FBI seeks help to find con man

January 28, 2009

In an article today, the FBI is seeking help finding our favorite scam artist.   Anyone with information should call the FBI at (215) 418-4000 or their local police department.

This blog has followed Glyn Richards closely over the course of his arrest, and more then one poster has suggested Glyn Richards might be a “flight risk” due to the length of his sentence, the level of his deception, and the possibility he could have stashed some of the funds he stole in his ponzi scam. 

Turns out some of those posters were right.  Glyn Richards has missed his latest court appearance and is no where to be found.   Again, anyone with information to Glyn’s whereabouts should call the FBI at (215) 418-4000 or their local police department.

In addition, if anyone has recent pictures of Glyn, we will post them here as well.


Nearing the Year…

April 10, 2008

Gett out of Jail Free Button
So maybe our pal Glyn Richards has a magic get out of jail free button? (Get out of Jail Free Cards are very 20th century!) Because as we close in on one year since his arrest he is yet to see any jail time.  Some people are losing faith in the criminal justice system, some even call out the FBI and CCPO in the comments section of this blog.  I have no control over the opinions that appear here, but I welcome each to their own opinion.  I am still of the notion that the wheels of justice move slow and that Glyn Richard’s time behind bars, BACK behind bars is coming.  Again, that is my opinion based upon nothing other then that, my opinion.

As far as the blog, I have very little time to monitor the comments, but I WILL REMOVE any that give addresses and phones of people.  Legally I’d like to keep that stuff out of here.   People have been very cooperative on that front, and for that I thank you.

I have also been called out as of late that the blog is “not factual.” The blog is opinions, testimony and venting that was designed to give the victims a forum and to warn potential victims that these criminals exist.  Glyn Richards, specifically, and people like Glyn Richard in general…they exist, you think they are your friend, and they will use that to rob you blind if you let them.   I never meant to insinuate , nor could I ever control, whether what people choose to post under their own names, or anonymously is factual.

I have heard on good authority that this blog has helped someone that had no idea of Glyn’s past criminal history become informed before someone they knew as “GLENN RICHARDS” hit them up for money they’d never see again.   Glen Richards, Glynn Richards, Glyn Richards, Glenn Richards, or GLENNIFER Richards when he is someone’s girlfriend in jail….BEWARE.  The guys got a spotty past with taking other people’s money!  On the surface you’d never think so, but consult the NJDOC, read the articles of his arrest, or read the victim’s stories, he’s done some bad things!

I look forward to more comments, more awareness being spread, more healing, and would love to get more victim’s stories…  All I ask is….

  • No Names for people that are NOT under arrest. Euphemisms are fine, no PROPER NOUNS.
  • No Addresses for people’s where abouts.  Feel free to trade them amongst yourselves, but not the blog.
  • No threats of his family.  We chose to let Glyn in our lives, they didn’t. Some of them are victims too.

Other then that?  Blog on everybody…  have a great summer!  Maybe we will get a nice LOSS of INDEPENDENCE DAY present this year and they will put Glyn away?

Glyn’s Whereabouts

August 7, 2007

As an outside party not invested…I aim to assist in bringing this idiot to “get his just due” period. I have…let us say “a room with a view”. This is not a story per se however, I wanted to inform you (so I didn’t have to blog on the Courier site), that the bird has not flown. He is around. You can pass this along as you wish. I would like to remain anonymous and I will gladly pass along tidbits as they come by.  I have many friends who have fallen prey to this guy and I was approached myself. At the time, my neighbor was with me and he proceeded to ask Glyn “who he spoke with at the Pentagon” as my neighbor’s Read the rest of this entry »