How to Submit?

The purpose of this blog is to collect info about this Ponzi Scam and about Glyn Richards. It is for the victims, and by the victims. And when I say “victim” I don’t just mean the people that invested. This blog is for anyone who’s life has been altered by this situation and would like a voice. That being said there are several ways to contribute…

By using this email link, you can send, anonymously or otherwise, anything you’d like to say. How you were duped, how it has left you and your family, theories you have to how it happened, general thoughts, etc. etc. They are just that, your stories. I will post them.

At the end of each and every blog entry, there is a link that says “comments.” There you can both read how others have reacted to a post, and post comments of your own. Some of the posts ask specific questions, the comments area is how you as readers can respond to those. These are also anonymous. To submit, click “comments” on any given posting.

The Glyn Richards News Section, and the Glyn Richards Links sections are BARELY populated right now. I am hoping for factual submissions about this situation. Check out the sections, and submit FACTUAL info you may have, or news links that we have not already listed.

August 8, 2007 Update!
Thanks so much for your submissions.  They are coming in fast, and I promise I will get to all of them and get them posted.  So if you don’t see yours and you sent it, give it a day or two, and you will see it.


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