LOL….”cmon babe, I dont wanna pick up the soap”

  19. TakeTheMoneyAndRun says:

    I tried calling his cell saturday night so I could play The Clash: I fought the law, but his voicemail was filled…guess many others beat me to it.

  20. Some1 says:

    Saw GR’s attorney just now at lunchtime. Cruising back to “his” errrr…GR’s house with his cell phone to his face. Guess GR can’t afford to fly him to Florida federal court to help him out of this mess!

  21. Some1 says:

    Oh, and to the poster that blogged before that the FBI should check the SuperBowl knowing GR’s track record of alwasy going–you are genius!

  22. Some1 says:

    Here is something that is interesting. Go to Google maps and plug in the address where they arrested GR (15420 LIVINGSTON AVE, LUTZ, FL – public record information) and then click on Street View and you can get a nice clear view of his stomping grounds where he enjoyed his last days of freedom!

  23. Some1 says:

    After looking at this billboard image it makes you wonder the amount of the “reward”. Can we find out?

  24. poppy says:

    Anyone planning on visiting Glyn in his new diggs when he gets his Cell. Im guessing they put him somewhere in the midwest

  25. TakeTheMoneyAndRun says:

    why would they put him in the midwest??? shouldn’t he be put in jersey prison?

  26. poppy says:

    Federal conviction with crimes across state lines. He will go to a max security fed prison

  27. TakeTheMoneyAndRun says:

    oh dam…..awesome.

  28. poppy says:

    There are 2 federal prisons in the state of NJ. There is 1 at his favorite hang-out, Fort Dix, NJ. There is also 1 in Fairton, NJ.

  29. F Him says:

    they should send him to :

    That tent prison in the middle of AZ. just baking in the AZ sun for 30 years. No rooms, no privacy and lots of barb wire fences. It will be good for him to ponder his wasteful, useless, pathetic life, to think of all the lives destroyed. They should send his whimpering ass to death row!

  30. F Him says:

    Actually, Tent City would be perfect. He’ll get to sleep in the very Army tents he was shipping to Iraq. This says it all: (from the web site i just posted)

    HIGH above the Arizona desert, a pink neon sign flashes the word “vacancy” from a watch tower manned by armed guards.

    Surrounded by 25ft barbed wire fences, this is the welcome offered by America’s toughest jail — Tent City in Phoenix.

    Inside, nearly 1,000 prisoners live in army surplus tents, baking in temperatures of 122°F (50°C) in summer and freezing during winter.

    No matter how many criminals are locked up here, the vacancy sign is never turned off.

    Instead, if prisoner numbers increase, jail supremo Sheriff Joe Arpaio simply orders extra tents. He says: “I will build tents to house 100,000 people before I ever let anybody out of jail early. If I have to, I will put up tents from here to Mexico.”

  31. TakeTheMoneyAndRun says:


  32. don't let up!!! says:

    I would like to sponsor his tent……a big tent where he can bend over comfortably. In fact, I’ll sponsor one for JR too. She’s as dirty as him. It still sickens me that she is still spending our money and moved back to the town where she stole from her friends and neighbors.

    See you all on the 19th.

  33. Interested party says:

    Nice to see the scumbag finally in custody, hopefully this time for good! I am curious though looking at his arrest record it says “released” on 2/9? Also, yesterday’s Courier Post says he was due in court….any word on the outcome?
    And for those who are awaiting the 19th – this too may be delayed as he will have to be extradited back to Jersey. But don’t worry, his day in court will come!!

  34. AJC says:

    I am very happy that they finally got him. I’d like to know who actually turned him in and thank them. How much time do you realistically think he is looking at for the offense as well as the jumping bond? I hope the judge is mad. What have they told any of you about the chances of recovering any damages at all? Do you think if he has any money stashed away somewhere, giving it up for restitution may be his only bargaining chip to a somewhat lighter sentence? Just a thought. What have you heard?

  35. HAZ says:

    AJC- there is no money – his wife has it all – proof of it is that she still has the BMW we bought her.

    The greatest of all will be when her kids grow up and understand what GR and JR did to so many people – it will be hard for them to understand (we can only hope )!!!

  36. AJC says:

    She is pretty stupid. Not for just bad perception alone you would think she would get rid of that BMW and get something else low key to drive just because it symbolizes what they did and sort of puts salt in the wounds. I just have to think that Glyn couldn’t just pick up and take off to Florida and have money to survive and put down deposits and rent an apartment if he didn’t either have some sort of money stashed somewhere? I can’t imagine he doesn’t have some of it left in a place where only he knows about it. If that is not the case someone aided and abetted him in setting him up down there because he obviously has no legitimate source of income. It would be interesting to follow the paper trail of the money he used to get himself down there and set up.

  37. Gorillarodeo says:

    BTW, the reward was $1000

  38. poppy says:

    He tried the restitution card…thats what got him bail the first time…hes fried!

  39. Some1 says:

    Did you notice in his lovely booking photo,GLYN W&race=W&vex=JYBGYBUGG<GU that he has a sunburn! I bet it’s gonna’ get even hotter in his prison cell!

  40. poppy says:

    Wonder how the courts will handle his bankruptcy that he filed for in February of last year. He obviously had some cash to rent the apartment. His credit should have came up shit for a place like that. Hes obviously using a false SS# and forged doc’s

  41. Some1 says:

    poppy, since his parents live in Florida perhaps they rented the apartment for him? Betting a phone call could be made to the apartment landlord to satisfy our curiosity.

    Speaking of phone calls, I just called the Tampa Federal Courts. You people are definately in need of an update. I told her that I was aware that they brought in Glyn and wanted to know what happened and is he being transferred back to NJ for his sentenceing hearing. She told me that he appeared in court yesterday. He is being detained in Florida. She said that all his paperwork and documents have been transferred back to NJ and that would cause her to believe that he too would be transferred to NJ soon. I am guessing that the February sentencing date will hold. Tampa’s Federal Court can be reached at 813-301-5400 in case someone else wants to call to see if there is anymore info to be had.

  42. Some1 says:

    A quick reverse address search from where he was arrested shows that he was residing at Preserve at Deer Park formerly Palms at Livingston. 813-910-0077

  43. don't let up!!! says:

    Looks like GR’s scumbag lawyer is going to get more of our money……I’ll bet that pissess JR off too. She wants it all.

    The sentincing previously scheduled for defendant(s) GLYN RICHARDS on February 19, 2009, 09:30 AM has been cancelled. VNS will continue to provide you with updated case scheduling and event information.

  44. AJC says:

    Here is a factoid for the ridiculous file that not many know. During the time of his first arrest back in the 90’s Glyn worked as a representative for the South Jersey Better Business Bureau, yes, really!!! After that arrest during his few months in jail he conned the manager of that branch office into writing character reference letters to the judge for him to help get him accepted into this ISP release program. Imagine hiring him to represent the BBB?! Isn’t that sort of like asking Casey Anthony babysit your kids?

  45. bbb says:

    Actually what I think is ridiculous is the fact that this piece of shits sentincing has been cancelled or postponed again !!!!! WTF! Put his ass in jail. Then get his piece of shit wife and make her tell where the money is and if she refuses tell her the only way she will ever see her kids again is through a piece of glass or iron bars !!!!!!!

  46. AJC says:

    BBB you’re right. It is insane that he sentencing is postponed. Only consolation is at least he is no longer free. He’s not going anywhere.

  47. doghim says:

    The good news is that the sentencing postponment allows the US attorney to file additional charges for the bail jump and failure to appear as well as a possibility of revoking his plea agreement allowing for many more years during the sentencing hearing.

  48. GR's favorite blonde says:

    This is way too funny to me. I’m the girl he lived with. We were solely roommates, nothing more!!!! I actually set him up with my girlfriends a few times. The ironic part to all this is…..I used to live in Deer Park which is a developement right behind the apartments where Glyn was residing in Lutz. These apartments backed up to my back fence. This developement is also where Tony Dungy’s son killed himself.

    I guess I should have looked harder for everyone’s stashed money in the house we lived in before I kicked him out and moved. Sorry everyone but I did search high and low since GR kept calling me telling me he left something in the house and needed to get in. That was a big no-go.

    Hmmm, wonder if he has time left on that lease? I’d like to visit my old town and soak up the sun too.

    *** hey JR, if you’re still reading this, he banged quite a few of my friends. Stupid B!tch!!!!!

  49. don't let up!!! says:

    JR is a nasty bitch and for anyone who still may think JR is a victim, I met someone this week who met JR through their child’s Karate class. JR invited this couple to parties (of friends/investors) and mentioned Glyn’s business to them and how hard he worked and how successful he was……that almost made me puke. She was really pushing them but fortunately for them, they never got involved. We all know JR was part of this but what I can’t understand is why she isn’t wearing an orange jumpsuit with a chancre on her face……..

    When Glyn finally gets sentenced, we need to make sure JR leaves town. I can’t believe she has the guts to stay in Haddon Heights and is still driving the BMW. Can someone get her address and bring it to the hearing……I want to send holiday cards to the family.

  50. Someone who knew him once says:

    I worked for a company that he used to haul some of my freight. I know he screwed a bunch of carriers out of their pay. Fuck this asshole I hope he rots in jail and has a cellmate named Bubba.

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