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Glyn Richards is a New Jersey resident that  posed as a Department of Defense Contractor to get victims of his fraud, or ponzi, scheme to invest in his fictitious freight company, ALL FREIGHT LOGISTICS. It is alleged that he has received over $10,000,000 in funds from investors. He was arrested in July of 2007 and charged with Theft by Deception. (A crime he served 9 months for in 1996.)

This Blog was created to spread information on the GLYN RICHARDS, ALL FREIGHT LOGISTICS, ponzi scam that has allegedly affected 85 people in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Florida. If you are a victim, please send me your story and I will post it here. You can tell as much or as little as you’d like, this is your place to vent at the absurdity of how a convicted felon duped people to the tune of $10,000,000.

Send the stories to HeScammedMeToo@comcast.net, and they will appear anonymously, by the nickname you choose, in the victims section, and if I can collect enough interesting information on this, I’d like to write about it. The format of that written piece will depend on the amount and type of info I get…

Thanks and Good Luck to all that have been victims of this criminal whether they lost money as investors, investors loved ones that suffered with the stress of the losses, or whether they are people close to Glyn Richards that now have to deal with a terrible mess that Glyn Richards made for them… I’d like to collect all your stories. Tell me how this mess has affected you or someone you care about.

Send Me Your Stories….

Many of his victims were people that thought he was a friend and others, it is alleged, some victims were even family members. This blog is created to give any of those that wish to tell their story, anonymously or otherwise, a voice. I find it fascinating how a convicted felon could dupe this many people. I am fascinated because I am one…


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