Photoshop Fun

August 9, 2007


Finally, a little truth in advertising from the good people at All Freight Logistics!

avatar11.jpg   Let’s Hope so Homer!!! 


Happy Birthday Glyn!

August 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Glyn Richards!! Today Glyn turns 44. He shares the same birth date as Whitney Houston, and will likely spend his b-day in a similar fashion as Whitney — laying low and hoping that the activities of the last few years don’t land them in jail. (I think Whitney will be OK…GR, not so much.)

Speaking of which, we at the scam blog wanted to do something special for the birthday. So, I Read the rest of this entry »

Glyn Made STEALERS of our Kids

August 8, 2007

By now many of you have heard tale of Glyn Richard’s magnanimous generosity, (with other peoples money that is) and how he loved to sponsor baseball teams. That was another factor that made him seem more trustworthy to me. He loved baseball, and was a big sponsor of teams I had heard. Well here’s one team he sponsored, and folks, I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. THE CHERRY HILL STEALERS!!! Kudos to the Stealers that have ALREADY removed the “ALL FREIGHT LOGISTICS Logo” from their web site, but from the magic of Google I was able to acquire a screen shot. You can do the same by searching Google for “GLYN RICHARDS CHERRY HILL STEALERS.” The first result will be for the Cherry Hill baseball club. If you Read the rest of this entry »