So THIS is what he did at the PHILS!?!

Scams hit everybody folks… even Scott Ehyre of the Philadelphia Phillies.  I wonder if Glyn was a “runner.”


51 Responses to So THIS is what he did at the PHILS!?!

  1. cuz bomb says:


    If you are going to attend, make sure you are there early because it will only take about 5 minutes.

  2. poppy says:

    Where did this info come from?

  3. poppy says:

    An admitted con artist from Haddon Heights, now being held in federal prison, is considered a suicide risk, a judge said here Monday.

    Glyn Richards, 45, “has been placed on suicide watch,” U.S. District Judge Renee Bumb said at a bond-revocation hearing.

    Authorities say Richards, 45, took millions of dollars from investors by falsely claiming to have lucrative defense contracts through a trucking firm.

    Richards pleaded guilty in June to mail fraud and money laundering, then became a fugitive after missing a Jan. 22 bond-revocation hearing. He was arrested Feb. 7 in Tampa. Bumb continued the hearing to March 18 and set a tentative sentencing date of March 31.

  4. poppy says:


  5. sickened says:

    WTF! How much longer does this shit have to drag on?

  6. poppy says:

    Does it matter? His ass is on lockdown. The longer it drags the better

  7. sickened says:

    It does matter…at least to me anyway. This has been going on for almost two years (since his arrest in July 07) and although my family has moved on we still want justice. I just want some closure.

  8. HAZ says:

    agree i want closure too – but his ass his in jail – and i’m hoping he kills himself but this i’m sure is just another gane Glyn and his lawyer are playing. GKYN kill yourself already.

  9. don't let up!!! says:

    Glyn, don’t kill yourself until you take it in the can a couple of times. Who knows big shot, you might like it…….THE EAGLE WILL BE LANDING SOON!!

    I just visited my son’s class for a career day. What the f___ are Glyn’s kids going to do? I guess JR can go in and say that she is living off the money she helped her husband steal from friends and neighbor’s. Where is that fake bitch?

  10. HAZ says:

    is she back in haddon heights?

  11. poppy says:

    I hope he does not kill himself. Where is the suffering in that? Although, he has taken alot of money from alot of people, why should the taxpayers have to foot the bill for 3 hots and a cot.

    You know what yea, Glyn kill yourself.

  12. bbb says:

    We need to convince the judge to bring JR in and make her give up the cash or send her ass to jail also. If she does not know where it is ( which I doubt ) then this will force GR to let it be known to get the mother of his kids out of jail !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. HAZ says:

    poppy – yea i thought the same thing I want him to suffer in jail but why should he get more of our money!!

    FUCK HIM – Let him get be someone’s bitch for a few weeks and then kill himself!!!


  14. don't let up!!! says:

    I know this has been brought up before but why can’t the Feds follow the paper trail and the information that GR gave them to get the money back from those who made out on this scam. That still doesn’t make sense to me.

    They should also put more heat on that plastic bitch!!! That doesn’t make sense either. Those kids would be better off out of the gutter trash family anyway.

  15. doghim says:

    My computer has been down recently. Has anyone gotten any new notifications from the victim information service? Does anyone know what GR’s status is or when the next hearing will be? Has the US Attorney filed additional charges? Has the plea agreement been revoked due to his flight to Florida?

  16. poppy says:

    Not much info…but glyns in the Philadelphia FDC. 700 Arch St. waiting for his trial

  17. don't let up!!! says:

    Is our favorite scumbag being sentenced on March 31?

  18. poppy says:

    He was supposed to have a hearing on 3/18 and 3/31. An i think you are correct a sentencing date is on 3/31

  19. doghim says:

    I just checked the Victim notification system and there is no information regarding a hearing on March 18 and/or a sentencing hearing of March 18. Can someone tell me where they are getting this information? It would seem that the court is unaware of these dates.

  20. F Him says:

    Hey, at least the scumbag is in a jail

  21. cuz bomb says:

    I checked with the agent on the information web site and she didn’t have any info on what happened in the “conflict of interest” hearing on 3/18. The sentencing is on hold. Right now there is no new date set for the sentencing hearing and she said once it is scheduled there will be an email from them.

  22. need help says:


  23. poppy says:

    This is another down time in the long awaited sentence. Much like him goin down in prison

  24. need help says:


  25. don't let up!!! says:

    This is a joke but we’ve been patient for this long………..that scumbag is going to get at least 20+

    Can anyone confirm that the eagle has landed in GR’s ass already?

    Where is the other scumbag, JR? I can’t believe she is going to walk. She helped him steal that money. That is the big joke.

  26. doghim says:

    The internal revenue service has issued a bulletin regarding a revenue procedure for the treatment of theft losses from ponzi schemes. The website to read the bulletin is: The bulletin provides instructions for the preparation of a claim of theft loss for 4864 and attachments.

  27. need help says:

    what going on with mrs jr are thay going after her

  28. need help says:

    any news

  29. poppy says:

    I search daily for any new tidbits…been a little slim pickings. Nothing new ive seen

  30. in a financial bind says:

    I am back….has anyone tried to visit with him at Federal court in Philly? I am not sure how visitors work, does anyone have an idea? I can try to put myself on the list and go see him if he will see me..which I think he will to safeguard his family.

    Also, I can have my guy provide JR’s wherabouts..exact location. If I get it and post it..will it be removed? I want to provide it to all of the victims as a compensation for all of our losses and pain…please advise.

  31. F Him says:

    send her out on a ship to samallia. Let the pirates take care of her. Then send G after her…

  32. poppy says:

    He has to apporve all visitors…and I wouldnt post any info on her incase some bad karma befalls her…you could be held responsible

  33. in a financial bind says:

    bad things happen to bad people all of the time…I am going to put my name on his visitors list and see if he accepts me…I will also get her address and once I do, I will deliver it out to those who want it via my email…the real treat will come when he hits general population. No matter what Federal facility he is in his life will never be the same… Just as many of our lives have not been the same. Not a threat Mrs G, a promise. Tell your scum bag husband, his daily life will be HELL and he will have me to thank for it…

  34. don't let up!!! says:

    in a f b – Can you make sure he gets plenty of love in prison?

    I want JR’s address. I will stay in touch.

  35. HAZ says:

    I want the address also!!!

  36. need help says:

    so do i

  37. need help says:


  38. need help says:

    is JR BACK IN HH yet

  39. in a financial bind says:

    My PI guy is out of town until Thursday…will reach out to him then and have an address for you all….

  40. need help says:


  41. poppy says:

    nothing yet

  42. don't let up!!! says:

    I heard that they should finally have a case on him by 2012, they are “still analyzing all the paperwork.” GR is promising to pay back the money if in return, he get’s a light sentence…….let’s do the math*****25 hours a week x minimum wage – taxes – fast food – gambling debt – alcohol/drug purchases – liposuction – prostitutes (JR – Did you get tested???)………I just don’t see it.

    What a joke – almost 2 years and still nothing.

  43. sickened says:

    For me personally I would rather see him rot in jail for a long time. Our money is already gone and we’ve moved past that. I don’t want him to be able to do this to anyone else…ever!

  44. HAZ says:

    Update – The sentencing will be held June 30th @ 10:00am. We will be encouraged to speak at the trail. On the emotional side of this case not that we just lost money but how we were betrayed by a friend. What was the emotional impact to you on a personal level?

    Also JR is in HH with her family. JR is also crying to the court that she was also duped!! How?? She lived with him even after he was arrested and allowed or I would think knew he was going to run to Florida.

    Well make sure you all show up for the June 30th sentencing – there is power in numbers – the more people that show the longer the sentence.

  45. don't let up!!! says:

    Poor JR…….It didn’t stop her from spending our money or emptying her house out when GR was busted. In addition, what did she think all those certified letters meant. She is full of shit. It is a crime that she is not going to pay. Her and her family have the money and everyone knows it. She is as big a scumbag as GR.

    I have to postpone my family vacation but my wife and I will be there to watch that fat ass go down!! I hope everyone can make it.

  46. bbb says:

    Any news on how many new friends Gr has made in prison. Has he traded his cuban cigars for somthing else.

  47. tr says:

    I assume you mean he’s now smoking pink cigars!?!?

    I wonder if he gets the interwebs in prison? Probably he does. If so

    GR– I hope you are reabilitating comfortably. Pay your debt to society– Get the top of the Pyramid to repay the bottom–and get on with your life! It’s never to late.

  48. F Him says:

    Sickened – our money is supposedly gone and yes i want to see the guy do hard time for a long time, but a lot of us i’m sure have not gotten passed it. I’m sure most are still feeling the ripple effects from this scam.

    TR – can they get the top of the scam to pay out. I think we all have a pretty good idea of who some of the players are who made a profit off this. Doesn’t G still have a vested interest in a property in S. Philly? Aren’t their 3 people that most of us are aware of that seemed to have made out from this?? Nobody really talks about those who profited off this. AS you said, the pyramid. The top players always make out.

    I want more then just Glyn !!!

  49. don't let up!!! says:

    Five more days until we watch that fat ass piece of garbage get what he deserves…….he better get at least 15-20 years.

    The only other crime here is that the other scumbag (JR) is still out spending our money.

    It’s been extremely tough on all of us but I hope everyone can see this to the end………See everyone on Tuesday.

  50. Misty says:

    What happen to the guy that worked with him in the office?

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