Mail Bag

August 4, 2007

I am getting a ton of mail. It’s great to hear from you all. Here are some I have received. I will never use your names unless you ask me to specifically. Please keep reading the stories and commenting. This has been great closure for a lot of people that have been jerked around the last year….



Thanks for putting up this site for awareness and insider news. Encased

in *****’s is my story.


Hello, i was surfing the web and came across arious links and found the article news about this guy.

He hasnt harmed me or my family in anyway but i knew him for a while. His company would deal with mine and do business with trucking. I knew this guy was a scam since day one. He always delivered and rovided the trucks in fact in his case we were scamming him paying him late 120 pays on bills etc. One of the girls that use to work here who’s name i think i should remain untold started talking to him and going out with him constantly, he would give her money in large amounts but she would always complain about them going out specific days and REALLY late at night and always an excuse after excuse when she wanted to see him. One day i decided to look him up online and found him and his wife lived in NJ. He denied to the girl at work and swore on his kid not KIDS that he was a single guy. He played this girl and his wife for a fool for many many many months and his lies were so obvious. This is just juicy gossip to add on and to hopefully inform his wife that not only he was stealing money but he was also playing her for a fool every single week.

PS: Keep me anonymous as well.


Hi-Amazing site!


Here is an actual i-m from GR to me.

glyn: , I haven’t been paid since MARCH from the government .. I am so far behind on everything as well .. I am not holding out on you .. you are one of my oldest friends .. I wouldn’t hurt you or your family … I just need time to get paid


Good afternoon,

There are a lot of emotions flying around so I will use you as a point of contact; if that’s alright.

Again, I just don’t think it’s fair for GR to have even a little bit of breathing room.

My very best regards,


I found all the news links… and have been googling.. Thanks!

I emailed everyone in my personal email a link to the blog at um… 6am this morning…


He got me(and for a lot). I will email you my story at a later date but there is so much stuff that I don’t even know where to start right now. It still seems bazaar that he would be as cold and heartless as it appears.

I’m glad you are taking the time to do this because I’m sure he’ll try it again someday.


Great Great work on this site!  Your work is appreciated!  We’ll talk soon


PS:  I think he has money stashed!!!


********************************************************************************   Good morning, Man…that last post on your site is a tough one about the guy and his ailing sister. Hopefully something positive will happen soon. Here’s to wishful thinking! 

C ya


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