Completely Lambasted

August 10, 2007

I am writing this blog not to make you feel bad for me but for the purpose of sharing my story with all of you as I really need a shoulder to cry on right now.

I met Glyn back in 2000. I was a manager at my current employer and one of my tasks was managing all of our freight. One afternoon, I got a fax flyer from his company at the time, Garden State Brokerage, Inc. I needed a quote for a shipment and Glyn gave me the best price. He did the delivery for me and from there, he became my exclusive carrier. Going forward, we became good friends, close enough that I met all of his family, attended Christmas parties at his house in Barrington, birthday parties, he came to my wedding in ’02, heck, he even took me to the Super Bowl in ’03! My wife and his got along real well and we had good times together, real good.  He would even Read the rest of this entry »


Scammer Camera… Pictures of Glyn Richards

August 10, 2007

Since so many of you have asked to see what Glyn looks like, here are some recent, and not so recent pictures of Glyn. I feel a little like P.T. Barnum at a side show of yesteryear though.

“STEP RIGHT UP,  And SEE with your own eyes.. THE GREAT AND HORRIBLE MAN BEAST, Glyn Richards.

You are gonna click this link, and expect to see some horrible side show freak that looks like he is capable of stealing millions from his friends and family, and that’s the trick. What you are gonna see is just a normal everyday guy. The last guy you’d think was a fraud by looking at him… I guess that’s how he did it… Read the rest of this entry »

Pictures of Glyn Richards

August 8, 2007


I am being asked by alot of people that read the blog but are not victims, “what does Glyn look like?” Where’s all the pictures?? To that end, I am trying to find some pictures. I do have three, but they are older, and I would like to post something more current as well.

If you have photos and can send them, that would be much appreciated. If there are others in the photos, i will NOT publish anyone but him. I will crop the others out, blur them, etc. Use the email in the Submit section of this blog and send them to that email. If I do not get anything in a day or two, I will use the older ones that I have. Some of you must have some photos!? It seems though, that he is one that quietly avoided the camera because I know people that have socialized with him lots, and none have a picture. In this day and age, that’s weird…

Herman Deserved Better! A Blast from Glyn’s Past

August 6, 2007


I saw the article about Glyn Richards in the paper and I said to myself; “I’ll be damned!”   I have a longtime friend that I’ve been hanging around with since i was a child back in the sixties and seventies. He is a great guy but he is still a little bit to easy with people and a bit of a pushover. I love him like a brother but i guess you could say he is a lot like Herman Munster.   We grew up together in Mt. Ephraim which is the same town that Glyn Richards grew up in. We knew Glyn Richards back then and used to play wiffleball, football, etc. with him. I never imagined he could grow up to be such a heartless creep. Well to make a long story short my friend who is very easy going and wouldn’t do anything to anybody ran into GR back in 1992 Read the rest of this entry »