Too Many Sleepless Nights

October 6, 2007




Never would I have believed that I was being duped by a friend that stood in my house and explained to me his business. Glyn’s explanations of how he started the DOD business were remarkable (or just stupidity on my part). My first question was why are you not going to a bank to secure a loan for this type of money. His response well the contracts are “no bid” and the money needs to go oversees quickly (going the bank route is to cumbersome). Not only knowing him and his wife through the school our kids attended and the sports I coached his son in, it was inconceivable that they would be scamming friends for money. But we all know how that ended up.

But what really kills me is the how this totally blindsided all of us and has caused financial and emotional damage to many families.

The thousands of dollars that have been stolen from my family and those closes to me have robbed us of opportunity. Opportunity that we have earned through hard, honest work. The stolen opportunities are countless- our children’s college tuition, retirement savings, home improvements, etc. This loss of money has forced my wife to return to work full-time. She has been working part-time for 7 years caring for our 3 children. Now she must return full-time to help cover the losses. As a result of this traumatic experience the choice for her to be at home caring for our children no longer exists. As the events have Read the rest of this entry »


The Scammer

August 10, 2007

My husband and I (I should say my children, too) are all victims of Glyn Richards. My husband was introduced to him by a mutual friend. When my husband explained the “investment” to me I was instantly skeptical. But he assured me that this guy was legit. At first the money came in but then it stopped and all we heard was one excuse after another…my friend died…my uncle died…I’m waiting on the DOD to send the check…the terror plot at Fort Dix delayed the check…blah, blah, blah. My husband would go to Glyn’s office in the morning and wait for him to show up for “work.” He fed my husband a bunch of bullshit every time. This man has destroyed us financially. I am a stay-at-home Mom who is now faced with having to go back to work and find someone to care for our four year old son and fourteen month old daughter. I have creditors Read the rest of this entry »

Completely Lambasted

August 10, 2007

I am writing this blog not to make you feel bad for me but for the purpose of sharing my story with all of you as I really need a shoulder to cry on right now.

I met Glyn back in 2000. I was a manager at my current employer and one of my tasks was managing all of our freight. One afternoon, I got a fax flyer from his company at the time, Garden State Brokerage, Inc. I needed a quote for a shipment and Glyn gave me the best price. He did the delivery for me and from there, he became my exclusive carrier. Going forward, we became good friends, close enough that I met all of his family, attended Christmas parties at his house in Barrington, birthday parties, he came to my wedding in ’02, heck, he even took me to the Super Bowl in ’03! My wife and his got along real well and we had good times together, real good.  He would even Read the rest of this entry »

Tisk tisk tisk…

August 10, 2007

I successfully completed Glyn’s Term of $25,000 in, $36,000 out, once…

Checks deposited, everything was good. So I took my initial $25k and reinvested. At this point I told my ister and father about the deal. My father didn’t have a good feeling bout it, so he stayed out, however my sister had just received some money from some land that she sold. This was the first time my sister had come across a significant amount of money. About $33,000 total. She was more than excited to do this.

My sister has recently been diagnosed with Multiple Read the rest of this entry »

Email from a Monster

August 8, 2007

Below is an actual email exchange that was sent in to me anonymously. I have no way to validate that it’s true, or prove it’s validity in a blog, but I know it is real. ANY of you that have dealt with Glyn Richards will immediately recognize the rhetoric. I republish it here because this is a classic example of what we fell for hook, line and sinker. Not only did we think it was real, I think Glyn did too, which is just flat our scary. That is why I am happy those around him are safe, because Glyn is truly a delusional mind… Read the rest of this entry »

Just Another Victim

August 7, 2007

Our family was scammed by Glyn Richards.  I was introduced to him back in November of 06, he seemed trustworthy and I felt he wanted to help us out.  I asked different people who were involved and they all had positive experiences and were making good money on their investments. I had taught Glyn’s older son and I believed he was sincere when he said he wanted to help me out in part for being good to his son.  I took a risk by taking equity out of our home, at the time I felt confident I was making the right decisions.  Along with myself, my brother-in-law invested with Glyn at the same time, he had to take the equity in his house and borrowed a lot of money.  Around January of 07 we were supposed to get out first check, but Glyn explained to me on many occasions that Read the rest of this entry »

Made My Friends Thieves

August 7, 2007

I was already invested with Glyn Richards before I even met him. He was a real good friend of my real good friend. They knew him a little from Barrington, but more from Voorhees. His reputation was crystal clear to people in Voorhees. I had met his wife and kids a few times, and they were lovely people. Everything checked out. I made an investment with him. It started OK, but fell apart. Some of my other friends were involved too. It seemed for a change. at first, I was going to make some money off my money! My first contract with him, I assembled some of my friends too. So, when he paid me in paper “contract money” and rolled me into a new contract…I paid them, my friends, in real money. I turned his phony money into real money, Read the rest of this entry »