30 Years!!!

June 29, 2009

Glyn Richards was sentenced to 30 years today in court.  The ordeal for many of us officially comes to a close, but for him is just beginning.   That is more then the even 10 to 15 we had hoped he would get.   Judge Bumb decided to give a very hefty, and very meaningful sentence.

That means that your stories were heard.  On the news, in the paper, in letters to the courts, and in court today, the victims of this crime were heard. 

I’d like to thank each and every one of you that contributed here.  If you submitted, if you posted, or even if you just read– you increased exposure to this horrible crime, and in the end, helped shed light on just how much damage Glyn Richards did.

I’d like to also thank those courageous enough to tell their story on the news and in the newspapers.   At the time they were ridiculed, called stupid, and faced a barrage of  anonymous posters saying, “it would never happen to me.”  They were trivialized as greedy people getting what they deserved.     

Well the Judge didn’t see it that way today.  She saw it for what it was.  Crime.  And a very serious one.  Thirty years worth.  

For me?  This officially closes the Glyn Richards chapter of my life.  I will continue to work at forgiving myself for letting it happen.   Forthose of you that were so horribly affected by this, best of luck.  In time Glyn Richards will be a tiny memory in our lives, but he will have the rest of his life in prison to remember what he did to every one of you.

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