Glyn and Your Taxes

taxgAs I sit in front of TURBO TAX DELUXE, I recall several mentions of what you can do on your tax return regarding this mess.  Is this something we should be filing now?  Or is this something we have to wait until he is officially sentenced?

I wanted to start this thread to collect tax information and share information on this topic.  After we get some responses I have a new entry of Glyn’s arrest photo, the photos of his Tampa bay “HIDE-OUT,” and the electronic billboard that was used to find him in sunny, FLA.  There was also a reward offered, but I am not sure if that was claimed. 

On the topic of Florida, big thanks to the fine, fine folks of the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Officefor catching our favorite fugitive.  He was there just long enough to get a little color and probably to catch the SuperBowl.


6 Responses to Glyn and Your Taxes

  1. HAZ says:

    Eagle – did my taxes today using Turbo Tax deluxe and yes you will receive a credit for the money lost. The credit will depend on your adjusted gross income. Since Jerk Off has pleaded guilty the deduction can be taken this year. Actually we probably could have taken this credit last year. The step within Turbo Deluxe is in the “Your Deduction and Credit” section “casualties and thefts”. You can also read Pub- 17 chapter 25, Pub – 547 & 548. Hope this helps!!!

  2. HAZ says:

    Oh – the form to file for this mess is 4684 Casualties and Thefts

  3. TheEagleHasLanded says:


  4. HAZ says:

    eagle – what happened to the pictures of the apartment?

  5. TheEagleHasLanded says:

    A freaked out member of that community asked me to take down the photos because she lives there…

    so I did her that favor.

    BTW, it is a favor. There is no legal reason why you can’t publish exterior photos of an address that is well documented in the press. But why let the cancer that is Glyn Richards cause another person like this woman in FLA aggrivation. I will republish the story with a password for those that will like to see pictures. The password will be Glyns favorite fort (2 words). If you do not know, email me…

  6. TR says:

    I found it has. Didn’t have quite the impact on the ol’ return that I had hoped!

    Oh well…

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