Conspiracy Theories

August 1, 2007


So Friends, you happened upon the Glyn Richards All Freight Logistics page for conspiracy theories. This page was the suggestion of a kind reader, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I did not feature it, so that means if you are here that you found the page on your own. And if you are here, either you have some conspiracy theories, or you‘d like to hear some.   So have at it!  I think the whole thing is pretty cut and dry.  We all got ponzied, basically.  I have thought that for months.  But there were some interesting theories on the original Courier Post Message Board, before they took the board down. So far, THAT is my biggest raise of an eyebrow, that the last board was taken down, and no one would tell us why. So, use the comments below to espouse theories you may have, or to ask questions. In keeping with the conspiracy theory spirit, I have encoded a special message to GR using RED text…see if you can decode it!!

In all seriousness, this is your place to to interact about those theories some have expressed to me. Use the comments below. (All theories posted in the comments are the opinions of the poster, and non necessarily shared by anyone but the person posting. )